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Quiron Madrid Hospital
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Quiron Madrid Hospital

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Quiron Madrid Hospital is a part of the Spanish holding Quiron. This network ranks 1st and 3rd respectively in the number of clinics in Spain and Europe. More than 400 doctors work at Quiron Madrid. Concerning accommodation there are ordinary wards, de lux suites, VIP-rooms and even royal suites here. The personnel of the clinic make great efforts to ensure comfortable conditions for the patients during their hospital stay. International Patients Support Center Bookimed will provide you the complete information about necessary medical services of Quiron Madrid Hospital.

Quiron Madrid in figures:


The major specializations:

About Quiron Madrid Hospital

The medical center was opened more than 9 years ago and has already recommended itself as one of the best clinics in Spain and Europe. The experienced physicians widely recognized abroad work on the basis of the hospital.

The availability of innovative equipment at the clinic:

Name of equipment


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Precise visualization of internal organs, measurement of blood flow velocity, the level of diffusion in tissues, measurement of the cerebral cortex activation

Computed tomography (CT)

Visualization of vessels of upper and lower extremities

Positron emission tomography (PET-CT)

Monitoring of metabolism, substance transportation and gene expression

Gamma camera

Studying the behavior of radiopharmaceuticals for improved diagnostics of cancer

Surgical neuronavigator

Processing of information which allows the surgeon to verify neurophysiological data directly during the operation

The da Vinci Robot

It allows the doctor to perform surgery distantly, eliminating complications connected with the human factor

Linear accelerator of charged particles

Conducting outer radiotherapy for cancer treatment

The leading professionals of the medical center:

Dr. Carlos Aparicio is a dentist especially known for his successful curing of the patients with full atrophy of jaw bone tissues by installing zygomatic implants.

Dr. Vicente Paloma specializes in plastic surgery. Pr. Paloma is a pioneer in facial tissue transplantation in Spain.

Dr. Jose Maria Caffarena Calvar is a children cardio surgeon. He saved more than 1,000 children’s lives.

Dr. Josep Brugada is an experienced cardiologist working simultaneously in practical and theoretic medicine. He is the author of numerous innovative patents and articles in the sphere of cardiology.

Quiron Madrid Medical Center includes almost all modern therapeutic, surgical and diagnostic departments. Such structure of the clinic allows the patient to pass all stages of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation within one institution and in the shortest terms.

Features of Quiron Madrid Medical Center:


Madrid, Spain

Year of foundation


The number of personnel

1800, including 400 physicians

The availability of own laboratory


The availability of own research institutes

(oncology, cardiology)


Rehabilitation services


Price policy

Above medium

Conditions of accommodation

General wards

De lux suites


Royal apartments

Intensive care rooms

Rehabilitation rooms

Distance from the airport

Airport Madrid -

Barajas - 14,7 km

Transfer organization

Emergency and transport vehicles


Scientific, technological and material base of Quiron Madrid Hospital

Quiron Madrid Clinic combines departments of practical medicine and research centers. Such structure of the medical center allows to develop new technologies and treatment protocols immediately introducing them into practice. The clinic has created a lot of standardized protocols in the field of surgery and oncology which are now used in many Spanish and European hospitals.

In addition to all mentioned above, Quiron Madrid has laboratories where the doctors make all modern types of research, and there is also the blood bank which helps to minimally shorten the expectancy period for transfusion.

High level of medical care and services for the patients

Advanced technologies, numerous equipment and qualified personnel allow to provide the patient with diagnostics and treatment on the highest level. The wards are staffed with all the necessary appliances and the middle and junior staff monitor the performance of therapeutic procedures, cleanliness and comfort. There is a personnel call button, an air-conditioner, a telephone and Wi-Fi access in each room. The clinic has even its own restaurant which offers various meals. The staff speaks English, French and Spanish. In case of necessity the patient may receive an interpreter and such other services as transfer and support from the airport as well as issuing any kind of documents.

Location of the clinic on the map (Spain, Madrid)

Quiron Madrid Hospital

Quiron Madrid Hospital is one of the best clinics in Spain which is a part of the holding QuironSalud. This network takes 1st and 3rd places respectively in the number of clinics in Spain and Europe. Quiron Madrid uses the most innovative equipment. Its personnel consist exclusively of professionals many of whom are recognized around the world. The main task for the leadership of the clinic is to ensure the maximum treatment efficiency and comfort for every patient.
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Quiron Madrid Hospital
  • Quiron Madrid Hospital

  • Quiron Madrid Hospital

  • Quiron Madrid Hospital

  • Quiron Madrid Hospital

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