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St. Zdislava Hospital is a leading center of robotic-assisted surgery in the Czech Republic. The Hospital specializes in such procedures as the removal of the prostate by Da Vinci robot, bariatric surgery, kidney and bladder surgeries. Annually over 250 patients choose this Clinic for making robotic prostatectomy. St. Zdislava Hospital suggests quality services, 24/7 assistance for a patient. The Hospital is located in Velke Meziříčí City, in the south of the Czech Republic.

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Patient reviews on the hospital
29 patient reviews
Aug 28, 2019
The patient underwent hip replacement

The operation went well, two weeks later began to go out. The staff is very responsive, the stay at the clinic was extremely comfortable. Immediately after the operation and until the time when I was able to completely take care of myself, the nurses appeared on demand, to satisfy any needs. In the wards in all the necessary places duplicated buttons call staff. The operation was complicated by infection and bone tissue insufficiency (bone grafting was done) in the clinic they were detained more than usual, they were released only when they made sure that everything was successful. Chambers are single with a good repair, clean. Wet cleaning twice a day. The pastel is changed every two days or on demand.

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Jul 29, 2019
The patient was treated of prostate cancer

I am the first patient from Azerbaijan, from the city of Baku., Who turned to this clinic, St. Zdislava, on May 27, 2019 about the prostatectomy on the Da Vinci robot. My wife and I did not even expect that we would be so warmly welcomed. Everything was organized at the highest level. A transfer was arranged, accommodation in the hotel of his wife. Special thanks to the doctors Specialists of high class, head of the department Tvarazheku, doctors Dolezhelu who operated on me, Khamzin and all the medical staff, special thanks to our translator and a very good responsive person who helped us in any matter Otakar. He and the treating doctors even now constantly keep in touch with us, advise and help in the postoperative recovery. Of course, many thanks to Bookimed, Alena Soyak, who organized our trip. Special thanks to coordinator Irina, who helped with the trip. The operation was successful; today, a blood test for PSA was performed in Baku, the answer is good. We are very glad that we made the choice and went there. We wish you all good health, with respect Azad Alkhanov

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Jun 25, 2019
The patient was treated of prostate cancer

It is the best hospital in the world for prostate cancer ,doctors are marvelous and attention at hospital was excellent,i am very glad i choosed it

Jun 22, 2019
The patient was treated of prostate cancer

The clinic and its medical staff, command respect. Highly qualified doctors, nurses and attendants are very attentive to patients. Chambers are kept in perfect system, daily change of linen. No complaints. The hospital is surrounded by forest, clean air. The only drawback is that there are no air conditioners in the wards.

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Jun 7, 2019
The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)

Reception, transfer and the question of organizing a trip fully satisfies, I will note the prompt resolution of questions by Irina.
The conditions are all in moderation and there are no domestic inconveniences. Food is good and you can always adjust it. Underwear and clothes are no problem, merchant
Consultations, reception, check-ups before and after the operation — there are simply no questions, the average medical staff is excellent. The patient is surrounded by care from the entire staff and has not seen artificial smiles, everything is natural, lively emotions
The operation, anesthesia, is very satisfied. Subjectively, without thinking that this is possible. I went on the second day, on the 3rd day at least three times an hour. taking into account the road.
In my case, which pleases, the retention of urine is functioning. I didn’t take anything from the pain, everything was OK. Snot also. The stitches and the catheter were removed on day 7
if someone has questions they can write SMS and call. I’ll tell you

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About the hospital
location_on Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici

St. Zdislava Hospital in figures

  • 199 employees of medical staff
  • 129 beds
  • 2,400 inpatients per year
  • over 3,000 surgeries annually

Private St. Zdislava Hospital is located in the region Vysočina in the Czech Republic. The Center of the robotic surgery has functioned at Zdislava since 2007. Specialists conduct all the robotic operations using original Da Vinci robot produced by Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Over 3,000 robotic surgical interventions are made annually. Among them are prostatectomy, bariatric surgeries, nephrectomy, removal of adrenals, resection of the bladder.

Specialized procedures in Zdislava Hospital

Robotic prostatectomy

Over 250 patients during a year appeal to the Hospital for prostate cancer treatment using prostatectomy. Specially certified surgeons perform prostatectomy on Da Vinci robot of the last generation. The main advantages of such a procedure comparing with a traditional one are fast recovery, high accuracy and minimal injury rate, small sizes of postoperative scars. Up to 80% of cases patients of Zdislava preserve the erectile and urinary functions.

The Hospital suggests a complete program for robotic prostatectomy for the lowest price in Europe. It includes diagnostics, surgery on Da Vinci robot, hospitalization, meal, 24/7 assistance and transfer.

Surgical treatment of obesity

Zdislava doctors conduct sleeve gastrectomy (bariatric surgeries) using robotic systems for patients with body mass index 30 and higher. The procedure lasts approximately for 1 hour. After such an intervention a patient recovers entirely during 2-3 weeks (including 4 days of hospital stay). Due to low injury rate, scars do not appear on the body.

Kidney surgery

The procedures of pyeloplasty and resection of kidney tumors are made at the Center of Robotic Surgery. A patient stays at the hospital for 3-5 days after a surgical intervention with a robot. Due to such an accurate technique, regular functions of kidneys and urogenital system are preserved.

Leading Zdislava Specialists

Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek is a recommended specialist for surgeries on Da Vinci robot by the producer of robotic system Intuitive Surgical (the USA). The doctor manages the Center of Robotic Surgery. The specialist has performed over 3,100 robotic surgeries since 2007. Dr. Tvaruzek makes approx. 200 prostatectomies and 50 bariatric procedures annually.

Dr. Azat Hamzin is an onco-urologist with the experience over 15 years, is a member of European Association of Urology. The doctor specializes in the treatment of urogenital diseases surgically. Dr. Hamzin performs a removal of prostate gland using Da Vinci robot.

Zdislava doctors

Services for patients

The Hospital suggests treatment on in- and outpatient basis.

Patients stay in 1-bed wards with WC, personal care items, TV, Wi-Fi. The Clinic provides three meals a day.

Services in Zdislava Hospital

Each patient gets a personal coordinator who assists in transfer, translation, helps during rehabilitation, solves all the problems.

Additional service
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport
Visa assistance
Hotel on clinic's territory, billed daily
$30 - $50
Mostiště 93, 594 01 Velké Meziříčí, Czechia
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100% of patients are ready to recommend this hospital to their friends. The hospital makes an individual treatment program and cost estimate.
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St. Zdislava Hospital · Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici
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