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Top bone marrow transplant hospitals are listed on this page. Compare prices and read reviews to choose the best medical center.

Info YOU should know about:

  • 80-99% success rate of bone marrow transplant. The listed centers show great statistics for BMT.
  • Fast travel arrangement. The arrangement of medical travel takes from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the country of destination.
  • The hospitals conduct donor's searching. If it's impossible to perform autologous BMT, and a patient does not have a related donor, bone marrow centers start searching for a donor in the local or world donor banks.
  • The cost of the bone marrow transplant differs. The procedure may cost from $22,000 in India up to $250,00 in Germany or South Korea. The cost significantly ranges depending on the country and stem cells transplant type.

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May 13, 2019
The patient underwent bone marrow transplantation

I liked the service very much, a completely different level compared to medicine in Ukraine. The professor immediately called for trust, transfer, settlement, everything was very clear and fast. The only thing was a hitch immediately upon arrival, the attendant was not immediately found, but they turned to the airport staff and they were happy to help to contact. He was at the airport, just a little apart. The rest of the stay was very comfortable and did not require anything from our side. Everyone was accompanied by companions, translators and medical staff.

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Jan 30, 2019
The patient underwent bone marrow transplantation

Good day. Clinic pumping money

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How to choose the best hospital for bone marrow transplant?

While choosing the best medical center for bone marrow (stem cells) transplant, pay attention to such factors:

  • Types of performed BMTs. There are 2 main types of bone marrow transplant — autologous (transplant of own stem cells) and allogeneic (transplant from a donor — related or unrelated). The hospital must be specialized in a BMT type you need. In case, an unrelated allogeneic bone marrow transplant is prescribed, the medical center must have access to a donor bank to perform the procedure as soon as possible.
  • Doctor's experience. The main criterion of doctor's expertise in bone marrow transplant is how many procedures a specialist has been performed. The most experienced doctors have over 300-500 such procedures on their account.
  • The cost of the procedure. Some people may think that bone marrow transplant is a costly procedure. In some cases, this is true. However such countries as Turkey or India can offer the cost 2-4 times cheaper than in Germany, Italy or Spain. The low price does not affect the success of BMT — the procedure in Turkish or Indian clinics is carried out under strict international protocols.
  • The patient's age limit. Some bone marrow transplant centers do not serve children or patients under 16. Specify in your request a patient's age to choose the appropriate medical center.
  • Time of treatment arrangements. The speed of treatment arrangements matters a lot. Some medical centers can do it faster, but some — may slow down the process. Always specify how much time it takes to do all necessary paperwork and start treatment.

It can be a little stressful for people who face the choice of the best hospital for bone marrow transplant. As far as the success of the procedure and somebody's life can depend on their choice. Bookimed has already helped hundreds of patients who needed a bone marrow transplant, and we know all the details regarding the BMT process, donor's searching, documents processing, pros and cons of every country and medical center. If you want to find the most suitable medical center in your case, submit a request on Bookimed. Our medical coordinator will answer all your questions and help with hospital and doctor searching. Our consultation is absolutely free.

What is the best place to get a bone marrow transplant?


Bone marrow transplant centers in Turkey work following international medical standards. Some of them have received a certificate from the European Group for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation (EBMT). It confirms a high level of doctors' qualification, medical equipment of laboratories and BMT units.

The main benefit of bone marrow transplant in Turkey is affordable price without quality loss. The cost of the procedure is 1.5-3 times lower than in Europe or Israel. This is explained by different general price policies for medical services in these countries.

A top specialist for bone marrow transplant in Turkey is Dr. Zafer Gülbaş working at Anadolu Medical Center. He has over 30 years in onco-hematology. The doctor practiced in the USA, Canada, and Israel.


Bookimed cooperates with Israeli hospitals that have over 2,000 BMTs on their account. This makes Israeli onco-hematologists one of the most experienced in the world.

There is no age restriction for international patients to perform bone marrow transplant. One of the best BMT hospitals for children is Hadassah Medical Center, where over 1,500 stem cell transplants have been carried out to children.

The cost of BMT in Israel is 2-2.5 higher than in Turkey


Germany is considered one of the most developed countries to treat severe diseases, including disorders related to the blood pathologies. Experienced doctors included to the rankings of top specialists according to the Focus magazine and Leading Medicine medical site perform bone marrow transplant in Germany. The rankings are based on treatment effectiveness and patient reviews.

The cost of BMT in Germany is 1.5 times higher than in Israel, and 2-4 times than in Turkey. German hospitals do not accept children to perform a bone marrow transplant.

Which bone marrow transplant centers provide the best statistics?

The BMT hospitals listed on this page show about the same high-level statistics. However, according to Bookimed patient reviews, the best centers for bone marrow transplant are:

  • Anadolu Medical Center (Turkey). Serves patients over 16 years old. Over 250 BMTs are performed annually.
  • Sant Joan de Deu (Spain). Serves children up to 21 years old. Up to 100% is a success rate for bone marrow transplant (it may differ depending on BMT type).
  • Hadassah Medical Center. Serves adults and children. Over 3,500 bone marrow for adults and 1,500 procedures for children have been carried out.

Submit a request to choose the best BMT center in your case. This option is free.

How fast a bone marrow transplant can be performed?

The speed of bone marrow arrangement in hospitals depends on many factors. Among the key ones are:

  • Type of BMT. The arrangement of autologous bone marrow transplant or allogeneic from the related donor takes much less time than from unrelated donor. It may take several months to find a donor for a patient.
  • Visa issue. If you need a visa to cross the border, it takes some time to apply for it. If the hospital sends an invitation to you, the process is speeded significantly.
  • Patient health condition. In most of the cases, bone marrow transplant is performed, when a patient is in remission (after chemo treatment, for instance). The medical condition of each patient is considered individually by a doctor.

If there is no extra issues, the treatment can be arranged within 2-14 days after request on Bookimed website.

How long should I wait for a donor?

First of all, you choose the hospital for a bone marrow transplant, and then a doctor decides whether unrelated allogeneic BMT is suitable for you. If yes, the doctor initiates the searching for a donor in a local donor bank, and then (if necessary) in the world’s donor bank.

The searching may take from several weeks to months. When a suitable donor is found, it takes about 2 weeks to make all medical tests. Then, a donor's material is sent to a hospital.

Note that searching for a donor can increase the total bone marrow transplant cost by about $10,000.

How is bone marrow transplant (stem cells) conducted?

A bone marrow transplant is not a surgery!

The procedure is very similar to blood transfusion. Let's consider its steps.

  • Harvesting of stem cells. To collect donor's or patient's bone marrow, a doctor makes an incision in the pelvic area and takes the necessary amount of bone marrow with a needle. The procedure lasts about 30-60 minutes.
  • Bone marrow transplant. A doctor administers bone marrow cells intravenously to a patient. The transplanted bone marrow cells start adapting and producing new blood cells.

Before the procedure, a patient stays in a special sterile room called box to avoid infections. The bone marrow transplant is performed after the special preparation — a patient undergoes chemo or radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells and avoid the rejection.

Where is it possible to get a bone marrow transplant for children?

Not every bone marrow hospital in the world is ready to conduct a pediatric bone marrow transplant. However, there are some hospitals, where little patients can undergo the procedure with a high success rate. Among them are Hadassah Medical Center (Israel), Sourasky Medical Center (Israel), Sant Joan de Deu (Spain), Memorial Medical Center (Turkey), Medipol Medical Center (Turkey), San Raffaele Ospedale (Italy), etc.

Submit a request to get a cost of the procedure and schedule an appointment with a doctor. This option is free.

What affects the bone marrow transplant cost?

The cost of a bone marrow transplant procedure depends on the following factors:

  • Country for the procedure. The cheapest bone marrow transplant is in India, then Turkey goes. The highest prices are in Israel, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea.
  • BMT type. Autologous bone marrow transplant is the cheapest type as far as less medical tests and no donor searching are required. The most expensive one is allogeneic BMT from an unrelated donor.

How to get an appointment at a top hospital for BMT?

  1. Compare the info and prices provided by each hospital for bone marrow transplant at this page.
  2. Submit the request on Bookimed website.
  3. Our medical coordinator will contact you to answer all questions and find out your preferences.
  4. According to the patient diagnosis, age, and health condition, Bookimed coordinator will help to choose the most suitable option in your case.
  5. Then, the patient's medical records are sent to a chosen hospital to receive a cost estimate and approve the appointment.
  6. If you approve the bill, we start to arrange your medical travel to a chosen medical center.

Bookimed services are free for a patient. You pay directly to a clinic.

How much does bone marrow transplantation cost ?

Doctors calculate the cost of the bone marrow transplantation individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final bone marrow transplantation cost only after the consultation with a doctor.

49 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate bone marrow transplantation cost is:

  • The average cost is $138800. The lowest price is $22000 and the highest — $277400.
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The patient was treated of leukemia inAnadolu Medical Center

I liked the service very much, a completely different level compared to medicine in Ukraine. The professor immediately called for trust, transfer, settlement, everything was very clear and fast. The only thing was a hitch immediately upon arrival, the attendant was not immediately found, but they turned to the airport staff and they were happy to help to contact. He was at the airport, just a little apart. The rest of the stay was very comfortable and did not require anything from our side. Everyone was accompanied by companions, translators and medical staff.

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    Kate Potapova Bookimed medical coordinator May 17, 2019

    Сергей, рады, что медицинская составляющая полностью соответствовала ожиданиям. Скажите, может есть рекомендации от Вас где бы лучше встречающая сторона могла ждать пациентов в аэропорту? Чтобы не было заминок по прилету.

The patient was treated of acute lymphoblastic leukemia inMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi

My close family relative was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia a year ago at age of 26 and he needed a bone narrow transplant as the very last option to save his life. This procedure is not available in Ukraine and we spent weeks searching for the most affordable clinics with a good reputation. On January 12th, a few minutes right after visiting the website I was reached by Aleksey Berkovets from Bookimed.
He was an extremely polite, helpful and very professional. I really liked that compare to other services he didn`t promote any specific clinic or country, he gave me an options to choose from.
After only one short week on January 20th Dmytro was landed in Istanbul to start his treatment in Medipol Clinic!!
Thank you for your constant support Aleksey! You are much appreciated!


    Наталья Nov 3, 2018

    сколько стоит пересадка косного мозга?

The patient was treated of uterine fibroids inAnadolu Medical Center

very satisfied

The patient underwent bone marrow transplantation inHadassah Medical Center

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Tamara Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer

Excellent care. It gave my mom the strength and positive attitude to fight cancer.

Milana Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of strabismus

There was a slight misunderstanding in the treatment process; after a month, there was no apparatus for assessing visual acuity. At the consultation, we managed to ask all the questions we were interested in, but the consultation went very quickly, and in general we are satisfied.

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Larisa Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of headache

I really liked the Antalya Memorial Clinic. Starting from the translator, everyone is attentive and friendly. I completely trust the doctors of the clinic, because everything is done for people.

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Anonymous Aug 19, 2019
The patient was treated of west syndrome

Good day. Thanks to Dmitry, because we closed our question through a Skype conference. Initially, we only needed a doctor’s consultation. As a result, we spoke precisely with the professor that we needed. And he answered all our questions.

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