medium price level

3 days clinic's response speed

10 requests per day

17204 patients have already received the treatment plan

Anadolu Medical Center

medium price level

3 days clinic's response speed

10 requests per day

17204 patients have already received the treatment plan

Anadolu Medical Center is a combination of Turkish affordability and geographical proximity with US quality of treatment due to affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine. This Clinic specializes in oncology treatment and bone marrow transplants using the most innovative equipment: DaVinci, CyberKnife, TrueBeam. Anadolu Hospital is very attentive to each patient and has the highest level of staff response.

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88 patients' reviews
The patient was treated of uterine cancer

She came to the clinic Anadolu in December 2018 for examination and consultation. The clinic is large, modern, very clean. Shuttle organized. We had curator Suleiman and we were accompanied at the clinic by translators who are quite good. We liked the doctor. What we had to face: on the first day we went for a consultation with the doctor, where we were prescribed PET CT and additional blood tests. After that, the translator who was with us and the doctor said that we can decide to give the histology blocks to their laboratory to confirm the diagnosis or not. We have not passed since I have been ill for a long time, there is nothing to confirm, and so it is clear. The next day, Suleiman called back and said that the surrender of the blocks is a must if we want to get the doctor's recommendations for treatment (cost 200-800 dollars, we got around 650, the laboratory confirmed the diagnosis). After receiving all the results, we went for a second consultation with the doctor. Her recommendation was to conduct chemotherapy. The recommended chemotherapy scheme turned out to be redeemed separately (cost about $ 530). In addition, I want to advise - consider yourself constantly how much you have to pay, because with each payment of monipulation (paid 3 times to the cashier), the cashiers called the amount $ 200-300 more than we had to pay and had to figure it out again, so that to avoid this, you need to close the account every time after each payment under 0. It is also interesting that on one floor a translator and a cashier give one price. After a couple of Cham, we raise with Suleiman to pay them to another floor, they already consider one position more expensive, the second cheaper. Conclusion: I liked the clinic, but there is no "pun" with payments. Control everything yourself! Bukenmed’s manager, Alena, helped us on all issues. Thanks you. All Health. Fight and do not give up!

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The patient was treated of esophageal cancer

The level of medical care, in the Anadolu clinic, is of course at a height. The attitude of the medical staff differs significantly from the Ukrainian specialists. Upon arrival in Turkey, I was met at the airport by representatives of the clinic. Provided free transfer to the hotel. From hotel to clinic and back every day too. The survey took a week. Everything was rechecked for the most accurate diagnosis. In the clinic I was constantly accompanied by translators. All meetings with doctors organized by the local curator Suleiman. Very responsible and tactful young man. Alyona Soyak, the coordinator from the Bookimed website, helped with the choice of the clinic, she also helped with the hotel and the flight to Turkey. Thank you very much, Alain sympathetic to my situation. Thoroughly explained everything and helped make the right choice. The work of your site is not appreciated, thank you very much. I advise everyone to contact you, they will help you.

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The patient was treated of infertility

A good, modern clinic, we heard that the IVF department of this clinic works with age patients and has experience in this, took our data and analyzes at the reception, immediately warned that the chances are very low, the protocol was standard, as in the previous clinic, individual approach did not see, in the end a negative result. Good service for the patient, reasonable price for services, medications. Good translators, inconsistent work of patient managers.

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The patient was treated of sarcoma

Klіnіka good, mind comfor. Be ready, schookh in the clan of trebati ... dovgo. The coordinators may forget about you, forget about your time for you, and you will be able to check in the hotel. There is a need for a pam "yatati and most of yourself to get rid of skin dermatitis !!! once. Transfer to the airport can be 5 years earlier, but you need it. People need лkut lіkuvats і stinky is not well in good condition and you can get them for you douzhe bolyuche. Requirement insist on your own and transfer the transfer. Cesenity, as required by the nobility. About lіkarіv і klіnіku. Klіnіka on good rіvnі, lіkіr dosvіdchenі, in them є relevant statistics. Prescribe bagato obstezhen, do not make money. In us, the paradox is a scandal, they took a histology, 2 different analisies (leather is not cheap), and they didn’t put in the results of this diagnosis. In us dosvіd lіkuvannya sarcomi negative. Bagato tried him, ale positive nema Positive dosvіd patsіentіv, yakі robili transplantation of the porcupine, їm there dosit shvidko znakhodili donor і good and іх suprovodzhuvali.

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The patient was treated of lung cancer

Profesional staff,


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Prices for diagnostics

$950 - $1100
MRI of one area
$857 - $1511
Gastroscopy with biopsy
$1120 - $1129
starting $2255
$250 - $270
starting $3886
Bone marrow biopsy
$800 - $900
$1572 - $4853
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Treatment costs

Chemotherapy for liver cancer
$800 - $4170
Pharmacological stimulation for IVF
$1200 - $1800
Hip replacement
Radiation therapy for stomach cancer
$8500 - $15000
Laparoscopic nephrectomy
$13000 - $16000
Radiotherapy for lung cancer
$12000 - $18000
Da Vinci Robotic System
$16000 - $22000
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas
$7500 - $10000
Thyroid resection
$4000 - $5500
Sarcoma surgery
$13000 - $23000
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About hospital

Anadolu Medical Center highlights:

  • Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation;
  • Affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine;
  • 3rd place in Europe in the number of bone marrow transplants performed per year;
  • more than 1,000 employees;
  • modern equipment (Da Vinci robotic system, CyberKnife, TrueBeam);
  • JCI, ESMO, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001 accreditation.

Anadolu Medical Center was founded by Anadolu Fund, which is involved into organization and financing of social projects in Turkey. Anadolu Medical Center has two distinctive features: the status of a non-profit medical institution and a close partnership with famous Johns Hopkins Medicine Center, which has been ranked among the best US hospitals for 20 years. These features allow Anadolu Hospital to provide top quality medical services at reasonable prices. Doctors of Anadolu regularly undergo training in the United States and other countries, allowing them to keep up with the world trends in medicine.

Profiling areas:

  • Oncology (cancer of stomach, breast, prostate, lung and other organs);
  • Bone marrow transplantation;
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics;
  • Cardiology (including cardiovascular surgery);
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (including infertility treatment, IVF);
  • Diagnostics and Check-up;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;
  • Stomatology.

Features of profiling areas:

In the Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplants are performed with high quality medical care.


ISO certificate

International Standardization Organization (ISO) certificate proving high patient satisfaction level.

ESMO certificate

European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) certificate for high-quality diagnostics and treatment of onco-patients.

OECI certificate

Accredited by The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) for effective and contemporary cancer treatment methods. There are only 30 OECI accredited clinics worldwide.

JCI sertificate

Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate proving high patient services quality and medical service safety.

At Cancer Center patients are being treated with such methods:

  • external (remote) IGRT radiation techniques, IMRT and SBRT;
  • brachytherapy (introduction of capsules with radioisotopes directly into tumor tissue);
  • SIRT (administration of radioactive Yttrium-90 through the catheter into the tumor, located in the liver);
  • radiofrequency ablation (destruction of cancer cells with high temperatures);
  • personalized cancer vaccines;
  • chemoembolization (introduction of chemotherapy drugs into the artery that nourishes the tumor);
  • Monoclonal antibodies (intravenous therapy which provokes the death of isolated cancer cells).

The Department of Surgery performs complex operations for coronary artery bypass grafting, bone marrow transplantation, minimally invasive surgery, wherein the probability of an adverse outcome is only 1%, and the development of inflammation - 3% (lower than the world average).

The Cardiovascular Department has established a laboratory for cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, rehabilitation and preventive cardiology.

At the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry a wide range of neurosurgical procedures are conducted, such as treatment of epilepsy - 80% success rate of operations, including mentally retarded children. The proportion of successful operations in other areas of the brain is always above 50%.

Anadolu Clinic also specializes in the treatment of children (pediatrics). Pediatric Orthopedics successfully treats congenital, post-traumatic and acquired orthopedic diseases. The surgical team in the Children's Heart Center for children with congenital or acquired heart diseases operates on the whole range of heart defects in babies and infants.


The Center offers a full range of diagnostics, including the state-of-the-art method - the test for Circulating Tumor Cells. Anadolu is the only clinic in Turkey capable of conducting a CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells). In addition, patients have access to all currently existing methods of examination.

Modern equipment

Anadolu Medical Center is equipped according to the latest technological advances. Anadolu has installed equipment of high accuracy for complex diagnostics and effective treatment:

  • Da Vinci Robotic System (160 operations per year);
  • Cyber-Knife (the first in Turkey);
  • IMRT;
  • 3D-CRT;
  • SPECT;
  • DEXA;
  • PET-CT;
  • MRI (3 Tesla);
  • Multisection CT (Flash-CT);
  • Gamma probe.

For international patients

Anadolu provides the following services for foreign patients:

  • Meeting at the airport;
  • Free shuttle service from / to the airport;
  • 20 coordinators responsible for tracking patients throughout their hospital stay. Each coordinator is fluent in a foreign language: English, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, French and others.

Patients from 30 countries use services of Anadolu Center.

Bookimed Coordinators will help to arrange the treatment in Anadolu Medical Center, book airline tickets and hotel rooms, and will accompany you at all stages of your treatment.


Choose your diagnosis
Brain Cancer Breast cancer Cervical cancer Diabetes type 2 Herniated disk Liver cancer Lung cancer Lymphoma Melanoma Prostate cancer Sarcoma Scoliosis Sensorineural hearing loss Stomach cancer Varicosity Acoustic neuroma Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Adenocarcinoma Adenoids Adrenal adenoma Allergy Alopecia Alzheimer's disease Ankylosing spondylitis Aortic aneurysm Aplastic anemia Arnold Chiari syndrome Arrhythmia Arthritis Arthrosis Astigmatism Astrocytoma Atelocardia Atherosclerosis Atopic dermatitis Atrial fibrillation Autoimmune thyroiditis Basalioma Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Bladder cancer Bone cancer Brain Cyst Brain tumor Breast carcinoma Burkitt"s lymphoma Cataract cavernoma Cerebral artery aneurysm Cervical Dysplasia Cholelithiasis Chondrosarcoma Chronic myelogenous leukemia Cirrhosis Colon cancer Colon cancer stage 1 Colon cancer stage 2 Colon cancer stage 3 Colon cancer stage 4 Coronary artery bypass grafting Coronary artery disease Coxarthrosis Craniopharyngiomas craniostenosis Cystitis Deviated septum Diffusive-toxic goiter Dilated cardiomyopathy Dislocation of hip Endometrial adenocarcinoma Endometriosis ependymoma Epilepsy Esophageal adenocarcinoma Esophageal cancer Essential tremor Ewing"s sarcoma Fibroadenoma Follicular lymphoma Funnel chest deformity Gallbladder cancer Gastric adenocarcinoma gastric metaplasia Gastritis Glaucoma Glioblastoma Glioma Glomerulonephritis Gynaecomastia Habitual dislocation of the shoulder Halyus Valgus hand surgery Hearing loss Hemorrhoids Hepatoblastoma Hodgkin's lymphoma Hypertension Hypothyroidism Impotence Infertility Inflammation of the optic nerve Injuries of bones and joints Kidney cancer kidney cyst Kidney transplantation Knee arthritis Larynx cancer Larynx cancer stage 1 Larynx cancer stage 2 Larynx cancer stage 3 Larynx cancer stage 4 Leiomyosarkoma Leukemia Leukoma Leukoplakia of the bladder Liver cancer stage 1 Liver cancer stage 2 Liver cancer stage 3 Liver cancer stage 4 Lung cancer stage 1 Lung cancer stage 2 Lung cancer stage 3 Lung cancer stage 4 Lung sarcoma lymphangioma Macular degeneration Maxillofacial surgery Mediastinal lymphoma Medulloblastoma Meningioma Meniscus tear Metastases in the liver Multiple sclerosis Myeloma Myopia Nasopharyngeal cancer Nephroblastoma Neuritis of the facial nerve Neuroblastoma neurologic rehabilitation Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Obesity Optic nerve atrophy Orthognatic surgery Orthopedic rehabilitation Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis of the hip Osteochondrosis Osteomyelitis Osteoporosis Osteosarcoma Ovarian cancer Pancreatic adenocarcinoma Pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cancer stage 1 Pancreatic cancer stage 2 Pancreatic cancer stage 3 Pancreatic cancer stage 4 Pancreatitis Paranoia Parkinson"s disease Peyronie"s disease Phimosis Pituitary adenoma Pneumonia Polycystic kidney disease Polycystic ovaries Polyps of the gastrointestinal tract Prostate cancer stage 1 Prostate cancer stage 2 Prostate cancer stage 3 Prostate cancer stage 4 Prostatic hyperplasia Prostatitis Psoriasis Pulmonary hypertension Pyelonephritis Rectal adenocarcinoma Rectal cancer Rehabilitation after compression fracture of the cervical vertebrae Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury Rehabilitation of cerebral palsy Retinal abiotrophy Retinal detachment Retinoblastoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Sigmoid adenocarcinoma Small intestine cancer Spina bifida (cleft spine) Spinal cord abscess Spinal cord injury spine cyst Stomach cancer stage 1 Stomach cancer stage 2 Stomach cancer stage 3 Stomach cancer stage 4 Strabismus stroke rehabilitation Syndactyly Testicular cancer Thrombocytopenia Thymoma Thyroid adenoma Thyroid cancer Thyroid cancer stage 1 Thyroid cancer stage 2 Thyroid cancer stage 3 Thyroid cancer stage 4 Thyroid disease thyrotoxicosis Tongue cancer Tongue cancer stage 1 Tongue cancer stage 2 Tongue cancer stage 3 Tongue cancer stage 4 Tonsil cancer Tonsillitis Ulcerative colitis Urinary incontinence Urolithiasis Uterine cancer Uterine cancer stage 1 Uterine cancer stage 2 Uterine cancer stage 3 Uterine cancer stage 4 Uterine fibroids Valgus Deformity Varicocele West syndrome Сarcinomatosis
Disease not found

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The patient was treated of lung cancer

Very fast reaction from Bookimed in communication. Initial discussion was for an appointment in AKH and subsequently we have been forwarded to the Privatklinik. The Klinik looks very well managed. We still did not proceed with the treatment and I'm not currently able to share opinion about the Clinic itself and the treatment (will come back soon, once have treatment there). I've been in the Wiener Privatklinik for a consultation. I manage to meet the exact doctors/professors for which I was looking for a contact and did a good job. The whole story was organized and managed by Bookimed with care for the patient. Angelina Ivanenko was my contact in Bookimed and even she was on vacation for the Christmas holidays she did not put on hold the communication. For us this was very important that we are not losing time.

The patient was treated of urolithiasis

I am certainly satisfied with the help and patience I received from my medical coordinator at Bookimed. I couldn’t be more happier with the medical procedures Me and my father have received. The hospital staff were patient and very careful with the health care of my father. So far i have recommended my aunt and her son with bookimed and I know they will love it also. Thank you so much Bookimed.

The patient was treated of larynx cancer

All services in the clinic at a high level. Med staff on level. The coordinator helped and kept in touch constantly, even during off hours

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The patient was treated of basalioma

When they learned what was needed in the clinic, they didn’t even know where to run and whom to contact. Coordinators helped to select a clinic. They gave us a doctor. Everything went great, the doctor is a true professional.  Separately, I want to note the attitude to patients. We were met at the airport, brought to the clinic and there was already a translator waiting. Literally "by the hand" we were taken to the doctors, everyone translated. Then they provided a taxi to the hotel.   During the operation, the ward was provided for two people - for the patient and the attendant; both of them were included in the cost of the operation.   After surgery, the doctor held a consultation, making sure that you can fly back. And only then answered questions remotely that arose.  Clinic definitely recommend

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