Antonio Russi

Antonio Russi

Centro Médico Teknon
Spain , Barcelona

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Prof. Antonio Russi is recognized as the best epileptologist in Spain. The Doctor specializes in non-surgical therapy of severe and rare epilepsy stages. He helps children and adults to get rid of seizures for good.

Prof. Antonio Russi is an apparent expert in epilepsy diagnosing and choosing the most appropriate drugs in each particular case. Medication therapy helps patients in 70% of cases.

Prof. Russi is included in the ranking of Top 100 Spanish doctors by the Forbes magazine, the world's authoritative edition.

Prof. Russi's achievements in epilepsy diagnosing and therapy

  • The Professor and his team have helped over 2,000 patients to dispose of the epileptic attacks.
  • 75% of Bookimed patients with epilepsy request Prof. Antonio Russi for consultation or treatment in Teknon Hospital.
  • Prof. Russi and his team of epileptologists have carried out about 900 diagnostic tests and over 600 surgeries.

Second medical opinion

Prof. Antonio Russi is among a few epileptologists that provide remote consultations via Skype. You may get a consultation with Prof. Russi submitting a request on Bookimed website.

Diagnostic tests and therapeutic approach

Prof. Russi performs electroencephalography (EEG) — the initial exam for epilepsy foci detection in awake and asleep conditions of a patient.

A patient is under all-time video surveillance to analyze the activity of the brain and reveal the features of epileptic seizures.

EEG monitoring lasts approximately 3 days. During the screening, a patient takes antiepileptic drugs.

Special sensors record brain activity. So the doctor can determine what particular drug affects the patient's epileptic seizures most of all. As a result, Professor Antonio Russi develops the most effective plan for drug therapy. He may replace medications or adjust the dose.

Education and practice

Prof. Antonio Russi graduated from the Universitat de Barcelona in 1972. He obtained expertise in epileptology, neurology, and neurophysiology.

Prof. Antonio Russi heads:

  • Epilepsy Russi Institute (the epilepsy care center founded in 1987)
  • Epilepsy Unit in the Teknon Hospital
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery Institute of Barcelona.

Prof. Antonio Russi is a researcher for new antiepileptic medications to make non-surgical treatment suitable for each person with epilepsy.

The Doctor has numerous scientific publications concerning seizures treatment. Prof. Russi is a member of multiple neurology associations — Neurophysiology Catalan Society, International League Against Epilepsy, American Epilepsy Society, etc.

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Recent reviews
Helen Apr 20, 2019
The patient was treated of osteoarthritis

I had tests and a consultation at the clinic but was unable to have the treatment I wanted at this time. I will be returning to the clinic in a few weeks. The people I met were really helpful, spoke perfect English and looked after me very well.

Alena Apr 20, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

Many thanks to the company bookimed for the opportunity to get expert advice from Dr. Russi. We received a lot of answers to our questions, and by the very beginning - we have hope !!! We are going to fly to the clinic for examination. It would seem that someone else's camp and how to get there? But the well-coordinated team bookimed supports in everything !!! Separate boagolar Daria for helping to buy tickets and hotel reservations, Katerina for advice and support, Alena for being in touch and for answering numerous questions !!! Thanks to you you feel not alone in your problem !! Health to you all !!!

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Sergei Apr 19, 2019
The patient underwent hair transplant

First of all, thanks to my coordinating doctor Maxim. Thanks to him, I came to this clinic. Everything went at the highest level. We met at the Airport, settled into the Hotel (excellent room), which is located 20 meters from the Clinic itself + everything was included tomorrow with a buffet that is located in the restaurant of the Hotel. The operation was easy and painless. The staff at the clinic is very attentive and caring. Upon completion, they were taken to the airport. I want to express my gratitude:  Doctor Cagatay Cebeci - was in touch with me 24/7 as well as in addition to the clinic, both on professional issues and on personal help.  Madame Safiye - conducted an inspection and came to check how the operation was going.  Secil and Sibel are professionals in their field, it was they who performed the hair transplant surgery, everything went quickly and easily. Two charismatic girls.  Thanks to all the staff, everyone was interested in how I was doing and whether everything looked fine with my hair. The driver made sure that I carefully sat down and got out of the car.

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Mikhail Apr 19, 2019
The patient was treated of cataract

Excellent clinic BGn stay in the clinic went very well and successfully. Dr. Lee Dong Eun is a highly classy positive person specialist. He did everything perfectly well after the examination. He came with a cataract on both eyes, the right eye was hardly seen. I'm leaving my vision 100% for both eyes, thank you very much I am happy. The medical staff at the clinic works like a good watch. Attentive are courteous attentive very polite complete comfort. The single chamber is all that is necessary to eat cleanly comfortably. Especially about the coordinator of the clinic Valchenko Maria, a correct excellent specialist, a wonderful person with her does not arise, no problems can solve everything, thanks. Service satisfied everything went well. Well done good organization of success to you

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