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Treatment in United States

Thanks to Bookimed 1232 patients received free treatment program in United States

Advantages of treatment in the United States

  • Government investment and support of the health care system. U.S. invests in medical research and development more than any other country in the world.
  • Advanced technologies. Every year, over the 90 000 of foreign patients are coming to U.S. looking for a better medical treatment. The use of new technologies attracted 40% of them and another 32% of foreign patients sought treatment, which proved to be unavailable in their home country.
  • Most of the clinics are located in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles. So it is possible to combine treatment with an unforgettable holiday, which can be especially important during the rehabilitation period.


The main directions of medical tourism in the United States are:

  • Oncology. According to statistics complete recovery occurred in 67% of cases
  • Orthopedics. More than 14 million hits over the last 3 years
  • Cardio - vascular surgery. Thousands of open heart procedures are performed each year
  • Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. Doctors are licensed medical practitioners are the ones who have undergone 11-15 years of training
All reviews (11)
Our youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia. We were originally in the mood to fight and not to give up. Although, and realized that the treatment would be long and difficult. We left our eldest son with grandparents and went to Cleveland Clinic, on the advice of our doctor here. You clinic is quite large and cozy. My wife and I stayed in a... Read full review
All reviews (11)
I want to say thanks to the medical staff of Medical Center at Princeton for the quality of care and professional treatment. The hope that one day I would be walking normally again was gradually fading. But the surgery in your clinic for hip replacement changed everything and put me on my feet, gave a chance to live a normal full life. Thank you... Read full review
Review on hip replacement in United States
All reviews (11)
I got diabetes suffering from grief - my father died. I had no idea that was possible. When I applied to the local clinic and had some tests done, the level of glucose in my blood was 8.7. The doctor said I had diabetes, had to have regular check-ups and get insulin. It took me a week to come to senses. I pulled myself together and applied to your... Read full review
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«My husband is going to be 68 soon. He was always engaged in intellectual work, and read a lot. In June 2013, he was diagnosed with a cataract. On the...»
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