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 St. Zdislava Hospital
Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici

St. Zdislava Hospital is a leading center of robotic-assisted surgery in the Czech Republic. The Hospital specializes in such procedures as the removal of the prostate by Da Vinci robot, bariatric surgery, kidney and bladder surgeries. Annually over 250 patients choose this Clinic for making ro...

Panchenko Vitaliy
Feb 3, 2017

Dear friends! If you are sick and do not know whom to turn to, if you have bypassed all the clinics and you are thrown from the doctor to the doctor - then do not waste time and contact the firm. The ...

Jaroslav Tvaruzek
Jaroslav Tvaruzek

Urologist, Oncosurgeon, Certified specialist in robotic operations.

Experience : 20 years
Total hip replacement
starting €7000
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
starting €6000
Bladder removal
starting €20000
Prices for treatment
Total hip replacement
starting €7000
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
starting €6000
Bladder removal
starting €20000
Arthroplastic of Achilles tendons
starting €10000
Reconstruction of foot joints and toes
starting €3000
Arthroscopic meniscectomy
starting €3500
Knee arthroplastic
starting €3500
$12000 - $15000
Nov 6, 2015

The hospital that brought me to life. I recommend everyone not to be afraid and ask for help from these professionals.

Nov 6, 2015
«Very good»

Operated in the center of robotic surgery more than a month ago and was pleased with the result. In the qualification of doctors there is no doubt, and the urologist Chamzin was able to explain everything in Russian to me in a qualified manner before arrival. Sometimes there was not enough borscht or venegrata.

Nov 6, 2015
«Very good»
The patient was treated of obesity

Many thanks to Dr. Igor Šimoník, who gave me a new life (in a new body). Thanks to his operation, I lost 45 kg and feel myself and behave differently. Igor Šimoník is the best doctor I know.

Feb 24, 2016
«Very good»

We would like to express to you and to the team of your doctors and staff of the department of orthopedics of the hospital
St. Zdislava is very grateful for the professionalism and attention to us during our stay
in your clinic.
We arrived at the St. Zdislav clinic on February 8, 2016 for an operation to extract
metal designs from my son's hip. On February 10, 2016, an operation was performed that
conducted a surgeon Peter Yuda. All stages of treatment were at the highest professional level.
The rehabilitation period passed without complications. We felt very comfortable. We were
attention is shown and a very warm welcome is provided.
On behalf of our Ermakov family we want to express our deep gratitude to you and the whole team
Orthopedics Departments of St. Zdislav's Hospital!

Feb 3, 2017
«Very good»
The patient was treated of

Dear friends! If you are sick and do not know whom to turn to, if you have bypassed all the clinics and you are thrown from the doctor to the doctor - then do not waste time and contact the firm. The firm is called Bukmed. Real experts work there - they are Alena Dybenko, Irina Korchminskaya ... I've been looking for a company that could help me for a long time. Within two months - a lot of calls and Internet views. In the end, I went to Bukimed, which is in Kiev. And we with Alena Dybenko advised, in the end she found me a clinic, which is in the Czech Republic. The clinic is called the Hospital of St. Zdislav. My diagnosis is oncology of the prostate. I was offered to do chemistry, radiotherapy, but I was determined to do the operation - to remove the prostate gland. And only thanks to Bukimed and this hospital - today is already 7 day, the operation was successful. The clinic and experts of the highest class, the staff is trained, the purity is perfect, the nature is around. I want to thank the guys from Bukimed and all those who took part in my recovery for what they did for me that they could not do in Ukraine. If you want to find an excellent clinic, a doctor and a service - contact Bukimed.

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Treatment in the Czech Republic

Treatment in the Czech Republic is popular among the citizens of the CIS, Great Britain, the USA and the UAE by virtue of the opportunity to get one of the best European medical treatments for reasonable prices. Thousands of surgeries on joints transplantation, various kinds of IVF, comprehensive diagnostics (i.e. check-up), and modern robot-assisted surgeries are held in the Czech Republic.

The medical institutions are accredited according to the requirements of the EU hospitals; the staff possess the required qualification and experience.

Peculiarities of the Czech medicine 

How the foreigner is to select the required medical center and register the treatment in the Czech Republic?

Main fields of activity of the Czech medicine popular in Europe?

Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment in the Czech Republic

Accommodation in the Czech Republic during the treatment

Cost of treatment in the Czech Republic

Only in the Czech Republic

  • Modern implants are produced 2-3 times cheaper than the analogues;
  • Almost all the doctors and nursing staff speak Russian;
  • Central European Center for Arthroscopy is located here, providing the joint microsurgeries;
  • The most efficient methods of the surgical treatment of scoliosis are developed;
  • Affordable microsurgery by the da Vinci Surgical System.
Efficiency of the scoliosis treatment in the Czech Republic is 88%.
The savings on hip or knee replacement go up to 70% (in comparison with Germany or Israel).

Peculiarities of the medicine in the Czech Republic

  • The country is one of the leaders on endoprosthesis replacement of major joints in Europe. Czech orthopedists dealt with that during the times of the USSR;
  • Qualitative and convenient orthopedic footwear is produced for children. A lot of patients go to the Czech Republic to treat the pathologies and recover the locomotor system of the infants and teenagers;
  • Individual rehabilitation programs;
  • Affordable prices for all kinds of treatment and rehabilitation activities.

Kinds of medical centers in the Czech Republic

There are private and public medical centers. The financial support of the public hospitals is not significant according to EU standards; however, the equipment of the hospitals and the quality of the services provided are considerably higher than in the CIS states. The prices are reasonable, as the cost of the medical staff labor is relatively low in the Czech Republic.

The narrow specialized private medical centers perform the great indicators, i.e. cardiology, neurology, IVF and diagnostics. The country has a chain of the centers for rehabilitation and sanatorium-and-spa resorts. Unlike Israel or Germany, the patient can afford both the treatment course and the full rehabilitation here.

How the foreigner is to be treated in the Czech Republic?

  • Select the medical centers considering the disease profile. International Patients Support Center would assist you to do this free-of-charge.
  • Contact the medical center or the sanatorium in the Czech Republic. It is easy to do as the majority of the Czechs speak Russian fluently.
  • Make the tourist visa to the Czech Republic for 90 days.

If a disabled child is considered to be treated, the visas for the patient and the assisting person are issued free-of-charge by submitting the certificate at the consulate.

Main fields of the treatment in the Czech Republic

  • Orthopedics/traumatology, i.e. endoprosthesis replacement of major joints, such as shoulder, hip and knee joints. Arthroscopic operations including the recovery of the cruciate ligament are widely used;
  • Gynecology, i.e. infertility treatment, all kinds of artificial insemination, such as IVF, IMSI, GIFT, ZIFT, ICI and ICSI;
  • Cardiologic surgery, i.e. valve and cardiac pacemakers implantation;
  • Neurosurgery, i.e. hydrocephaly surgical correction, grafting, stenting, and treatment of demyelinating processes. Pediatric neurosurgery is well developed in the Czech Republic.

Accommodation in the Czech Republic during the treatment or rehabilitation, visa regime

In addition to the travel passport and the visa application form one needs the medical insurance valid all over the Schengen zone of the minimal insurance sum of 30,000 EUR.

The insurance must to be printed out and sealed. The insurance blank filled out by handwriting is not accepted.

Besides that, a booking confirmation should be provided (fax). It is important that fax confirmation has a clear imprint of the stamp and a clear signature of the booking department representative.

Those who travel by car should provide the insurance for the vehicle (green card) as well as the registration documents and driving license.

The prices for accommodation are various, e.g. rent of a studio apartment per month would cost 200-600 USD.

Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment in the Czech Republic

Advantages of the treatment in the Czech Republic

Disadvantages of the treatment in the Czech Republic

  • Qualitative treatment at the modern European medical centers for reasonable prices
  • Some of the best orthopedics in Europe, high-tech surgeries available by application of robotic surgical systems while the price is several times lower than in Germany or the USA
  • The treatment may be combined with the tourism
  • The infrastructure of the centers for rehabilitation is well developed
  • The Russian-speaking medical staff
  • Schengen visa is required for the stay
  • There are hardly any 24/7 pharmacies in the Czech Republic and the majority of the drug stores do not operate during the weekend
  • It is impossible to purchase any medication without a prescription

Cost for treatment in the Czech Republic

The price for the treatment and rehabilitation in the Czech Republic is more affordable than in the other countries of the EU, Turkey, Israel or the USA:

  • The salaries of the medical staff of the public institutions are low in comparison with the prices in Europe, which limits the prices even at the brand new private medical centers
  • The prices for the services of orthopedists are reasonable as the medical centers benefit from the flow of patients from the CIS states and the EU, i.e. endoprosthesis replacement is the key activity of Czech medicine
  • There is no polypharmacy. The affordability of the medical services is followed by no unjustified appointments, decreasing the treatment costs significantly
  • No expenses for translators. The epicrisis stating the results of the treatment is issued both in Czech and in Russian. The data is archived, so it can be restored anytime
  • Bookimed provides the revision of the bill from the medical center free-of-charge; hence, you avoid the agent fees by cooperating with us

Review: hip replacement

Having fallen down, my mother aged 65 stopped walking because of the hip fracture.

We were recommended the replacement in Germany for about 15-20,000 EUR. My colleague told that the Czech Republic would be cheaper.

I contacted the medical center by myself and received the prices. All the procedures including the diagnostics cost 2 times cheaper.

After arriving we immediately noticed that the medical center was modern, the nurse and the doctor spoke Russian and the meals were quite good. It came out after the surgery that we could use the implant of Czech production, which would have been even cheaper.

My mom stood up on the second day after the surgery, and started walking in a week assisted by the walking stick.

Dmitriy, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

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