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How much bone marrow transplant costs


Cost of a bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a method of treating hematologic and autoimmune pathologies, which involves administering a healthy bone marrow to the patient. BMT is a remedy for people of all ages suffering from blood cancer - leukemia, aplastic anemia, sickle cell disease, variants of lymphoma, myeloma and immune deficiency.

The human bone marrow consists of pluripotent stem cells that are the predecessors of blood cells. Lifeblood is composed of leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets. Leukocytes protect our organism from infectious agents, erythrocytes transport oxygen, and platelets control blood coagulation. In case of a bone marrow malfunction, the number of stem cells either increases, which leads to leukemia, or reduces - develops aplastic anemia. Urgent bone marrow transplant (or hematopoietic cell transplantation) is the main option for the patient’s convalescence.

Before the procedure, the patient's pathogenic stem cells are being destroyed by chemotherapy courses or radiation sessions. After organ transplant is accomplished the successfully transplanted pluripotent cells gradually begin to give rise to healthful blood cells.

There are 3 types of bone marrow transplants:

  • autologous - when a person receives his(her) own hematopoietic cells as transplant; this type is used mainly in patients with malignancies that do not affect the bone marrow;
  • allogeneic from a related donor - BMT with the use of a bone marrow from a relative donor;
  • allogeneic from an unrelated donor - bone marrow is taken from the Bank of Donors. Special blood analyzes can accurately determine histocompatibility of a donator and recipient.

The following factors shape the cost of bone marrow transplants:

  • The type of illness that requires a transplant;
  • Stage of disease in a patient;
  • Presence of comorbidities and complications;
  • The opted form of BMT;
  • Pricing policy of the clinics, where the manipulation is performed.

Doctors-Coordinators of Bookimed International Patients Support Center help people from different countries to find the best clinic and a highly-qualified hematologist for bone marrow transplant.

International Patients Support Center Bookimed accompanies you at every stage of treatment and takes care of all the arrangements with the selected medical institution regarding BMT. Bookimed acts as a guarantor of fair financial relationship between a patient and a clinic. We validate all the checks from the clinic for compliance with initially declared and the volume of provided services. This means the patient has no financial relationship with Bookimed.

Where is better to carry out transplant?

Patients are often concerned about what country, which clinic is better to carry out a bone marrow transplant. There is no definite answer, because the selection of the hospital is affected by a number of circumstances. Today 5 leading clinics for BMT can be identified. These are the greatest medical centers of Germany, Turkey, India, Israel and the United States.

"When we select the clinic for bone marrow transplant, we pay special attention to the selection of the physicians and grade of medicine in general. We appeal to those entities that cooperate with the World Bank of Donors, and choose those professionals in this medical field that we are 100% sure about. In addition, we consider the hospital level of service, because BMT demands strict adherence to hygiene and sanitation measures."

Zeeshan Zaman, Senior Physician-Coordinator of the International Patients Support Center Bookimed.

Bookimed Center has brought key medical centers for bone marrow transplant together. We provide you with the full information about the specifics of treatment in each of the selected countries and have answers to all your questions. Bookimed Doctors-Coordinators have already helped 21 patients to successfully undergo a BMT procedure abroad.

Cost of a bone marrow transplant in Germany - Essen University Hospital


Essen Medical Center is prominent not only in Germany but also far beyond its borders. The hospital is located in the town of Essen in Western Germany.

The profile of the Essen clinic includes over 20 branches: oncology, hematology, gynecology, cardiology, surgery, etc. The staff comprises well-recognized experts, such as Prof. Dirk Schadendorf, Prof. Peter Berlit et al.

BMT for adults is in charge of Professor Peter Reimer and Professor Dietrich W. Beelen.

The quality of German medicine can not be questioned and that affects the price formation. Essen Hospital, as well as all medical facilities in Germany, is working on the terms of deposit, i.e. the patient should put the money on the clinic deposit prior to treatment. After that, the hospital sends an official visa invitation.

Prices for a bone marrow transplant in Germany:

Autologous BMT

€100,000 — €130,000

Allogeneic BMT from a related donor

€150,000 — €220,000

Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor


Coordinators of Bookimed Center assist in the organization of the academic medical care in the Essen Clinic. We arrange a consultation and support the early holding of BMT. Bookimed guarantees you a fair financial relationship with the hospital and the high level of competence of Essen doctors.

Get treatment program from German clinics

How much is a bone marrow transplant in Turkey? — Medipol University Hospital


Medipol University Hospital is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a private medical conjunction of 4 hospitals. Medipol includes several Turkey's top clinics which possess the JCI international accreditation.

Medipol Turkish clinic has gained recognition thanks to the professionalism of the doctors, high success rate in bone marrow transplant (over 92%), convenient geographical location and affordable pricing policy. In addition, the hospital is tooled with the latest technical facilities.

Fatma Deniz Sargin, a professor with 35 years of experience, carries bone marrow transplant. She happens to be the most influential hematologist in the country. On Deniz Sargin’s record there are hundreds of successful hematopoietic cell transplants.

Range of bone marrow transplant pricing in Turkey:

Autologous BMT


Allogeneic BMT from a related donor

$70,000 — $80,000

Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor


You can apply for a consultation with Prof. Deniz Sargin or other expert of Turkish clinic with the help of the Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator. We have the ability to arrange diagnostics and BMT procedure in Medipol Hospital for you as soon as possible.

Get a consultation from Medipol doctor

Prices for bone marrow transplant in India — Fortis Clinic


Fortis Network of Medical Institutions is well-known throughout Asia. It comprises 62 clinics, most of which are situated on the territory of India. Fortis Healthcare is accredited by several transborder organizations, including JCI certification.

In the Fortis Clinic the bone marrow transplant is carried out by well-qualified doctors. Hematology Department is headed by Doctor Vinod Raina. Over the past 20 years he has accomplished more than 600 bone marrow transplants, 250 of which were allogeneic.

India offers patients the most affordable prices on BMT. This can be explained by the medicine peculiarities of the country: average level of service, geographic location, etc. Besides, Indian hospitals do not always have access to Donor Banks, which at times complicates the transplant procedure from an unrelated donor.

Cost of a bone marrow transplant in India:

Autologous BMT


Allogeneic BMT from a related donor

$47,000 — $50,000

Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor


You can get an appointment at the Fortis Clinic through Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator. Our International Patients Support Center can organize the reception of Indian hematologist and bone marrow transplant at Fortis Medical Center.

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Cost of a bone marrow transplant in Israel — Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)


Rating of BMT clinics in Israel is led by Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov). It is the largest conglomerate of public hospitals in the country, one of the world leaders in stem cells and bone marrow transplant.

BMT is performed by the doctors of Ichilov Hematology Department. The department is headed by Professor Ella Naparstek, Senior doctor on blood cancer treatment, the author of over 160 scientific papers. Day hospital is in charge of Dr. Odelia Gur, hematologist with 20 years of experience.

Every year, about 200 patients are being treated in this unit. Both autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplants are carried out in the Ichilov clinic.

Prices for a bone marrow transplant in Israel:

Autologous BMT


Allogeneic BMT from a related donor


Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor


The type of ongoing BMT is different in each case. You can get detailed information on the cost and conditions of bone marrow transplant in Israel from the Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator. We take all the responsibilities for all the arrangements.

Contact the Ichilov clinic

Cost of a bone marrow transplant in USA — Johns Hopkins Hospital


Princeton Medical Center is a large multi-institution, which is known all around the United States and abroad.

Johns Hopkins Hospital is situated in Baltimore, Maryland and stands as the best clinic in the state. The hospital is in the top 3 of US medical institutions.

Hospital specialists are known throughout the world for their active scientific research. Genetic engineering was originated and 3 types of poliovirus were discovered right there.

Autologous and allogeneic BMT are performed on the basis of Johns Hopkins Hospital. These procedures are conducted by experienced hematologists, whose professionalism is confirmed by hundreds of successful operations. Hematology Department is headed by Professor Robert Alan Brodsky, an expert with 26 years of practice.

Cost of a bone marrow transplant in USA:

Autologous BMT

$120,000 — $150,000

Allogeneic BMT from a related donor


Allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor


One of the main disadvantages in choosing a bone marrow transplant in the United States is the high cost of the operation, as well as expensive airline tickets, the long flight for patients from Eastern, Western Europe countries and Central Asia.

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