Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury in Israel

We`ve found 3 specialized clinics for private rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

What is worth knowing about spinal cord injury rehabilitation?

  • Before rehabilitation many clinics conduct complex examination or spinal check-up aimed at estimating the patient’s state after injury.
  • Foreign medical centers pay great attention to urological exam which helps to analyze the urination process.
  • The multidisciplinary team may include ergotherapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and other physicians depending on the type of injury.
  • The main purpose of rehabilitation after spinal cord injury is to return maximum independence to the patient.
  • Foreign clinics often provide training for the patient’s family members so that they could organize his/her life properly and continue recovery after returning home.
  • Patients in critical condition may be transferred anywhere through medical aviation services which cost from $10,000.
Using Bookimed, 79 patients received individual program for rehabilitation after spinal cord injury
The most popular rehabilitation center in Israel

Physicians from Reuth Rehabilitation Center not only restore functions lost after spinal cord injury but also eliminate its attendant consequences (like thrombosis, spasticity, bed sores, infections and depressions).

The specialists elaborate an individual rehabilitation program for each patient depending on the severity of the injury. This program may include the following techniques:

  1. robot-assisted devices and gadgets:
  • Vector Gait – a rail system supporting a person during walking workouts;
  • Anti Gravity – a special treadmill which decreases a person’s weight due to the absence of gravity;
  • stabiliograph – a device helping to train the impaired body balance;
  • Smart Step – a clever insole which optimizes the vertical loads;
  • Meditouch – a gadget which trains motor functions through video games;
  • exoskeleton – a special suit allowing patients who suffered a spinal injury to walk and maintain the vertical position;
  • HeadMouse – a gadget which helps to perform neck movements through computer control;
  • Re-Step – special shoes which train balance and motion coordination.
  1. therapies:
  • occupational therapy – classes targeted to return maximum independence to a patient;
  • physiotherapy is directed to restore the lost functions;
  • psychotherapy helps to fight depression and apathy which are the common symptoms of severe traumas;
  • Botox injections are used to relieve muscle spasticity;
  • consultations with a sexologist help to treat sexual dysfunction if it appears after an injury;
  • alternative medicine (massages, acupuncture, yoga etc.).

Cost of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries

  • The cost of outpatient rehab in Reuth Hospital is approximately $490 per 24 hours.
  • Inpatient stay costs from $900 to $1,000 per 24 hours.
67 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 67 patients received individual treatment program in Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center

50% of patients with spinal cord injuries return to normal life

Diagnostics (Check Up) for patients with spinal cord injuries:

  • consultation of the physical therapist Vadim Bluvshteyn;
  • occupational therapist;
  • psychologist;
  • specialist in sexual rehabilitation;
  • Full analyzes;
  • Check-up of urological system - video-urodynamics.

Result: The treatment program for a year.


A multidisciplinary approach, depending on the type of spinal injury.

  • SCIM (Spinal Cord Independence Measure) - unique assessment of condition of the spinal cord after injury - to start the rehabilitation and monitoring of the dynamics - now one of the most popular in the world.
  • Lokomat – this is a track for walking, with 2 sub-systems - one to remove the patient's weight (reduce the load), and the second - a robotic system for walking function. With the help of this device improved every move of the patient.
  • Rewalk - external skeleton, which allows to walk even paralyzed people. It is portable, you even can take it everywhere with you.
  • Posturograph - system to check the body's ability to keep balance and carry the weight. Shows the quantitative measurements in order to further monitor the progress of rehabilitation.
  • Hydrotherapy – training in specially equipped swimming pool with a lot of assistive devices for the group or individual therapy.
  • Computer manipulator, controlled by the head ("head mouse") - allows you to use computer without a hand mouse. Without moving the arm, the patient can fully control the computer and even play games. A small special sticker is attached to the forehead or on the tip of the nose. The device has a very accurate sensor, and the camera, which detects its movements.


Fixed price per 1 day stay - $900-1500 (5 days a week complex therapy).

Get a rehabilitation program with the estimated cost by contacting with the doctor-coordinator of Bookimed.

Israeli rehabilitation center for the children  Beit Izzy Shapiro has been around for 35 years and during that time the unique methods of therapy have been developed in the center, which are used in rehabilitation throughout the world. Beit Izzy Shapiro takes care of children up to 14 years with various developmental disabilities. More than 30 thousand patients a year undergo rehabilitation here.
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