Treatment in Republic of Korea

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Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Mammography from 250 to 280$
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction from 10000 to 12000$
Arthroplasty from 7000 to 8000$
Interventional cardiac catheterization from 15000 to 20000$
Intracranial implantation rechargeable neurostimulator to reduce the appearance of ataxia (parkinsonism) from 56000 to 60000$
Gachon University Gil Medical Center is a multidisciplinary hospital, providing medical services of the international level and is a leading hospital not only Korea, but also in Asia. Gil Hospital is located in the heart of Incheon at 1 hour drive from Incheon International Airport.
1117 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1117 patients received individual treatment program in Samsung Medical Center
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Whipple surgery from 29000 to 30000$
Samsung Clinic is a prominent multidisciplinary hospital in South Korea that has repetitively received many awards in customer satisfaction and services quality. It has a special status of “Hospital of presidential standards”. A part of Samsung Medical Complex, Comprehensive Cancer Center provides the most thorough treatment for cancer patients using state-of-the-art equipment: Novalis, IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy), Da Vinci surgical system, etc.
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Many thanks to Catherine, Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator, for her prompt responses and sympathy. In a week after application my daughter (with diagnosis tumor of brain stem) was proposed a treatment in Korea. We have a CHANCE! Thank you for everything!
409 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 409 patients received individual treatment program in Severance Hospital
Severance Hospital in Korea is an international multidisciplinary clinic at Yonsei University, located in Seoul South Korea. Yonsei Severance Hospital's Health System includes: oncology and rehabilitation centers, pediatric and women's clinics, cardiovascular center and Clinic of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. The Hospital has been certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) and serves 1.6 million outpatients annually.

Treatment in South Korea

South Korea is one of the leading Asian countries on medicine development. Because of the accelerated tempo of the state development, one of the advanced healthcare systems of the world was established. South Korean government provides the permanent support in medicine and carries out the strict control of the medical services quality. Because of such an approach, Korean hospitals have high-qualified professionals, who use the newest medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment. Due to several modern types of diagnostic equipment per capita, South Korean medical institutions are well ahead of such countries as Canada, Finland and France. The quality of all medications, applied while the treatment, is under governmental control as well. One of the best indicators of South Korean medicine is the high life expectancy in the country.

How does the foreign patient get the treatment in South Korean? 

What are the mainstreams of the treatment in South Korea?

Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment in South Korea

Visa issues and accommodation during the treatment in South Korea

Cost for treatment in South Korea

South Korean medical centers

Peculiarities of South Korean medicine

The basis of South Korean medicine are the approaches and the principles of the Evidence-Based Medicine, i.e. the concept of application of those diagnostic and treatment methods, which efficiency is proven by research. Therefore, South Korean doctors hold the biggest number of the medical research in the world. This allows developing both new, modern treatment approaches, and significant improving of the traditional ones.

One of the peculiarities of South Korean medicine is the harmonious synergy of the western and eastern treatment methods. Ancient medical practices typical for the entire eastern medicine are widely used in South Korea, as well as the specific Korean methods. Their application alongside with the modern high-tech methods allow significant widening of the treatment approaches and efficiency improvement.

Statistical data of the stomach cancer recovery is about 65%, being 30% higher than in other countries.
Infertility treatment efficiency goes over 70%.

How does the foreign patient get the treatment in South Korean?

Bookimed company adviser would assist you to organize the treatment in South Korea. The company works with mostly all the famous South Korean medical centers and assists to pass all the required procedures promptly, including:

  • Delivery of disease anamnesis and results of diagnostics to certain doctors of South Korean medical centers
  • Development of the treatment programs and informing of the treatment procedures costs
  • Selection of the best matching treatment program

Having selected the medical center, medical visa is issued to let the foreign patient arrive to South Korea for the treatment. One should make the personal medical e-card just after the arrival, containing all the results of held tests, carried procedures and other information relevant to the treatment.

Mainstreams of the treatment in South Korea

The foreign patients have a special interest in the following treatment:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Treatment of diseases of the cardio-vascular system;
  • Robotic surgical systems.

South Korean medicine has reached significant success in treatment of the oncologic diseases and orthopedics, especially in grafting of knee and hip joints. South Korean doctors do not have any competitors all over the world in such surgeries, like implantation of artificial cochlea.

Visa issues and accommodation during the treatment in South Korea

South Korea does not require any visas for the short-term stay, i.e. up to 2 months according to the Decree on this issue as of Jan. 1, 2014. The following documents are required for the border crossing:

  • Passport
  • Return ticket
  • Document to prove the solvency, i.e. printed hotel booking confirmation, tourist voucher
  • Migration card
  • Customs declaration

If the treatment in South Korea takes more time, the medical visa is required then. The following documents should be submitted to the Consulate of Republic of Korea:

  • Passport
  • Visa issue confirmation, i.e. the document submitted by the selected medical center in South Korea

The medical visas are issued within one day.

The level of prices in South Korea is a little higher than in Israel, but it is significantly lower than in Germany. For instance, lunch at the standard brasserie would cost about 3 USD per person.

The accommodation options in South Korea are available according to the personal wishes and financial opportunities. The chains of such famous hotels as Ritz Carlton, Renaissance and Hyatt operate in big South Korean cities. If you are on a budget, the local hotels Yeogwan are available for you with the rooms of 30 USD per night, or the hostels with the price up to 20 USD per night.

Besides the medical services, South Korean medical centers provide the foreign patients a wide range of the services to reach the maximal comfort of the stay in this country. They include:

  • Translation services
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer to the treatment destination
  • Assistance etc.

It is important to emphasize the interpreter availability. The people of South Korea speak Korean and usually do not have a good command of English. There is also a lack of signs and shields with double language inscriptions in the streets and in stores.

Advantages of treatment in South Korea

Disadvantages of treatment in South Korea

  • Brand new medical equipment
  • High level of the doctors qualification
  • State control of the treatment quality
  • Principles of the Evidence-Based medicine
  • Comprehensive treatment approach
  • Prompt visa issue procedure
  • Affordable treatment cost
  • Language barrier
  • Local cuisine

Cost for treatment in South Korea

The price level for the medical services at South Korean medical centers is 20-30% lower for the similar ones in USA or Western Europe. The locals have the option of the medical insurance to cover 60-80% of the treatment expenditures. Besides that, State Insurance Corporation controls the cost for treatment of the people of South Korea to keep the prices of the medical centers on a certain level with no increase.

Bookimed company offer the same service for its patients. The experts of the company would carry out the revision of the treatment program bill of South Korean medical centers free-of-charge and would approve the justification of costs.

South Korean medical centers

The foreign patients are allowed to treat at the public medical centers of South Korea as of 2009. It significantly broads the choice availabilities. The most famous medical centers are:

  • Samsung – one of the best multidisciplinary medical centers in South Korea located in Seoul. It contains 40 departments and 120 centers. The main directions of the medical center activity is the treatment of oncologic, cardio-vascular and neurologic diseases, as well as the organs transplantation. Samsung medical center has the status of Presidential Standards Hospital.
  • Gil – famous multidisciplinary Korean hospital of Gachon University (Incheon). Founded in 1958 as the medical center special for females. Nowadays aside from Department for Gynecology, the medical center has Department for Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, Dental Center and Center for Emergency Medical Care. Innovative medical research and development is held at the medical center as well.


My father was put a diagnosis of the lung cancer at the latter stage. The urgent surgery was required, while our hospital had a queue for a month in advance. Hence, we decided to treat in South Korea. My parents arrived at Seoul where the Russian-speaking representative met them and transferred to the hospital immediately. All required tests were held in two hours and the surgery was carried out within three days. My father stayed at the hospital for two more weeks. He told the entire staff had been very caring with no language barrier as the interpreters were available through all the time. He has had all the courses of chemo; the condition is satisfactory right now. Korean doctors are real professionals.

Svetlana, Irkutsk

Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Melanoma surgery from 10000 to 12000$
Inha University Hospital in Incheon is a large multidisciplinary and one of the best hospitals in South Korea,  have a leading position in the provision of medical services. The hospital is part of the largest alliance in South Korea, called Hanjin.
Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital in Bucheon  is central multidisciplinary medical institution offering services for examination and treatment of various diseases. There are four other soonchunhyang hospitals in Seoul, Cheonan and Gumi which located throughout South Korea.  
79 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 79 patients received individual treatment program in Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul
Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul  is multidisciplinary hospital for examination and treatment of various diseases, founded in 1974 and located in Seoul. There are four hospitals in Soon Chun Hyang Universety Hospital, which located throughout South Korea.  
Bumin Hospital Seoul specialized in the joints and spine, founded in 2011 is part of a Group of Bumin Hospitals . The Hospital meets international standards, confidence reached its medical service, accurate diagnosis, latest equipments, environmentally friendly places for recreation and professional medical staff strives to create a healthy world with the best service.  
Miz Medi Women's hospital is a multi-specialized women's hospital of international standard in gynecology and obstetrics, children's diseases.  
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
CT (computer tomography)
Discectomy (Removal of lumbar disc)
Wooridul Hospital is a specialized network of hospitals with experience in treating more than 30 years, which is a world leader in the treatment of diseases of the spine today. Wooridul Hospital meets the highest international standards. It is an international hospital is the best of the World by the  Medical Tourism Association.
Ewha Womans University Medical Center (EUMC) is the first and best hospitals for women in Korea, which is located in the western part of Seoul is 45 km from Incheon International Airport and 10 km from Gimpo Airport.
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