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What is the prostate cancer treatment cost?


Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor which develops from the vascular walls’ epithelium of the prostate. This is a common disease among the men of 70 years. Sometimes it appears even earlier – at the age of 50. Statistics shows that operations on prostate cancer removal are successful in 90% of the cases at the 1st and 2nd stages.

The cost and efficiency of prostate oncology treatment depend on the stage of the tumor, its size, the presence of metastases etc. At the 1st stage prostate cancer is almost asymptomatic. However, the physicians can easily diagnose it after carrying out a PSA test and biopsy.

Cost of prostate cancer treatment

The price of the treatment depends on such factors:

  • Stage of the disease and biopsy results;
  • List of surveys necessary for the accurate diagnosis and detection of the most successful therapeutic strategy;
  • Comorbidities and patient’s general condition;
  • Price policy of the chosen clinic;
  • If you are looking for the most efficient type of prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment abroad, the doctor-coordinator from Bookimed can help with a choice of the clinic taking into account all your preferences and medical indications.

Where is it better to treat prostate cancer?

Our patients often answer this question. We should admit that there is no definite answer to it. Nowadays there are some clinics considered the undisputed leaders in prostate cancer treatment. But this status depends rather on the operating doctors than on the medical canters themselves.

“The 90% of success of prostate cancer operational treatment depend on the operating surgeon’s professionalism. Today most of the operations are performed using the robotic system da Vinci. In order to be considered experienced in working with it, the surgeon must conduct at least 500 surgeries. We send our patients to the doctors who conducted nearly 4,000 operations! This is a great experience and credible confirmation of the surgeon’s skills.”

Zeeshan Zaman, the Senior Doctor-Coordinator of the International Patients Support Center Bookimed

International Patients Support Center Bookimed helps the patients from different countries to choose the hospital and the specialist for prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment abroad. We take responsibility for all agreements on the passage of procedures at this medical institution and support the patient at all stages. We guarantee fair financial relationships between the patient and the clinic. Every bill submitted to the patient is subject to verification against the initial prices and the volume of performed procedures.

Up to now we have already helped 84 patients to successfully complete prostate cancer treatment abroad.

The cost of prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment in the clinics depends on:

  • Price of profile doctor’s appointment;
  • Option of prostate cancer treatment technique;
  • Lymph nodes involvement;
  • Service level and the hospital’s conditions;
  • Rehabilitation services.

Bookimed has integrated the best medical centers from different countries and the most experienced physicians – world’s experts on prostate cancer treatment. After choosing the clinic you’ll receive the complete information about the treatment specifics there as well as the approximate cost of each procedure.

The best clinics and specialist with the world’s recognition on prostate cancer treatment are presented in such countries as Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, Turkey and the USA

Treatment of prostate cancer in Germany – Prostate Center Europe


Prostate Center Europe is a famous specialized urological clinic in Europe. This Center currently ranks 1st in the number of operations on prostate cancer removal – above 8,000. Nearly 1,300 men are operated here every year. The hospital complex includes European Robotic Institute which has no analogues and provides training on the da Vinci robot for urologists from the whole world.

Patients are operated by the Head of Department, Dr. med. Jörn H. Witt. He has successfully conducted more than 4,000 operations.

Prostate Center Europe is the only highly-specialized clinic in Germany which uses the system of “fixed price” i.e. the cost is clearly fixed and doesn’t depend on the volume of performed procedures or the continuity of hospital stay.

For now prices for diagnostics are the following:

Fusion Biopsy


Urological check-up


Urological check-up with MRI


Cost of prostate cancer treatment in Germany:

RARP (Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy)


Fusion Biopsy + RARP


Cost of prostate adenoma removal (TURP)


The technique of prostate cancer treatment is discussed at the consultation with the specialist during which the doctor chooses the most effective surgery or therapy for the patient.

You can receive more detailed information about prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment from the doctor-coordinator of Bookimed. We will help you in a choice of a German clinic and register for the doctor’s consultation.

Get the consultation on treatment in Germany

Treatment of prostate cancer in the Czech Republic – St. Zdislava Hospital


St. Zdislava Hospital is a leading medical center of robotic surgery in the Czech Republic. It is situated in town of Velke Mezirici in the south of the country. The Clinic has become very popular among international patients over the last 10 years. It can be explained by the high quality of medical services, the professionalism of doctors, the convenient location of the Hospital and its loyal price policy.

Prostate cancer treatment in St. Zdislava Hospital is conducted by the reputable European robotic surgery specialist, the Chief Physician of the Clinic – Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek.

He has performed nearly 3,000 operations on the robotic installation da Vinci.

Besides robotic surgeries the Hospital uses a lot of other techniques of prostate cancer treatment:

  1. radiotherapy (outer and inner);
  2. chemotherapy;
  3. laparoscopic surgical invasions;
  4. major surgery.

Cost of prostate cancer treatment in the Czech Republic

The program of prostatectomy with lymphadenectomy (prostate and lymph nodes removal) using the da Vinci robot is €12,000. The cost of prostatectomy using the da Vinci robot is €11,000.

The program includes:

  1. doctor’s consultation;
  2. preoperational survey (laboratory tests, X-ray, ultrasound);
  3. hospitalization with 5 meals a day;
  4. medicines, expendable materials, medical support;
  5. transfer to the airport.

Receive the detailed consultation on prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment in the Czech Republic from the doctor-consultant of Bookimed by leaving the application at the web-site. We will contact you as soon as possible and choose the appropriate clinic for you to treat prostate cancer.

Get the information on treatment in Czech Republic

Treatment of prostate cancer in Turkey – Anadolu Medical Center


Anadolu Medical Center (Istanbul, Turkey) is a clinic where you can receive treatment quality of the USA for accessible prices and territorial proximity of Turkey.

The hospital’s physicians employ the most progressive technologies for prostate cancer treatment. They use the robotic system da Vinci, Cyber-knife, TrueBeam and effective medications. Thanks to such equipment the doctor can impact the tumor with the utmost accuracy avoiding damage of the surrounding tissues.

Anadolu Hospital offers an exhausted range of diagnostic procedures for an accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer, detection of tumor localization, disease staging and presence of metastases. Prostate cancer diagnostics in Turkey consists of:

  1. PSA analysis;
  2. biopsy (fine-needle, 8-12 punctures on average) under ultrasound control;
  3. PET-CT, MRI.

The approximate cost of prostate cancer survey is $800 - $1,000.

The cost of prostate cancer treatment in Turkey:

Robotic prostatectomy with the da Vinci robot – $14,000 - $16,000

Radiotherapy – $13,000 - $14,000

You can sign up for the consultation of Anadolu Clinic physician with the help of the doctor-consultant from Bookimed. We will quickly arrange diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer in Turkey for you.

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Treatment of prostate cancer in Israel– Assuta Private Hospital


Assuta Private Hospital (Tel Aviv, Israel) consists of 11 highly-specialized departments. At the profile Department of Urology the physicians treat prostate diseases including malignancies at different stages.

Assuta Medical Center is equipped with advanced appliances to fight prostate cancer. Besides the da Vinci robot the clinic uses transurethral needle ablation of the prostate – TUNA and ultramodern non-invasive technology TOOKAD.

TOOKAD is drug developed by Israeli doctors and capable to destroy the tumor at the 1st and 2nd stages. It is injected into the patient’s blood though the vein for 3-4 hours and then it is harmlessly excreted from the body. The particularity of this procedure is a full maintenance of organism’s functions and tissues surrounding the malignancy. In several days after treatment the patient returns to the normal life.

TOOKAD relates to vascular targeted photodynamic therapy (STFT) and has recently demonstrated amazing results in prostate cancer treatment. This therapy, however, is suitable not for all patients and should be prescribed individually by the attending doctor.

Operations on prostate adenocarcinoma removal are performed on the robotic installation da Vinci or laparoscopically by the famous Israeli oncological surgeon – Dr. Avi Barry.

Cost of prostate cancer diagnostics in Israel:

Consultation of a urologist-oncologist


Detailed blood counts (complete, lipids, biochemical, hormonal profile, electrolytes, percent-free and general PSA) and urine analysis (complete, sperm, biochemical)


Ultrasound of the genitourinary system with residual urine identification


CT (computer tomography) of three cavities


Biopsy under transrectal ultrasound


Prices for prostate cancer treatment:

Prostatectomy with the da Vinci robot


Radical prostatectomy


Bookimed will sign you up for the consultation at Assuta Clinic and help you to reserve a stationary place. We guarantee the quality of prostate cancer treatment and high level of service in Assuta Private Hospital.

Contact with Assuta Hospital

Treatment of prostate cancer in the USA - University Medical Center at Princeton


University Medical Center at Princeton is a large multidisciplinary institution famous both in the USA and abroad.

The cost of oncology specialist consultation starts from $700 and increases depending on the oncologist’s qualification, availability of publications and scientific achievements. The price for prostate cancer diagnostics is approximately $10,000 including biopsy.

The cost of prostate cancer treatment at University Medical Center at Princeton:

The operation with the robotic system da Vinci costs from $32,000.

One of the main disadvantages of prostate cancer treatment in the USA is a high cost of the operation. Besides you also need to account for expensive airline tickets and the long flight for the patients from the CIS, Western European and Asian countries.

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