Focus on your health.

We’ll take care of all the rest.

How it works

  • You submit a request on our website
  • We contact you to find out your preferences
  • You receive the treatment programs and plan a trip
  • We help in arranging a medical travel
  • You undergo treatment and return home
  • We stay in touch with you

Why Bookimed

Independence and objectivity

We do not represent the interests of any particular clinic 一 you choose the best one among medical centers certified for foreign patients treating.

Personal medical concierge

From the moment of your request, your personal medical doctor assists you.

Best medical solutions

Bookimed cooperates with 270+ medical institutions around the world. In order to appear on our website, hospitals go through a selection process.

Price comparison

You can always compare the costs of treatment in different hospitals and countries.

24/7 assistance

Bookimed medical doctor helps in arranging a treatment and stays in touch 24/7 to answer all your questions and resolve any issues.


You know what you are paying for. Before a medical travel you receive a detailed treatment program with prices and included services.

Free service

Patients do not pay a commission for Bookimed services. We are financed by the hospitals.

Patient Advocacy

Bookimed always takes your side. Our medical doctor checks all the records and the accuracy of received bill 一 no overcharging will take place.

Second Opinion

If you have any doubts about your diagnosis, send us your medical records and we’ll consult on your behalf with leading international specialists.

How much do Bookimed services cost?

You do not pay for Bookimed services — we are financed by the hospitals. We work with medical centers under direct agreements. That is why our services do not increase the cost of treatment.

In some cases, Bookimed provides special prices available exclusively for our patients.

How to choose a hospital

You can see a full list of the hospitals and filter them by:

  • specialty of treatment (e.g., oncology, neurosurgery, etc.);
  • particular diseases;
  • procedures (chemotherapy, GammaKnife, rhinoplasty, etc.);
  • countries and cities.

If you need help to choose a clinic or a doctor, submit a request on our website. Our medical doctor will contact you at a suitable time.

What criteria do we apply to choose hospitals to work with?

Each medical center on Bookimed complies with a range of criteria:

  • certificates of international quality control organizations (JCI, TÜV, ISO, etc.)
  • treat foreign patients
  • doctors have huge and/or unique treating experience
  • specialists are members of the international specialized societies such as European Society for Hematology, Eurasian Academy of Neurosurgery, etc.
  • medical equipment of the latest generation
  • a hospital or a doctor belongs to top ratings (e.g., Forbes and Focus)

Who is Bookimed medical doctor

It’s a personal medical concierge who is a practicing medical doctor. (S)he will assist you at every step of treatment abroad.

Bookimed medical doctor’s responsibilities

  • to give an objective information on diagnostics and treatment abroad
  • to choose the best options for you
  • to prepare medical records
  • to provide a detailed treatment plan
  • to coordinate you during your stay abroad and solve any unforeseeable issues
  • to stay in touch with you even after the treatment

Achievements of Bookimed medical doctors

    • a team of 30 medical doctors
    • speak 11 languages
    • do not give up unless they find the best solution
    • undergo practice in foreign hospitals
    • do a revision in partner hospitals
    • have organized a few urgent evacuation of the patients from the hot spot
    • negotiated a lower price (€20,000 discount) for one of our medical cases.

Second opinion

Do you want to consult a top specialist staying at home? If you have any doubts about your diagnosis or treatment plan, send us your medical records and we’ll consult on your behalf with a leading international specialist.

You can appeal to the best doctors if:

  • you doctor cannot establish a diagnosis
  • you doubt in the accuracy of a diagnosis
  • prescribed treatment plan is ineffective
  • you want to know about alternative treatment options.

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