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LIV Hospital Oncological Department specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of all types of cancer. There is the whole range of modern equipment, including MRT, CT, PET-CT, TrueBeam ST and others in the department. It is through the use of a linear accelerator LIV Hospital TrueBeam ST cancer patients get the exact dose of radiation directed to the affected cells and tissues. TrueBeam ST visualization is very important in the treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, spinal or prostate tumors. Software Acuros XB, for the first time in Turkey, was applied in LIV Hospital. It calculates more accurately and quickly the amount of radiation dose than other systems. All these factors extremely reduce the period of treatment and minimize the chance of spread of the tumor.

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Not so long ago, my parents came back from Turkey, where my mother was treated. She was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. We were trying to find some treatment in Ukraine but it turned out that only the cyber knife system could help her. In Ukraine, there is only one place that has it, and it’s very expensive. We asked Liv Hospital for help... Read full review
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Why Helios Medical Center is considered one of the leading in oncologic diseases treatment in Germany?

Helios medical center is one of the leaders in Germany providing the treatment of oncologic diseases, such as:

  • Acute leukemia
  • Myeloma
  • Melanoma, i.e. skin cancer
  • Lymphogranulomatosis, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Carcinoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Tumors in the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Breast cancer
  • Tumors in the digestive system

About 10 thousand patients go for diagnostics and get the treatment program at Helios Center of Oncology annually, while over 3 thousand get ambulatory treatment.

How do the experts operate at Helios Medical Center?

Professor Wolf-Dieter Ludwig manages Helios Center of Oncology, being the expert in diagnostics and treatment of various kinds of cancer and other oncologic pathologies. Qualified oncologists are among the Medical Center staff, having many years of work experience and applying the modern comprehensive methods of treatment.

What do the cancer diagnostics and treatment include?

Diagnostics at the early stages is able to increase significantly the treatment efficiency; therefore, Helios Medical Centers are fitted with all the required modern equipment for qualitative and precise examinations. The patient gets the required treatment when the diagnosis is put. Helios Center of Oncology provides the interdisciplinary therapy as well. The following diagnostic and treatment procedures are among standard ones:

  • Biochemical blood test + tumor markers testing
  • Biopsy
  • Surgery by Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife and robotic surgical system, i.e. the da Vinci etc.
  • Chemotherapy modern methods
  • Radiotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Bio and immunologic therapy

What is the cost for treatment for the foreign patients at Helios Medical Center?

The prices for cancer treatment in Germany are justified by the medicine level and the treatment efficiency. Every patient can pay for the medical services directly to the account of the Medical center with no commissions for agents by virtue of Bookimed service. You can order the treatment program including the pricing now!

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I had severe pains while walking and having load on my hips which limited my movements and Kazakh therapists proposed me only administration of strong analgesics. I did not receive physiotherapy and almost could not move I heard about good quality of German clinics and first of all that patients make a good recovery. Kazakh doctors believe that... Read full review
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 10
1634 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1634 patients received individual treatment program in Sourasky Medical Center
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Why Ichilov Hospital is considered os one of the leading centers on sarcoma treatment?

The Department of sarcoma treatment in the Oncological Center in Ichilov Hospital - this operating unit, where doctors take the patients at different stages and with metastasis.

Among the world-class specialists of sarcoma treatment in Ichilov Clinic is Prof. Ofer Merimsky, who is the Head of the Department of Skeleton and Soft Tissues Tumors in Ichilov (Sourasky) Clinic, Israeli Society for clinical Oncology and Radiation Therapy. As well as Prof. Jakov Bikels, well-known Israeli orthopedic surgeon and onсological orthopedist, famous worldwide for sarcoma treatment, who has tens of thousands of successful surgeries behind him.

Prof. Merimsky personally examines and consults patients with sarcoma and together with other experts of the center makes an individual treatment program. The Departments of Orthopedics, Surgery, Oncology, Pathology and Radiology of Ichilov Center actively participate in treatment of this pathology.

What methods of sarcoma diagnostics in Ichilov Clinic?

Diagnostics of a sarcoma in Ichilov Hospital is performed by means of instrumental researches in laboratory:

  • Complete blood and urine analysis;
  • Biopsy (biopsy sampling may be made from the tumor itself or the surrounding skin tissue, afterwards the drug is sent for histological examination);
  • Radiography (radiography of the foci);
  • Radiography and CT of the chest and lungs;
  • Bone scintigraphy (bone scintigraphy of the foci);
  • Ultrasound of organs and systems;
  • Angiography (to detect vascular affections);
  • CT of the foci (scanning of tumor localization to clarify the size, affection of the surrounding tissues, tumor spread on the intramedullary canal).

An advanced method of delayed enhancement MRI (DEMRI) is widely used.

What is the cost of sarcoma diagnostics in Sourasky Hospital?

The cost can vary from $ 4,000 to $ 7,000. The cost is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with the exact prices right now!

What are methods of sarcoma treatment in Ichilov Hospital?

Treatment program is individually selected for each patient personally. Course of treatment, as a rule, includes surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy and targeted therapy. The choice of the treatment depends on the accurate diagnosis.

Surgical excision of the tumor is the primary treatment method for sarcomas of the soft tissues. When the patient has sarcoma of an extremity, the doctor chooses sparing surgery to avoid the amputation of an arm or leg with potential following chemotherapy.

Ichilov Clinic apply the latest innovative types of radiation therapy to treat sarcoma, as:

  • Brachytherapy, 3D-conformal radiotherapy, IMRT-therapy (the method with minimal side effects);
  • Proton therapy and targeted therapy - the most promising direction of treatment of malignant tumors at all stages of their development. These innovative therapies are based on the use of biological synthesis of drugs, that can act on the poorly differentiated tumor cells and does not affect the healthy ones.
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Hope and faith work miracles. If you have hope and opportunity, you have to use it undoubtedly. And the first decision that springs to mind is the sole right. Everything was performed qualitatively, people are responsive. I want to say thank you to Sofia (Coordinator of International Patients Support), who helped us to make a right and sole... Read full review
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 8
574 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 574 patients received individual treatment program in Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi
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Why do patients choose Medipol Clinic to treat sarcoma?

The Department of Oncology in Medipol Hospital is renowned for its successful treatment cases of sarcomas of different types and stages not only in adults but also in children. Radiation therapy is carried out by means of innovative technologies, which minimize side effects after radiation and significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

These latest technologies such as Cyberknife, Gammaknife, Nanoknife allow to destroy even tumors in hard-to-reach places. Based on sarcoma analysis (genetic studies of tumor tissue) new targeted chemotherapeutic agents, modified regimens are created, developed more effective and safe ways for the their introduction into the body are developed.

Large multi-disciplinary team of specialists treats both sarcomas of soft tissue and bone at the highest level, in accordance with international standards.

What methods of sarcoma diagnostics are applied in Medipol Hospital?

Among the methods of sarcoma diagnostics in Medipol Hospital are carried out the following:

  • Blood test for tumor markers;
  • X-ray, MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound;
  • Angiography;
  • Bones scanning;
  • Biopsy;
  • A thorough physical examination.

What is the cost for sarcoma diagnostics in Medipol Clinic?

The cost starts from $ 2,700. Prices are formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with the exact prices right now!

Methods of sarcoma treatment in Medipol Hospital

Among the effective methods for treating sarcoma clinic Medipol specialists apply:

  • Surgical technique of excision. Complete excision of sarcoma is not carried out because of the vagueness of its borders and its ingrown into healthy tissue. Therefore, after the operation is mandatory chemotherapy to completely destroy the remaining cancer cells and prevent the risk of relapse.
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy - modern innovative non-invasive method using Gamma Knife, Cyberknife - a tumor from a different angle is irradiated with a thin beam of radiation, a CT or MRI.
  • Targeted therapy and chemotherapy.

These treatment therapies in a complex provide high indicators - patients’ survivability is 10 years and even more in 70% cases.

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My close family relative was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia a year ago at age of 26 and he needed a bone narrow transplant as the very last option to save his life. This procedure is not available in Ukraine and we spent weeks searching for the most affordable clinics with a good reputation. On January 12th, a few minutes right after visiting... Read full review
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 10
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Why Solingen Clinic is recommended to the patients with cancer?

Solingen University Hospital (located at International University of Cologne) uses innovative protocols of chemotherapy, reducing the risk of recurrence and improves drug tolerance. Wide usage of radiosurgery and endoscopy make patients recover more quickly and leave less cosmetic defects after surgery.

Oncology Service is headed by Dr. Peter Emshermann, the world-known oncosurgeon. There are narrow specialists (oncosurgeons and chemotherapists) for tumors of any origin and localization.

Integrated oncology diagnostics in Solingen

  • High-field MRI (of 1.5 T capacity) capable of detecting a tumor of the size of 1 mm;
  • PET-CT and MSCT allow oncologists to find metastases in any place of the body;
  • ductography, mammography, breast ultrasound are used for rapid diagnostics of breast cancer;
  • biopsy, including evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes for determination the type of tumor and treatment tactics;
  • determination of tumor markers, analysis of biomedical measurement
  • biochemical analysis of indicators of cellular blood composition, urine and liquor.

Main types of medical aid in Solingen Oncology

  • pancreatic head resection including preservation of the spleen and the pylorus;
  • resection of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract
  • surgical treatment of malignant tumors of the thyroid and parathyroid glands;
  • liver cancer and biliary tract cancer surgeries;
  • basal cell carcinoma removal, surgical treatment of squamous cell carcinoma;
  • rapid diagnostics and removal of melanomas and potentially malignant naevi;
  • treatment of cervical and uterine cancers;
  • all types of mastectomy with simultaneous breast reconstruction;
  • radiofrequency ablation of brain tumors by means of the CyberKnife system.

What is the cost of cancer treatment in German Solingen Clinic for foreign patients?

In Solingen Clinic, a foreign patient pays as much as a German citizen does. Only few medical institutions in Germany conduct the same price policy in relation to patients from other countries. The rest of the hospitals offer medical tourists the prices, that can differ even in times. Find out the exact cost of cancer treatment in the clinic of Solingen right now by ordering an individual treatment program at the International patients support center Bookimed.

594 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 594 patients received individual treatment program in Memorial Healthcare Group
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Why Memorial Hospital is considered as one of the leading centers for sarcoma treatment?

Memorial specialists treat sarcoma with interdisciplinary approach - a group of orthopedic oncologists, surgeons, oncologists and radiologists. During the treatment, the patient is also undergoing radiation therapy and physical therapy. But this disease is reflected on the physical and psychoemotional conditions of the person, that is why during the course of treatment, the patient is under the supervision of psychologists.

Nowadays, most of the clinic patients, around 70% are cured of bone sarcoma. This is connected with the fact doctors can detect the disease early and make an accurate diagnosis. A further treatment includes not only therapy, but also the subsequent case study involving the latest research results.

What methods of sarcoma diagnostics are applied in Memorial Hospital?

For sarcoma examination and detection Memorial specialists use the following diagnostic methods:

  • Extended blood count;
  • X-ray investigation of suspected osteosarcoma and other bone tumors;
  • Ultrasound examination of soft tissues and internal organs;
  • Tomography;
  • MRI;
  • Radioisotope diagnostic methods;
  • A biopsy of the tumor;
  • Angiography;
  • Physical examination of the oncologist.

Cost of sarcoma diagnostics in Memorial Clinic

The cost starts from $ 2,700. Prices are formed individually for each patient depending on the set of required diagnostic procedures. You can get a personal treatment program with the exact prices contacting Bookimed!

What are the methods of sarcoma treatment in Memorial?

Poorly differentiated sarcomas of I and II stages and any localization in patients of all age groups with a satisfactory condition are treated by radical removal of the tumor by surgery with lymph node dissection.

In the postsurgical period one or two courses of chemotherapy or external beam radiotherapy can be applied.

Well differentiated sarcomas of 1-2 stages need to be treated surgically with extended lymph node dissection and concurrent chemotherapy in pre- and postoperative periods.

Sarcomas of the 3rd stage are treated by a combination of methods. In the preoperative period it is advisable to carry out a course of radiation and chemotherapy.

Sarcomas of the 4th stage (most of them) require symptomatic treatment (analgesics, detoxification therapy, of anemia correction, etc.).

1751 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1751 patients received individual treatment program in Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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Treatment of cancer pathology is performed in seven Charite Clinics united into one integrated Charite Comprehensive Cancer Center. Center is under the direction of Professor Ulrich Keilholz is one of the most famous and respected oncologists in Europe. The Centre includes the most innovative and professional modern equipment for the treatment of cancer, such as CyberKnife, linear accelerators, etc. Accurate diagnosis, individual approach to each patient and medical case allow disclosing the early stages of oncology, making each procedure or operation unique, quality and corresponding to the highest world standards.

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Very attentive doctors, and sympathetic atmosphere))) My Ophthalmologist is just great, he worries about me as I am his daughter))) I can call any time and he will always explain everything))) I'm very, very happy!!! Good luck to you in choosing the clinic and the doctor who will help you to achieve the desired result!!! I was diagnosed and my... Read full review
Review on treatment of glaucoma
Timing of response 4
Doctor's qualification 8
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 9

Why Acibadem Clinic is considered as one of the leading centers for sarcoma treatment?

Innovative methods of sarcoma treatment by means of targeted therapy and immunotherapy in Acibadem Clinic open prospects for an effective treatment of recurrent forms of the disease with minimal side effects. If case of sarcoma at the late stages, rehabilitation therapy after amputations of extremities caused by soft tissue sarcoma, help patients to recover lost functions quickly and to choose the convenient, easy-to-use and aesthetic prosthesis.

Sarcoma in Acibadem is treated by a team of experts from the Departments of Orthopedics, Surgery, Oncology, Pathology, Plastic surgery and Radiology, who practise the latest treatment techniques and technologies.

What methods of sarcoma diagnostics do Acibadem experts apply?

The following methods are applied in Acibadem Hospital to diagnose sarcoma:

  • Physical examination;
  • Laboratory tests (complete blood count and biochemical blood test);
  • X-ray, CT, MRI, PET-CT;
  • Angiography;
  • Ultrasound (with Doppler ultrasound), planar scintigraphy;
  • Biopsy (fine needle aspiration);
  • Cor-biopsy, incisional, excisional biopsies.

Cost of sarcoma diagnostics in Acibadem

The cost starts from $ 2,700. Total cost is formed individually for each patient, and you can contact Bookimed to get a personal treatment program with the exact prices.

What are the methods of sarcoma treatment in Acibadem?

For the treatment of sarcomas, various methods are used in Acibadem Clinic:

  • Surgery (wide local excision - removal of the tumor within the surrounding healthy tissues);
  • Organ-preserving (sparing) surgeries on the extremities - tumor removal is made without amputation;
  • Amputation of extremity - partial or full extremity removal;
  • Lymphadenectomy (lymph node dissection) is the removal of regional lymph nodes;
  • Radiation therapy (pre- and postsurgical);
  • Regional hyperthermia - tissues around the tumor are subjected to high temperature exposure to ruin and kill cancer cells;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Targeted therapy.

After treatment, patients should be examined regularly according to a doctor's plan.

Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8
466 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 466 patients received individual treatment program in Assuta Medical Center
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Why Assuta Clinic is considered as one of the leading centers for sarcoma treatment?

Treatment of a sarcoma in Assuta Clinic has a high success rates - half of patients are cured completely. Professor Ofer Merimsky is a leading Israeli oncologist. He is one of the experts in diagnostics and treatment of skeletal muscle sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas, lung cancer and other tumors as mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. In Assuta he treats sarcomas and conduct radiosurgery.

All surgical and therapeutic procedures are carried out by experienced specialists. Each patient meets an individual approach, while the treatment course is developed considering all the nuances of the patient's condition. This allows to get the maximum effect from the treatment. One of the applicable innovative methods of sarcoma treatment in Assuta Hospital is immunotherapy. This procedure boosts the immune system of a patient in some tens times, setting it to the independent fight against the disease. Its main benefit is in minimal side effects. The process of sarcoma treatment at Assuta Medical Center is primarily aimed at organ preservation.

What methods of sarcoma diagnostics are in Assuta Hospital?

Patients of Assuta Clinic undergo a series of the following procedures to diagnosticate and whether confirm or exclude a sarcoma:

  • computer tomography;
  • Ultrasound with the latest technologies (for instance, a Doppler ultrasound);
  • X-ray with contrast agents;
  • Biopsy and histological examination of a tissue sample.

Sometimes additional tests are required to determine the characteristics of the organism, as well as a malignant tumor:

  • MRI;
  • PET-CT;
  • Endoscopy;
  • Radioisotope scanning of the whole body or specific areas.

Often it is necessary to consult the orthopedist, immunologist, radiologist and oncologist too.

What is the cost of sarcoma diagnostics in Assuta Hospital?

The cost of the diagnostic package varies between USD 3,000 and 5,000. The cost is formed individually for each patient, you can get a personal treatment program with the exact prices right now!

What are the methods of sarcoma treatment in Assuta Clinic?

Sarcoma treatment in Assuta Clinic always involves urgent complex therapy. Among the effective methods of sarcoma treatment are radiotherapy, surgical intervention and chemotherapy. GammaKnife and CyberKnife are also spread applied. If the treatment foresees surgical intervention, doctors try to preserve organ or extremity maximally.

Complex method is based on intensive chemotherapy with immunotherapy before the surgery. This stops the spreading of the tumor and makes it more easy to remove it.

Excellent results are obtained due to application of the FUS ablation, when a powerful beam of ultrasonic waves is directed at the tumor center and destroys it. Postsurgical chemotherapy with biological drugs "fixes" the results of treatment, prevents recurrence. Best plastic surgeons in Assuta Hospital also carry out surgeries to mitigate the effects after sarcoma removal.

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I found out about this clinic on line,got in touch and went in for a specific treatment that they arehighly rated for with Dr. Elizur. Our initial contact,I trusted it will be helpful for me. I payed quite a lot of cash my visit of 15minutes consultation. I came home to where I live,Switzerland,emailed to schedule the actual procedure,very slow... Read full review
Timing of response 7
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 6
Popularity of the clinic 6
321 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 321 patients received individual treatment program in Rambam Medical Center
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Rambam Oncological Center is recognized as one of the leaders in Israel. A special feature of the center is the applying of the radiotherapy technologies and radioactive iodine in treatment. Treatment of patients is held outpatiently and inpatiently. Due to the close cooperation with leading European and US centers of cancer treatment, Rambam Center is introduced the most advanced and innovative technologies and equipment for cancer treatment from the best clinics in the world. Among them are the radio- and beam-therapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy.

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