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TOP clinics for stroke rehabilitation

We`ve found 50 specialized clinics for private stroke rehabilitation

What is worth knowing about recovery after stroke? Watch the video by Bookimed.

  • When should the rehabilitation of the patient who has had a stroke be started?
  • Can medication guarantee the patient's full recovery?
  • What methods are used in after stroke rehabilitation?
  • What factors influence the level of the patient's recovery?
These and other questions are answered by the doctor-coordinator of the International Center for patients Bookimed Kamran Abbas-Zade.
Using Bookimed, 208 patients received individual program for stroke rehabilitation
59 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 59 patients received individual treatment program in Rehabilitation centre Reuth

The most popular rehabilitation center in Israel

The program developed by experienced physicians of Reuth Rehabilitation Center will help you to avoid complications after stroke. The only condition is that you should start rehabilitation in time.

Patients from different countries and with various types of stroke come to be treated in the leading Tel Aviv Hospital. Its specialists use the most effective recovery methods. These methods along with the earliest beginning of rehabilitation process give the patient an opportunity to return to usual life or even to work.

Stroke rehabilitation program includes the following procedures:

  • Physiotherapy – classes with physiotherapist aimed at returning basic motor skills to the patient who suffered a stroke.
  • Occupational therapy – classes which help the patient to renew self-serving abilities.
  • Snoezelen therapy – a procedure which affects all the senses and stimulates the specific CNS zones.
  • Vector Gait – a system which keeps the patient in vertical position and supports him/her during walking workouts.
  • HeadMouse – an innovative method allowing to control neck movements using a computer.
  • Exoskeleton – a robotized orthosis which helps to train walking skills even in the most difficult cases.
  • Stabilograph – a balance exerciser for the persons with vestibular disorders.
  • Re-Step – a system which improves walking, balance and coordination.
  • Anti Gravity – a specialized treadmill which reduces the load on legs through anti-gravitation mechanism.
  • Speech therapy – classes with the therapist for the restoration of speech.
  • Botox injections may in some cases eliminate contractures (the limitation of joint movements).
  • Nutritional therapy includes the elaboration of personal menu that accounts for many indicators. In case of complicated swallowing reflex, the diet is additionally adapted by the speech therapist.
  • Psychotherapy helps to overcome the emotional effects of stroke.
  • Music therapy positively influences the patient’s mental health which is very important for those who suffer a stroke as which affects the emotional condition.
  • Pet-therapy – a therapy through the patient’s communication with animals.
  • Manual therapy includes acupuncture, yoga and massage.

Peculiarities of stroke rehabilitation:

The Department of Rehabilitation is functioning under the general supervision of physiatrist. Its team consists of the best physicians and specialists. The rehabilitation nurse takes professional care of the patient.

Stroke rehabilitation process in Reuth Hospital begins from diagnosing the patient’s condition and detecting post-stroke functional limitations. It involves the whole team of physiatrists. According to the general results each physician prepares the personalized recovery protocol depending on the objectives.

Cost of rehabilitation:

  • cost of rehab for inpatients – $900-1,100 per 24 hours;
  • outpatient procedures – nearly $490 per 24 hours.
42 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 42 patients received individual treatment program in Lassnitzhoehe Private Clinic

Most advanced methods of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation methods in Lassnitzhöhe Private Clinic:

  • FES – a functional electric stimulation of the weakened muscles helping to alleviate muscle contractions;
  • Nutritional therapy (there are various menus chosen with consideration of the doctor’s recommendations and the patient’s preferences);
  • hydrotherapy (water games and gymnastics in the Clinic’s therapeutic pool);
  • Motomed – an orthopedic device which trains the weakened limbs;
  • Nordic Walking – an open-air procedure on the scenic territory of the Center;
  • speech therapy – the restoration of communication skills and the swallowing reflex;
  • rehabilitation treadmills with the security system developed especially for the disabled patients;
  • balance trainer helps the patient who suffered a stroke to restore coordination skills;
  • CMP – an exerciser for the passive training of joints;
  • G-EO-Systems-Roboter – a robotized complex for the walk restoration. It has multiple functions – movements up/down the stairs etc.;
  • Pablo, Bi Manu Track, Amadeo – automatic devices for the improvement of hand fine motor skills;
  • bobath therapy – a complex of therapeutic procedure which improve muscle functioning and mobility;
  • KT (Kinesio Tape) is applied for the treatment of muscle pains, improvement of muscle microcirculation and quicker regeneration;
  • kinesiotherapy – various techniques aimed at refining of muscle mobility (Feldenkrais method, Kaltenborn mobilization, PNF-therapy etc.);
  • physical therapy (acupuncture, therapeutic massage, therapeutic baths);
  • teaching trainings for the relatives.

Cost of rehabilitation in Lassnitzhöhe Clinic

  • Cost of recovery after stroke is nearly €970.
  • The expenditures include food, accommodation, procedures, transfer (reanimobile is available), assistance of the personal curator and visa support.
36 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 36 patients received individual treatment program in Robotic Rehabilitation Center Walk Again

The Centre focused on the robotic rehabilitation

Traditional rehabilitation techniques at Walk Again Center:

  • physiotherapy – procedures targeted to train basic motor functions in the patients after stroke;
  • ergotherapy helps to return the patient’s self-serving ability;
  • bobath therapy – a method used to renew basic movements through special physiotherapeutic manipulations;
  • functional electrical stimulation – a therapy which stimulates the muscles with the help of electric current;
  • massage and lymphatic drainage;
  • workouts – physical trainings on special exercises including cardio trainers.

Robot-assisted rehabilitation methods at Walk Again Center:

  • MOTOmed – an orthopedic device for the weakened muscles of limbs;
  • Lokomat – an apparatus which allows to practice walking skills;
  • Armeo – a device which trains muscles and joints of arms;
  • HAL exoskeleton – a robotic system which helps to train walking even if the lower limbs are completely paralyzed.

Cost of rehabilitation at Walk Again:

  • The cost of outpatient treatment course is from €250 to €800 per week (depending on the rehab intensity);
  • The cost of inpatient course - €880 per 24 hours.
42 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 42 patients received individual treatment program in Abromiskes rehabilitation centre

Lowest price for post-stroke rehabilitation

Course of stroke rehabilitation in Abromiskes Hospital includes:

  • complex diagnostics of the patient’s condition;
  • consultation with specialists;
  • development of the individual rehabilitation program;
  • prescription of medications;
  • physiotherapy (laser therapy, electrostimulation, classes with the physiotherapist and so on);
  • hydrotherapy (therapeutic baths, underwater massage);
  • therapeutic massage, mud and paraffin baths;
  • salt room therapies (unique microclimate of the room has a healing effect);
  • kinesiotherapy which includes cycle trainings, medical walking and so on;
  • classes with the psychologist (very important for the emotional restoration of the patients who suffered a stroke);
  • training program which helps to renew self-serving skills and exclude the risk factors;
  • social worker consultation.

Cost of rehabilitation after stroke in Abromiskes Hospital

The cost of rehab after stroke is €55-70 per day (includes comprehensive diagnostics, food, accommodation, consultations, procedures and medications).

33 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 33 patients received individual treatment program in Network physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Romatem

The best ratio of price-quality for rehabilitation in Turkey

Methods of rehabilitation for the patients after stroke in Romatem Hospital

  • ergotherapy – a complex of procedures and exercises aimed at restoration of self-serving functions;
  • physiotherapy – a therapy including a range of techniques which help to renew the missed mot functions;
  • reflexology includes massage and acupuncture;
  • Lokomat – a robotic system that significantly accelerates and controls the development of walking skills;
  • Amadeo & Armeo – robotized orthoses which assist the patient who suffered a stroke in training hand and finger movements;
  • speech therapy helps to return speech and disrupted swallowing function;
  • hydrotherapy is used to develop motor functions of the limbs due to the greater amplitude of movements in water. In addition it positively affects the patient’s mental health.
  • psychotherapy helps the patients not to give up and believe in themselves during the complicated recovery process;
  • bobath therapy – a technique directed at the decrease of spasticity, improvement of mobility and functions of the paralyzed muscles.

Cost of rehabilitation in Romatem Hospital

Cost of hospital stay for inpatients varies from $300 to $350 per day. The sum includes accommodation, food, consultation of the dietitian, transfer and translation services as well as examinations and medications.

62 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 62 patients received individual treatment program in Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital
Rehabilitation for kids on the Mediterranean coast

Sant Joan de Deu Hospital is located on the Mediterranean coast. Mild climate and environment are extremely beneficial for the the child’s recovery after stroke. Besides the Clinic has activated the social program targeted to alleviate the inpatient stay. The program involves clowns, animators, teachers, and psychologists.

Methods of stroke rehabilitation for children

  • Botox therapy – injections of botulinum toxin for the reduction of spasticity;
  • classes with speech therapist help to restore communication skills and swallowing reflex;
  • occupational therapy is conducted in the specialized department with cozy home atmosphere. Here the children are taught to be maximum independent;
  • exoskeleton is a mechanical orthosis with the help of which the kid learns to keep vertical position and walk;
  • physiotherapy in the open air;
  • classes with neuropsychologist are targeted to detect and eliminate cognitive disorders;
  • hydrotherapy includes classes in the therapeutic pool with mobile bottom;
  • electrical therapy for the stimulation of the weakened muscles;
  • trainings in two gymnasiums, one of which is for neurorehabilitation.

Cost of stroke rehabilitation for children

  • The first stage of treatment – an intensive therapy right after admission to the Clinic. The cost of 7 day inpatient stay with full board -€1,970.
  • The second stage – an outpatient treatment which costs €930 per week.
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8
After treatment, Bookimed will return you 3% of the cost of treatment
219 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 219 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Malvazinky

Rehabilitation Center with resort conditions

Rehabilitation program for the after stroke patients:

  • consultation of the therapist and neurologist;
  • Doppler ultrasound, angiography;
  • development of the individual treatment program;
  • physiotherapy – classes with the specialist who helps to improve motor and cognitive functions of the patient;
  • ergotherapy – a complex of manipulations targeted to restore the patient’s independence;
  • hydrotherapy – trainings in the therapeutic pool which are necessary to develop the muscles and renew motor functions;
  • electrotherapy includes laser, magnetic and other techniques;
  • therapeutic massage helps to restore paralyzed muscles;
  • sauna therapy encourages muscle relaxation and tension relief;
  • KT (Kinesio Tape) – a special cotton tape which improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and tissue regeneration.

Cost of rehabilitation in Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic

Cost of rehab after stroke varies from €180 to €380 per 24 hours and depends on the patient’s condition. The expenditures include meals, accommodation, transfer, nursery care and all procedures.

14 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 14 patients received individual treatment program in Hospital Kenezy Gyula
Pediatric stroke rehabilitation

Methods of children’s stroke rehabilitation:

  • CPM therapy is a kind of passive mechanical therapy which allows to preserve the joint mobility;
  • MOTOmed – an exerciser for the training of limb motor functions;
  • FES – an impact of low current on the weakened muscles in order to stimulate them;
  • suspension frame – a device which helps a child to do physical exercises without the influence of gravity. It allows to broaden the amplitude of movements and alleviate the recovery process.
  • KT (kinesio tape) – a therapeutic adhesive tape which ensures quicker regeneration and lymphatic drainage;
  • Nordic walking – a therapeutic kind of sport for the improvement of coordination and balance;
  • Wii-therapy – a console which helps a child to renew limb mobility through video game;
  • Lokomat – an exerciser for the development of balance and walking skills;
  • Joba Horse – a device which improves the kid’s balance and strengthens his/her muscles through the imitation of horse riding;
  • Kneehab – a therapeutic bandage with sensors fixed to the limbs which controls the progress of joint rehabilitation.

Cost of children’s stroke rehabilitation

The cost of inpatient rehab starts from €250 per 24 hours.

74 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 74 patients received individual treatment program in Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center

50% of the patients obtain full independence

Diagnostic methods for the patients after stroke:

  • FIM – an indicator of the patient’s independence determining to which extent the patient needs outside assistance in his/her everyday life.
  • NIHSS – an index detecting the degree of neurological disorders in the patient.
  • LOTCA – a system of cognitive disorders diagnostics elaborated by the specialists of Loewenstein Hospital.

Rehabilitation technologies for the patients who suffered a stroke:

  • Locomat – a robot-assisted machine for the training of walking skills which significantly accelerates the recovery process;
  • occupational therapy (including the program of driving skills restoration) – a complex of techniques which help the patient to obtain self-serving skills;
  • physiotherapy – a great number of exercises targeted to return basic motor and cognitive functions to the patient;
  • hydrotherapy – classes in the therapeutic pool which allow to train hand and leg movements with the greater amplitude than on land;
  • brain exerciser is equipped in the separate hall and consists of several computers with the special program developed for the training of intellectual abilities;
  • HeadMouse – a gadget allowing the patient to operate a computer without using his/her hands;
  • MediTouch – a computer program for the training video game which is controlled using a special glove with sensors;
  • exoskeleton – a robotized orthosis which enables even the paralyzed patients to walk.

Cost of rehabilitation in Loewenstein Hospital

The inpatient stay costs from $900 to $1,500.

Intensive program of occupational therapy

Rehabilitation techniques for the patients who suffered a stroke

  • One of the first methods used at the early stage of stroke rehabilitation is verticalization of the patient. The Clinic uses a special device – verticalizer in order to avoid bed sores and minimize stress on the patient’s vestibular apparatus after a long-term lying.
  • It is important for the patient after stroke to train his/her walking skills regularly. Lokomat robotized system helps the patient to develop these movements.
  • Grasping reflexes and fine motor movements are usually restored using special devices for the whole arm and fingers.
  • For the simultaneous training of all limbs the Kladruby Rehabilitation Center specialists use MOTOmed exerciser.
  • Hydrotherapy is very useful for those who suffered a stroke. It includes relaxing baths, massages and intensive swimming workouts.
  • The Center has a very serious approach to occupational therapy – returning the patient’s self-serving abilities. It has developed an intensive program which provides not only training of basic skills (feeding, toilet, writing, dressing) but even classes of swimming and driving. Besides, here the patients may attend several circles such as sewing and art workshops, locksmith and carpentry workshop, fitness and computer rooms.

Peculiarities and service at Kladruby Rehabilitation Center

The Clinic is completely adapted for the patients with disabilities:

  • all corps are interconnected through underground corridors;
  • the dining-room is equipped with facilities for non-mobile patients;
  • The Department of Prosthesis provides the patients with all necessary means of transportation.
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