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Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center

4 days clinic's response speed

114 patients have already received the treatment plan

Bookimed presents you a medical rehabilitation center "Loewenstein", which is located in Raanan near Tel-Aviv. It is the largest medical facility in Israel similar direction. Here adults and children are undergoing rehabilitation after various diseases and injuries.The Center also receives victims of road accidents and terrorist attacks. Due to its achievements in the field of medicine, the Center "Loewenstein" has international recognition. Operating personnel has a high level of qualification.



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History of Israel is a dramatic. For more than half a century, the Jews lead their war: first the foundation of their own state and then for its conservation. In this case, war is the constant fighting with their consequences: death, destruction, contusions and wounds. In 1958 Loewenstein center was founded for persons who have suffered during the military conflicts. It has the purpose of recovery and return to normal life of soldiers with amputees and other injuries of constant war. Much of that was designed for paramilitary purposes, soon the rehabilitation center began to take civil visitors. Today it is a multifield hospital which offers its care to all people who need to recover from serious accidents, injuries, illnesses, operations, including foreigners.

Loewenstein center is a large medical complex:

  • About 300 concurrent hospitalizations
  • 12 000 hospitalizations in hospital for a year.
  • 100 paramedics, 200 nurses and 47 doctors.

Doctors returned to relatively normal life 80% of patients with post-traumatic syndrome, 92% of stroke, 56% of the brain injury. Medical staff are treated with patients virtually as healthy people. So, a person stops to require constantly care to themselves from others and learn to take care of himself. This is probably affected the military factor and the military rigor. If the patient can do something himself, a nurse or a doctor will not help him and motivate to do by himself. Doctors are used medical and psychological methods to return a person to the conditions that preceded the accident, injury, illness, or injury. Someone can say that such techniques are too rigid, but they work and show good results.

Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center restores patients after :

  • strokes
  • damages of spinal cord, brain, limbs
  • post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • severe diseases.

Infrastructure of the center includes:

  • Two neurological departments
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Day hospital
  • Department of traumatic brain injury
  • Orthopedic department
  • Department of spinal cord injury

In addition, a russian translator is an available for the russian-speaking patients, so doctors are treated each patient individually and successively. Full rehabilitation of Loewenstein hospital is a reality and not a fantasy.


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I’m good .. the doctor was more than great .. he explained everything for me .. He was very friendly as well .. And the good news is that he made me feel good about my condition and that I don’t have to worry .. I have a black disc .. he told me to continue my life and not to think about it if it’s not causing me any difficulties in life I would like to thank you Anna .. you’ve been so helpful and understanding through my journey Thank you Again

The patient was treated of atherosclerosis

Everything was okay. We were met, the professor made a reception with 4 assistants at once, examined the coronography, decided on what the shunting would do on the robot. This is 100% coincided with our desires. The doctor was very confident, rather strict with his subordinates. We liked it. The next day, all the tests, the examinations were done, at 4:00 pm he reviewed the tests, and said that the patient was ready for the operation, and scheduled for Monday, since they have one robot. And today, from 8–20, we were taken away for an operation, but still our mother did not wake up, it is now 6:00 pm. We saw the doctor at 15-30, said that the operation had ended successfully, the incision as planned was small, the lungs did not interfere, the shunt was normally set. It is now 4 hours for the patient under anesthesia to do intensive therapy. We look forward to hearing our mother, we are waiting. Thank you so much for having found us Dr. Mustafa Gudin, we hope that rehabilitation will be as successful as an operation!

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Everything is good with us! What was planned, we did. Now at home. Thank you very much for organizing our trip! Everything went well, there was no difficulty

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The impression is normal and according to the level of service and in relation to the patients, everything was more or less on time and clearly.   The doctor who consulted everything was done professionally, attentively towards the patient.    Co-ordination from the side Bookimed completely satisfied.

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