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Severance Hospital
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Severance Hospital

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About Severance Hospital:

The hospital was founded in 1885 by an American missionary Dr. Allen (Dr. Horace. Allen) and an American businessman Severance as the western first medical institution in Korea. General director of Severance Hospital is Nam Sik Chung.

Annually 660 thousand patients undergo treatment in hospital and 1.6 million of them are in an outpatient department.Number of patients who visiting the hospital on the day more than 3000 and the number of operations are carried out per year is about 40000.

The first time in Korea in 2007, the hospital has been recognized JCI (Joint Commission International). Not only external technical equipment (hardware) and all technological equipment, as well as the process have been recognized as the best and were highly appreciated by the international standard.

Severance Hospital of Yonsei University has six units. Severance Hospital is a medical complex that incorporates 60 departments and five specialized medical centers:

Profile directions of Severance Hospital:

Severance Hospital Features:


Seoul, South Korea

Date of foundation



Number of beds for patients

Number of staff

more than 2,000 hospital beds (Chamber of luxury, single, double)

1229 doctors, 395 professors, 135 coordinators, 700 medical internists, 1755 nurses and 1245 personnel staff


Since 2007

Availability of our ownlab


Rehabilitation services


Prices of services

Medium +

Availability ofthe Russian-speakingstaff



Chamber of luxury, single, double and family
Individual Chamber, Vip
Chamber of rehabilitation centers,
accommodation in hotels

Visa support


The price of air flight

Moscow -from $ 280;
Kiev -from $ 450 ;
Astana -from $ 380.

Distance from the airport

50min. from Incheon International Airport

Transfer organization


The doctors and medical staff

At the hospital highly qualified doctors and medical staff employ together. The staff of Severance Hospital includes:

Among them:

1. Professor Chung Kyung Yong - cardiac surgery, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumor;
2. Professor Hung Sung Joon - Urology, specializes in tumors of the urinary system, difficulty urinating, prostate disease
3. Prof. Kim Min Son - Neurology, specializes in diseases of the spinal cord, diseases of muscle and peripheral nerves.

Today Severance Hospital is a world leader in radiosurgery. Particularly doctors use Robotic surgery successfully in the treatment of diseases such as tumors of the thyroid gland, cancer of the digestive tract, cancer of the stomach, colon and other cancers.

How much money does the treatment cost in Severance Hospital for foreign patients?

The total number of foreign patients visiting hospital is more than 30,000 people and this number is increasing every year. At the clinic coordinators are native speakers from China, Japan, Russia, they can solve the problems of a language barrier which will provide the patient comfortable and most efficient hospital staying at Severance Hospital.
Severance Medical Center has a good reputation abroad on the following criteria:

The hospital creates the most comfortable conditions for the stay of foreign patients.

Technological innovations at the hospital

Complex surgical operations are carried out at the highest level, doctors perform precision diagnostics and used high technologies such as:

During the operation the operating robot and others equipment are used that, allows the hospital to achieve the level of international greatness. In 2005 Severance Hospital robotic surgery was firsts set, and about 4,000 automated operations were performed for 4 years and 10 months in the clinic. The hospital has gained a reputation as “the Asian Mecca robotic surgery“ through using robotic surgery.

High quality service for all patients

Severance Hospital is the largest among the general hospitals of Korea, where the modern treatment is carried out in all areas of medicine. The management and staff of the medical complex are constantly improving the quality of services, using modern technology in medicine.
The patients can be treated permanently, if it is prescribed by a doctor, living in comfortable wards or outpatient department at the hospital. Here, the staff will always look after patients. The hospital serves Korean and European cuisine for patients (3 times a day) on request.
The international medical center is functioning for foreign patients. Workers of Center speak English and Russian languages, support foreigners during communication with people and solve other situations when you are visiting in Korea.

Location of the clinic on the map (Republic of Korea, Seoul)

Severance Hospital

Severance Hospital is a leading international multidisciplinary clinic at Yonsei University, located in Seoul South Korea. Yonsei University Health System includes a network of hospitals: oncology and rehabilitation centers, pediatric and women's clinics, cardiovascular center and Clinic of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. Severance Hospital differshighly educated professionals, high-tech equipment, the computerization of the entire system of patient care and quality service.
379 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 379 patients received individual treatment program in Severance Hospital
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Severance Hospital
  • Severance Hospital

  • Severance Hospital

  • Severance Hospital

  • Severance Hospital

  • Severance Hospital

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Infectious diseases
Heart Surgery
Narcology and alcoholism
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic Surgery

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Chang Hang Seok
Experience: 18 years
Cho Jae-Yong
Experience: 25 years
Eun Ju Son
Experience: 21 years
Jeong Ah Kim
Experience: 19 years
Ji Hyun Youk
Experience: 11 years
Kyung Heo
Experience: 30 years
Mi Ryung Roh
Experience: 10 years
Park Cheong Soo
Experience: 36 years
Sang Eun Lee
Experience: 12 years
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