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Bumrungrad International Hospital

4 requests per day

1374 patients have already received the treatment plan

Bumrungrad International Hospital is the best global medical facility in Thailand. Numerous accreditations, certificates, and awards prove the level of high-quality medical care.

Bumrungrad is a multispecialty medical center specializing in Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Heart Surgery, etc.

Over 1 million patients choose Bumrungrad annually. 50% of them are international ones from over 190 countries. The Hospital is one of the largest private centers in Southeast Asia and one of the most significant world’s outpatient clinics.

Bumrungrad International is among the world’s TOP-10 best hospitals and TOP-30 most technologically advanced clinics according to international healthcare rankings (Top Master's in Healthcare Administration and OnTopList).

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The patient was treated of lung cancer

I was extremely satisfied with everything that happened to me at this wonderful hospital. I don't think that there is a hospital in Asia which can compare with this one. From the doctors to the nurses and all other personell in this hospital ALL are competent, very polite and friendly - the only small criticism that I have is that unfortunately many don't speak English very well, that's a great shame.

The patient was treated of breast cancer

I am very happy with the treatment I've so far received at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Beginning last year, I've made three separate visits for treatment at the hospital. The staff are extremely professional and efficient using very modern equipment. The cost of treatment is competitive. I would strongly recommend it to other people looking for medical care.

The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)

three years passed since i have did disc operation Now Im happy and almost pain free coparing to my preoperation status. Thanks to my doctor and all staff

The patient underwent check-up

Takes too long

The patient was treated of lung cancer

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Prices for diagnostics

Heart Diagnosis before OP
$820 - $900
Complex diagnostics of breast cancer
$750 - $1000

Prices for treatment

Breast cancer surgery
$12500 - $15700
Radiation therapy for brain tumor
$12000 - $24000
Removal of herniated disc with preoperative diagnostic
$13500 - $14000
Coronary stenting
starting $7000
Coronary artery bypass grafting
$21500 - $21500
starting $1300
Removal of herniated disc
starting $13000
Сesarean section
starting $1650
Brain tumor removal
$22000 - $25000
Da Vinci prostatectomy
$29800 - $29800
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About hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital was founded in September 1980 as a 200-bed building. Nowadays, it is a 21-story medical facility, one of the largest in Thailand.

In 2008, Bumrungrad International Clinic was established. As a result, the Hospital has become the TOP destination for medical tourists according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. International patients from the USA, Australia, the UAE, and Europe trust their health to Bumrungrad doctors.

The name Bumrungrad means to care for people that has become the primary value of the Hospital. Bumrungrad doctors provide high standards of medical care for each patient.

Bumrungrad is the 1st hospital built in Asia due to United States National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. The Hospital is considered the luxury 5-star medical facility that ensures the increased comfort for patients.


  • Innovative technologies and drugs. As soon as the innovative device or medicine has been developed in the world’s leading hospitals, it is immediately applied atBumrungrad Medical Center Bumrungrad. You may be sure that doctors will find the most effective treatment option for you.
  • No waiting lists. Bumrungrad specialists understand how it is important to receive the right treatment just in time. Almost 7,000 staff members treat patients from all over the world every day. You should only choose the date of your arrival at the Hospital.
  • Saving 35-75% of your money. Bumrungrad personnel offers packages, which include diagnostic and therapeutic procedures according to patient’s disease, sex, age, and individual features. The package price is 2-3 times lower than the cost of separate procedures.
  • Artificial intelligence. Doctors of the Hospital provide computing solutions to help doctors prescribe the most appropriate therapy and exclude medical errors (like IBM Watson or pharmacy robot).


Thailand Hospital AccreditationThailand Hospital Accreditation

Bumrungrad is the 1st private hospital awarded this accreditation. It warrants high quality and standard of healthcare in Thailand.

JCI (Joint Commission International) AccreditationJCI (Joint Commission International)

The Hospital is the 1st Asian medical facility to receive JCI accreditation. It is the world’s most authoritative non-profit accreditation that promotes the excellent quality of medical services and patients’ safety. JCI has certified heart and stroke programs, knee replacement, chronic kidney disease and diabetes mellitus programs.

Thai Labour Ministry AccreditationThai Labour Ministry

Bumrungrad has received Labour Relations Management Award by the Ministry for management excellence and quality labor standards.

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) CertificationThe College of American Pathologists (CAP)

The Hospital is the 1st accredited by the College for its clinical laboratory. CAP is a gold standard of operational excellence in the world.

American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) AccreditationAmerican Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Bumrungrad Medical Center has Pathway to Excellence by ANCC, the training place for nurses. Specialists of the Center pay attention to nurses’ contribution to patients’ care.

The Central Sterile services Department (CSSD) AwardThe Central Sterile services Department (CSSD)

Bumrungrad has Center of Excellence Award by CSSD for the best sterilization of instruments and medical equipment.

In 2017 Bumrungrad has become Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in the Asia Pacific according to Global Health and Travel Magazine.

DNV-GL AccreditationDNV-GL

Bumrungrad is the 1st in Asia has received Managing Infection Risk (MIR) Standard by DNV-GL, the international accreditation and certification society in Norway. The Hospital has been certified for the management of infection risk during the delivery, diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation care.

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA)Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA)

It is the 1st hospital in Asia to receive GHA Accreditation for international patients support. GHA is the world’s leading medical tourism accreditation.


Bumrungrad International Hospital

Prevention of the heart diseases, their early detection, comprehensive treatment, and rehabilitation are available at Bumrungrad Heart Center. Doctors of the Center have been following American healthcare standards for 10 years to provide patients with high-quality diagnostics and treatment.

Bumrungrad in the 1st hospital in Thailand to offer 24-hour emergency cardiac intervention program. It is called door to balloon and performed within 90 minutes. The program includes all the necessary heart procedures for the long-term effects on the heart.

Specialists of the Center carry out non-invasive heart arrhythmia diagnostics with 252 electrode sensor vest. The device detects electrical signals of the heart and combines it with data from the CT scan to create patient’s specific 3D images. The method helps to determine the exact area of the disorder, prescribe the most effective treatments, and save the patient’s time.

As an alternative to open heart surgery, Bumrungrad specialists perform transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). Patients with severe aortic stenosis usually undergo TAVI. The procedure speeds up the recovery period and reduces complications (i.g. infections).

Bumrungrad Heart Center in figures

Bumrungrad Heart Center in figures


The Horizon Regional Cancer Center is set up on the premises of Bumrungrad. It is one of the best centers for cancer treatment in Thailand.

Bumrungrad oncologists apply the innovative drugs for cancer therapy. Among them are medicines for immunotherapy, targeted cancer inhibitors, and new biologics. The drugs are effective, highly-qualitative, and approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the American agency of Health and Human Services.

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence that enhances human experience in cancer treatment. Watson for Oncology quickly processes the patient’s personal data, the medical literature, guidelines of the world renown oncologists, and the experience of the experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering (world-class hospital in cancer treatment). After that Watson makes conclusions and gives personalized treatment recommendations. It helps to exclude medical error and develop the most effective treatment plan.

IBM Watson for oncology in Bumrungrad International Hospital

IBM Watson in Bumrungrad International Hospital


Little patients receive treatment at Bumrungrad Children’s Center. Specialists of the Center also provide physical checkups and specific pediatric symptoms treatment. The Well-Baby Clinic works on the premises of the Center to take care after babies.

Bumrungrad pediatricians have achieved the great results in stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) performing. The Hospital is the 1st in Thailand to carry out SEEG. The procedure is minimally invasive. During the procedure pediatric doctors place electrodes directly in the brain to detect where epileptic seizures start.


Say goodbye to glasses and lenses with the latest generation of laser eye surgery! Ophthalmologists of Bumrungrad Eye Center provide ReLex SMILE, the most innovative technology for vision correction with laser in the world, is available in the Center.

Bumrungrad International is the only hospital in Thailand and one of the few in the world to perform laser eye correction with ReLex SMILE. Bumrungrad eye doctors recommend ReLex SMILE method for patients with myopia and astigmatism. The surgery is minimally invasive, painless, and has less risk of complications.

ReLex SMILE at Bumrungrad Eye Center

ReLex SMILE eye surgery at Bumrungrad Eye Center


Bumrungrad orthopedists are considered ones of the best in Asia. They have achieved significant results in joint replacements. Bumrungrad International includes the Joint Replacement Center, where doctors carry out comprehensive diagnostics, treatment, and develop new surgical methods.

Certificate of Bumrungrad Knee Repalcement Program

Bumrungrad Joint Replacement Center has received the Clinical Care Program Certification of Knee Replacement by JCI. Joint Commission International (JCI) is a world’s leading non-profit patient safety organization. JCI ensures that Bumrungrad performs high quality and safe knee replacements.

Orthopedists of the Center are the only to perform robotic-arm assisted joint replacement surgery — MAKOplasty. During the operation, the surrounding tissues are not damaged, the artificial joint lifespan is prolonged, and in-hospital stay after the procedure is reduced. The surgery is minimally invasive. Recovery period lasts 1-3 days.

Bumrungrad cooperates with the Dorr Arthritis Institute, the USA. The Institute was founded by Dr. Lawrence D. Dorr, expert in joint replacements and developer of robotic assisted surgery. This collaboration allows doctors to exchange knowledge and to develop better treatment methods.


23 Bumrungrad International Referral Offices are set up on the premises of the Hospital to make high-quality healthcare services more accessible for foreign patients. Referral Offices are situated in 19 countries over the globe.


  • over 150 interpreters
  • VIP transfer to/from an airport
  • licensed medical heliport
  • 12 stories plus basement parking
  • accommodation in a single or double room
  • embassy assistance
  • visa extension counter
  • prayer room.

Services for patients at Bumrungrad International Hospital


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The patient was treated of dermatomyositis

Very fast, affordable, and g

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The patient underwent breast implants

I liked everything: doctors, stay, honey. employees, service, I will recommend, and bookimed services also liked, since without their help I would not have found out about this clinic

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The patient was treated of herniated disk

In general, the impression is positive. But the pain has remained, it is necessary to continue treatment, but as it is not clear for me. Obviously, an additional examination is needed. The quality of the coordinator's work is fully satisfied. Thanks her.

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The patient was treated of arrhythmia

1. Very far from Istanbul. 3 hours away by car. 2. It was written that there will be a personal translator, but 1 interpreter for several patients and translators will transfer you to each other. 3 no on the part of doctors of personal approach to the patient, you feel yourself like a cander.

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