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Treatment of prostate cancer in Austria

We`ve found 3 specialized hospitals for treatment of prostate cancer
With the Bookimed support, 711 patients received individual program for treatment of prostate cancer
What is the prostate cancer treatment cost?
823 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 823 patients received individual treatment program in Vienna General Hospital (AKH)
Vienna General Hospital (AKH) has a long history which encompasses more than 300 years. The former “Home for poor and feeble” turned into one of the most contemporary and advanced European medical centers. Including over 30 university hospitals and clinical institutions AKH guarantees high standards and innovative technologies in all branches of medicine. Patients trust is the main purpose for the Hospital.
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50 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 50 patients received individual treatment program in Confraternität Private Hospital
A multi-stage system of medical care functionate in Private Clinic Josefstadt  that  provide the most effective and comfortable for the patient process of treatment.
243 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 243 patients received individual treatment program in The Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic

Why is Rudolfiner Private Hospital one of the best centers in prostate cancer treatment?

The originality of the hospital is opportunity to invite by wish a personal doctor to treat the patient during the entire stay at the hospital. Amazing treatment and diagnositc services and modern equipment of the inpatient department contribute to more efficient and comfortable work of this doctor.

The doctor may rely on advisory assistance of the medical expert in prostate cancer treatment anytime. This is the hospital with the environment of high-end hotel, best medical services and professional staff. The hospital co-works with the other Austrian medical institutions, therefore the best treatment is selected, while the controversial cases are discussed at the conferences.

What are the diagnostic methods of prostate cancer ar Rudolfiner Provate Hospital?

The main diagnostic methods under the prostate cancer suspect are the following:

  • rectal examination, i.e. palpation determining the size, contours, symmetry and consistency of the prostate;
  • ultrasound, both abdominal and rectal;
  • uroflowmetry to study the speed and pressure of the urine flow during urination;
  • laboratory testings (when PSA, Prostate-Specific Antigen, is more than 4 ng/ml, a biopsy is required);
  • prostate biopsy to study the biological material of the prostate tissues;
  • urethrocystoscopy and urethrocystography are optional urodynamics exaination methods.

What is the cost of the prostate cancer diagnostics at Rudolfiner Private Hospital?

The total diagnostics cost starts from 4,000 USD.

What are the treatment methods of the prostate cancer at Rudolfiner Private Hospital?

The procedures held at the hospital include all kinds of open, laparoscopic, transurethral and transdermal surgeries known in the modern urology:

  • Greenlight Laser, preserving the nerves conduction and potency; transutheral radial prostatectomy;
  • brachytherapy I-125;
  • minimal invasive surgical methods;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radiotherapy (external remote irradiation within 6-8 days; narrow beam irradiation);
  • hormonal therapy (to stop the testosterone production and tumor cells growth).
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