4 days clinic's response speed

336 patients have already received the treatment plan

Döbling Private Hospital

4 days clinic's response speed

336 patients have already received the treatment plan

Döbling Private Clinic is situated in Vienna, Austria. Döbling Hospital accepts 12,500 patients annually. It was included in The Globes Best Hospitals list by Forbes. This Clinic has got ISO Certifications and Austrian Mark of Quality in Health Tourism that guarantee quality and safety of treatment.

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1 review
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Feb 21, 2017
«Very good»

My wife was having a baby here!! We had a separate comfortable room and beds. Doctors cared really good!!! Thank you!!!

Jun 29, 2015

Dear Sirs, I have the interested to work in your institution. I m doctor of general medicine, I have a high grade point average during the six-year study 9 .09. . I would have said to any form of compromise with regard to the fact that I do not speak German, but they speak English. I am grateful in advance for your reply Jadranka



Prices for diagnostics

Premium Check up
€3840 - €4182
Lab tests
starting €550
Check up for women
€345 - €4182
Check up for men
starting €300
Basic Check up
starting €1005

Prices for treatment

Hip replacement
€21600 - €22600
Surgical treatment of scoliosis
€35000 - €45000
$7300 - $7400
Shoulder replacement
€21000 - €24000
Knee replacement
€22500 - €23800
Therapeutic Arthroscopy of the knee
€7000 - €10000

About hospital

Physicians and management in Dobling Clinic in Vienna

Döbling Hospital invites attending physicians to provide patients with a choice: they can choose them and also have various methods of treatment. Also there work:

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Kainz — Medical Director of Döbling Private Hospital and Outpatient Clinic. Specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics.
  • Nursing Director — Dijana Burger.
  • Administrative Director — Christiane Windsperger.

The management of Dobling Hospital in Austria provides staff with courses and practical programs to participate in. They also conducted a survey among patients, who mentioned high level of physicians' work (9.6 points out of 10) and high level of care by nursing teams (9.4 points out of 10). Great results for those who is seeking for treatment in Austria.

Döbling Clinic Ward

Ward in Döbling Hospital

Equipment in Dobling Clinic in Vienna

Outpatient department is equipped with digital X-Ray, MRI system (MRI 1.5 and 3-Tesla), CT as well. There is also placed own laboratory. These points make the diagnostics in Döbling Hospital accurate and efficient.

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Delivery experience in Privatklinik Doebling

Dobling Private Hospital is a great place for giving a birth. You have a choice of various rooms, you can even choose a family room — your relatives can live with you. After giving a birth, Midwives and nurses teach you how to care for your child. Your health condition is monitored: you have medical check-ups every day, including X-Ray, blood tests and physiotherapists' visits to get some exercises which fasten recovery.

Döbling Private Hospital in Vienna — figures and facts:

  • 1,000 baby deliveries annually.
  • 12,500 patients annually.
  • No. 11 in The Globes Best Hospitals list by Forbes.
  • ISO Certifications and Austrian Mark of Quality in Health Tourism.
  • Made for people: cafés, restaurants, gardens and comfortable wards.

Patients who seek for treatment in Austria find Privatklinik Doebling convenient due to modern design, service (you can arrange an appointment to get a manicure, new haircut), shop and café, personal hygiene means in your hospital room, and even printed media like newspaper that you get every morning.

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«Very good»
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the treatment was at the highest level, starting with the airport, we were greeted very warmly, taken to the hotel, which we chose, given our difficulties (son on wheelchair). The treatment started from the first day, tests, droppers, vitamin injections and, of course , stem fetal cells due to which, in fact, we arrived. In Israel we were refused b...

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«Very good»
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The patient underwent hip replacement

Thank you!...

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Everything was very good, meeting, hotel accommodation, transfer, carrying out the research, deciphering out and explaining Mr. Dr. Nesrin ASLAN. Although the conversation was through an interpreter, it was noticeable that Mr. ASLAN really wanted me to understand everything. Thank you for that. Immediately additional studies were conducted to exclu...

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