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Thanks to Bookimed 491 patients received free treatment program in Spain

Advantages of treatment in Spain

  • An innovative and high quality national health service. The World Health Organization (WHO) leads the Spanish National Health Service to the 7th positon of the world ranking of health systems.
  • The presence of international department. Besides the fact that all the doctors and staff are fluent in English, Spanish hospitals using a system of simultaneous interpretation into 50 languages. During the conversation with a doctor, the patient hears headphones translation into his native language.
  • Unique children's medical and rehabilitation programs. In Spain children have opportunity to combine treatment in clinics with a rest by the sea or in the mountains. The significant progress was made in the rehabilitation of children after a disaster, stress, psychological trauma.


Spanish clinics offer a wide range of medical services to overseas patients. Among the most popular: 

  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Infertility treatment
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8
305 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 305 patients received individual treatment program in Teknon Hospital (Barcelona)
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Bone marrow puncture with cytogenetic analysis
Consultation of a hematologist
Coronary artery bypass grafting from 10000 to 14000$

Teknon Clinic is a leading Spanish Clinic which is located in Barcelona. Teknon staff includes more than 2,000 employees, 400 of them - doctors. The clinic is equipped with the latest technical equipment: Teknon doctors dispose of technologies such as robot Da Vinci, TrueBeam, Neuromate and others. The clinic has a number of international certificates and awards, among which is the Certificate of quality from Joint Comission International (JCI). Certificates of similar level have only the best US hospitals and some international European clinics.

The profiling areas of the Teknon are oncology, plastic surgery and neurology. On the basis of the clinic almost every department has a clinical unit and research center that allows to simultaneously develop and introduce new methods and technologies.

There are global innovators among Teknon experts who develop latest treatment protocols and operations with their own forces on the basis of the clinic. For example, Dr. Bartolomé Oliver - neurosurgeon with a worldwide reputation, who has extensive experience in both neurosurgery and epileptic surgery, Dr. Antonio Russi – neurophysiologist, director of a number of epilepsy institutes and units. The abdominal surgeon - Dr. García-Valdekasas - was even awarded with the rank of Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.

In 2010, under the leadership of Teknon doctors (Dr. Paloma and Dr. Palasina) the team of 30 surgeons has performed a face transplant for the first time in Spain.

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The first sensation of my arrival - I am very satisfied with the service. We were greeted, brought to the hospital and what was promised to us was all done. We have a phone and when we do not understand something, we call and our translator immediately comes. I like it very much. And we have raised the hope that doctors here can help us and I... Read full review

Quiron Barcelona Hospital is a leading medical institution in Spain, namely in the treatment of different types of cancer.

The clinic and its employees are awarded with many European and world prizes in medical sphere. The leadership of the hospital positions this medical institution as the gold standard of medical services in the southern Europe.

Quiron Barcelona uses all innovative appliances which may be only advertised in other clinics. When something new appears in the world of medicine the leadership immediately implements it in the hospital. The Baselga Institute of Oncology does it as well. Prof. Baselga himself takes part in various cancer researches, participates in the development of new treatment techniques.

The most important direction of the Institute's activity and of Pr. Baselga himself is oncomammology (treatment of breast cancer). The team of the institute headed by Pr. Baselga showed amazing success in this sphere, that’s why patients from all around the world wish to be treated and consulted here.


Quiron Madrid Clinic is one of the best medical institutions in Spain located in Madrid. The personnel account for more than 1,800 employees including over 400 physicians. The equipment and material base are really impressive. This clinic accumulates all innovations including the robotic surgery, various types of radiotherapy and radiosurgery, the latest diagnostic equipment for identification of any pathology. Each patient has an opportunity to choose the room he or she likes and can afford, beginning from ordinary wards to royal apartments.

The main directions of the clinic are cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology and oncosurgery. The base of Spanish hospital includes research divisions where the specialists can develop and immediately implement new treatment methods into practice.

A lot of doctors famous far beyond Europe work at Quiron Madrid Hospital. Among them are such medical experts as Dr. Ramon Perez Carrion, an outstanding oncologist, who is involved practical scientific activity and Dr. Alberto Forteza, a cardiosurgeon experienced in minimally invasive heart surgery and bloodless operations.

Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Sentinel lymph node biopsy
Bone marrow puncture with cytogenetic analysis
Consultation of a hematologist
CT (computer tomography)
HM Hospitales is a prominent group of clinics in Spain which provides medical services in all fields and consists of 6 general hospitals and 3 advanced research centers specializing in oncology, cardiology, neurology and neurosurgery. During 27 years this group has provided high-quality services to its patients and has become the international golden standard. Combination of experienced professionals and state of art technologies has made HM Hospitales in Madrid a reputable leader in the area of private medical services listed among Top 5 Private Hospitals.
44 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 44 patients received individual treatment program in Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital
Sant Joan de Déu-Barcelona Children's Hospital provides a comprehensive multilateral approach to treatment as infants and adolescents up to 21 years, basing on the use of advanced scientific achievements, new technologies, giving due attention to the care and rehabilitation after illness and occupies a leading position in this field.
Description Services prices
Prices on services of the clinic
Adjustable gastric band from 16000$
ServiDigest Medical and Surgical Center is located in Barcelona (Spain) and specializes in the treatment of patients with metabolic disorders, obesity and digestive system diseases in general. It offers the individualized approach to diagnostics, prevention and treatment of various illnesses for more than 40 years.
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