Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury in Poland

We`ve found 4 specialized clinics for private rehabilitation after spinal cord injury

What is worth knowing about spinal cord injury rehabilitation?

  • Before rehabilitation many clinics conduct complex examination or spinal check-up aimed at estimating the patient’s state after injury.
  • Foreign medical centers pay great attention to urological exam which helps to analyze the urination process.
  • The multidisciplinary team may include ergotherapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and other physicians depending on the type of injury.
  • The main purpose of rehabilitation after spinal cord injury is to return maximum independence to the patient.
  • Foreign clinics often provide training for the patient’s family members so that they could organize his/her life properly and continue recovery after returning home.
  • Patients in critical condition may be transferred anywhere through medical aviation services which cost from $10,000.
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Methods of rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries

  • traditional therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, massaging devices (aquavibron);
  • stabiliograph – a system which assists a patient in training the impaired body balance;
  • Redcord suspension frame – a facility that allows to do physical exercises through partial unloading of a patient’s weight;
  • FES – the stimulation of the weakened muscles using low-energy current;
  • iontophoresis – a therapy which affects the muscles via charged particles;
  • TENS unit – a machine for the treatment of morbid contractures;
  • BIOPTRON light therapy helps to remove swelling and alleviate pain.

Cost of rehab in KMC Hospital

The cost of 24-hour inpatient care is approximately €160-190. This sum includes a transfer, meals and accommodation, and 4-5 procedures per day. The term of hospital stay depends on the disease severity and usually lasts from 7 days to 3 months.

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