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TOP clinics for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

We`ve found 50 specialized clinics for private rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

What is worth knowing about spinal cord injury rehabilitation?

  • Before rehabilitation many clinics conduct complex examination or spinal check-up aimed at estimating the patient’s state after injury.
  • Foreign medical centers pay great attention to urological exam which helps to analyze the urination process.
  • The multidisciplinary team may include ergotherapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and other physicians depending on the type of injury.
  • The main purpose of rehabilitation after spinal cord injury is to return maximum independence to the patient.
  • Foreign clinics often provide training for the patient’s family members so that they could organize his/her life properly and continue recovery after returning home.
  • Patients in critical condition may be transferred anywhere through medical aviation services which cost from $10,000.
Using Bookimed, 103 patients received individual program for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury
36 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 36 patients received individual treatment program in Robotic Rehabilitation Center Walk Again
The Centre focused on the robotic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation techniques after spinal cord injuries

  • HAL exoskeleton – a robotized device which performs and supports the person’s movements during rehabilitation. It allows to use reverse neuromuscular pathways (which transport signals to the brain during motions);
  • Lokomat or a walking robot – an indispensable device for the rehabilitation of patients with walking abnormalities. The system is developed for the training of movements. It backs the walking person and depicts the process on the screen.
  • Armeo – a complex which helps to develop locomotor and grasping functions of the hands;
  • FES – the impact of low current on the weakened muscles in order to stimulate them;
  • therapeutic massages are mainly directed to reduce spasticity (if it exists) and increase muscle tone;
  • MOTOmed – an exerciser for both active and passive training of patients even with very weakened limbs;
  • Bobath therapy enhances the productivity and mobility of a patient who suffered a spinal injury.

Cost of recovery at Walk Again Center

  • The cost outpatient treatment in the Clinic varies from €250 to €880 per day.
  • Inpatient stay - €880 per 24 hours (without procedures).
60 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 60 patients received individual treatment program in Rehabilitation centre Reuth
The most popular rehabilitation center in Israel

Physicians from Reuth Rehabilitation Center not only restore functions lost after spinal cord injury but also eliminate its attendant consequences (like thrombosis, spasticity, bed sores, infections and depressions).

The specialists elaborate an individual rehabilitation program for each patient depending on the severity of the injury. This program may include the following techniques:

  1. robot-assisted devices and gadgets:
  • Vector Gait – a rail system supporting a person during walking workouts;
  • Anti Gravity – a special treadmill which decreases a person’s weight due to the absence of gravity;
  • stabiliograph – a device helping to train the impaired body balance;
  • Smart Step – a clever insole which optimizes the vertical loads;
  • Meditouch – a gadget which trains motor functions through video games;
  • exoskeleton – a special suit allowing patients who suffered a spinal injury to walk and maintain the vertical position;
  • HeadMouse – a gadget which helps to perform neck movements through computer control;
  • Re-Step – special shoes which train balance and motion coordination.
  1. therapies:
  • occupational therapy – classes targeted to return maximum independence to a patient;
  • physiotherapy is directed to restore the lost functions;
  • psychotherapy helps to fight depression and apathy which are the common symptoms of severe traumas;
  • Botox injections are used to relieve muscle spasticity;
  • consultations with a sexologist help to treat sexual dysfunction if it appears after an injury;
  • alternative medicine (massages, acupuncture, yoga etc.).

Cost of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries

  • The cost of outpatient rehab in Reuth Hospital is approximately $490 per 24 hours.
  • Inpatient stay costs from $900 to $1,000 per 24 hours.
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 9
185 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 185 patients received individual treatment program in KCM Clinic
The innovative rehabilitation program for European standards

Methods of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries

  • traditional therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, massaging devices (aquavibron);
  • stabiliograph – a system which assists a patient in training the impaired body balance;
  • Redcord suspension frame – a facility that allows to do physical exercises through partial unloading of a patient’s weight;
  • FES – the stimulation of the weakened muscles using low-energy current;
  • iontophoresis – a therapy which affects the muscles via charged particles;
  • TENS unit – a machine for the treatment of morbid contractures;
  • BIOPTRON light therapy helps to remove swelling and alleviate pain.

Cost of rehab in KMC Hospital

The cost of 24-hour inpatient care is approximately €160-190. This sum includes a transfer, meals and accommodation, and 4-5 procedures per day. The term of hospital stay depends on the disease severity and usually lasts from 7 days to 3 months.

33 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 33 patients received individual treatment program in Network physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Romatem
Romatem Center was founded in 2005
42 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 42 patients received individual treatment program in Abromiskes rehabilitation centre
Lowest price for rehabilitation in Europe

Diagnosis and rehabilitation program for patients with spinal cord injuries at Abromiskes Center:

  • consultation with specialists;
  • computer-aided diagnosis with the help of Back Check muscle strength testing system and Biodex muscle training machine;
  • FES – an influence of electric current on the weakened muscles;
  • underwater vertical spine traction allows to fully relax back muscles and increase the distance between the vertebras. It helps to decrease the load on the back and stabilize blood circulation;
  • terrenkur – a therapeutic walking, a pat of physical therapy;
  • therapeutic massage, mud baths, mineral water therapy;
  • halotherapy in salt rooms of Abromiskes Clinic is very beneficial for the general physical condition of patients;
  • cycle trainings, exercising in gym and swimming-pool;
  • classes with psychologist are very helpful for patients prone to apathy after a difficult trauma;
  • special program is developed to teach a patient how to dress, eat, use the toilet and do other basic activities on his/her own.

Cost or rehabilitation at Abromiskes Center

THE Cost of a 24-hour stay in the Hospital for the recovery after spinal injuries is nearly €54-67. The Clinic offers full board and such services as dietitian counselling, translation and transfer.

42 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 42 patients received individual treatment program in Lassnitzhoehe Private Clinic
Center with the most advanced rehabilitation techniques

Methods of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries

  • MOTOmed – an exerciser for the weakened limbs;
  • FES – a kind of muscle stimulation using low electric current;
  • hydrotherapy in the therapeutic pool – gymnastics and recreational games;
  • Nordic walking – a therapy in the open air;
  • rehabilitation treadmills are adapted for patients with physical disabilities;
  • CPM – a device for the development of joints;
  • Balance trainer helps to improve the body balance impaired after a trauma;
  • G-EO SYSTEM – a multifunctional recovery complex for the development of walking skills;
  • Amadeo – a robotic system which trains hand motor skills;
  • Bobath therapy – a therapy allowing to improve the mobility of the weakened muscles;
  • KT (kinesio tape) – a therapeutic tape which helps to alleviate pain and improve lymphatic drainage;
  • manual therapy (massage, therapeutic baths, acupuncture);
  • educational program for relatives teaches them how to arrange a patient’s life with maximum comfort.

Cost of rehabilitation in Lassnitzhoehe Private Clinic

The cost of inpatient care is €530-€1,000 per 24 hours. The expenditures cover accommodation, meals, transfer, curator support and procedures. Visa support and reanimobile are also available.

74 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 74 patients received individual treatment program in Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center

50% of patients with spinal cord injuries return to normal life

Diagnostics (Check Up) for patients with spinal cord injuries:

  • consultation of the physical therapist Vadim Bluvshteyn;
  • occupational therapist;
  • psychologist;
  • specialist in sexual rehabilitation;
  • Full analyzes;
  • Check-up of urological system - video-urodynamics.

Result: The treatment program for a year.


A multidisciplinary approach, depending on the type of spinal injury.

  • SCIM (Spinal Cord Independence Measure) - unique assessment of condition of the spinal cord after injury - to start the rehabilitation and monitoring of the dynamics - now one of the most popular in the world.
  • Lokomat – this is a track for walking, with 2 sub-systems - one to remove the patient's weight (reduce the load), and the second - a robotic system for walking function. With the help of this device improved every move of the patient.
  • Rewalk - external skeleton, which allows to walk even paralyzed people. It is portable, you even can take it everywhere with you.
  • Posturograph - system to check the body's ability to keep balance and carry the weight. Shows the quantitative measurements in order to further monitor the progress of rehabilitation.
  • Hydrotherapy – training in specially equipped swimming pool with a lot of assistive devices for the group or individual therapy.
  • Computer manipulator, controlled by the head ("head mouse") - allows you to use computer without a hand mouse. Without moving the arm, the patient can fully control the computer and even play games. A small special sticker is attached to the forehead or on the tip of the nose. The device has a very accurate sensor, and the camera, which detects its movements.


Fixed price per 1 day stay - $900-1500 (5 days a week complex therapy).

Get a rehabilitation program with the estimated cost by contacting with the doctor-coordinator of Bookimed.

52 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 52 patients received individual treatment program in Zentrum der Rehabilitation Pforzheim
The unique technique of neurorehabilitation

Rehabilitation methods after spinal cord injuries

  • verticalizator - a device which helps to gradually adapt the vestibular apparatus to the vertical position. It gives the natural load on the legs, imitates a patient’s steps and prevents bed sores;
  • Lokomat – a robotic system training a patient to walk from the very beginning;
  • Vektor Gait – a rail system which supports a patient during his/her walking workouts;
  • I.N.P.U.T. – a unique complex elaborated in Pforzheim Rehabilitation Center and directed to renew the lost motor skills. It combines bobath approach, manual therapy and other medical innovations;
  • Constraint-induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) – a technique which restores the mobility of one limb through immobilization of another one;
  • hippotherapy – a therapeutic horse-riding which strengthens the weakened muscles and joints.

Cost of SCI rehabilitation at Pforzheim Rehabilitation Center

The cost of recovery in the Center starts from €3,200 per 7 days. The sum includes classes with personal instructor, procedures, meals and accommodation for a patient and his/her attendant.

All reviews (6)
In 2011, we arrived in Germany with kyphoscoliosis 4 degrees. The situation in which we found ourselves, was very deplorable. We were told that daughter wiil not walk anymore, she is doomed to live in a wheelchair. In Pforzheim Dr. Ruud, who is the chief doctor of the center, and he did not promise anything and did not say anything that they... Read full review
14 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 14 patients received individual treatment program in Hospital Kenezy Gyula
Multidisciplinary clinic Kenezi at the Science
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8
After treatment, Bookimed will return you 3% of the cost of treatment
219 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 219 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Malvazinky
The modern equipment and innovative techniques
Still undecided? Get a second opinion program in specialized clinics.
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