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Treatment of lymphoma in Austria

We`ve found 3 specialized hospitals for treatment of lymphoma
With the Bookimed support, 422 patients received individual program for treatment of lymphoma
395 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 395 patients received individual treatment program in Wiener Privat Klinik
Wiener Privatklinik is the number one multidisciplinary medical center in Austria. If a patient is looking for high-level medical services and cozy atmosphere this is the right place to refer to. The clinic is highly appreciated among patients from different countries for its elite hotel conditions. The most successful directions of Wiener Hospital are oncology, surgery, traumatology and orthopedics. Clinic is headed by one of the best European specialists in the field of arthroplasty, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Kotz.
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819 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 819 patients received individual treatment program in Vienna General Hospital (AKH)
Vienna General Hospital (AKH) has a long history which encompasses more than 300 years. The former “Home for poor and feeble” turned into one of the most contemporary and advanced European medical centers. Including over 30 university hospitals and clinical institutions AKH guarantees high standards and innovative technologies in all branches of medicine. Patients trust is the main purpose for the Hospital.
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Timing of response 7
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 7
292 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 292 patients received individual treatment program in Döbling Private Hospital
Döbling Private Clinic is situated in Vienna, Austria. Döbling Hospital accepts 12,500 patients annually. It was included in The Globes Best Hospitals list by Forbes. This Clinic has got ISO Certifications and Austrian Mark of Quality in Health Tourism that guarantee quality and safety of treatment.
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243 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 243 patients received individual treatment program in The Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic

Why is Rudolfinerhaus one of the leading centers in lymphoma treatment?

The peculiar attention at the center is paid to diagnostics of the lymphatic system. It is equipped by the newest devices to carry out the extra-precise diagnostics even at the early stages of the disease.

The diagnostics is provided by 64-slice tomography scanner to get the clear images of the visceral system by minimal radiation dose. There is also an open device to provide the 360° view MRI. All activities of lymphoma treatment are held with minimal stress for the whole organism by minimal side effects preserving the reproductive function.

How does the lymphoma diagnostics look at Rudolfinerhaus?

When the lymphoma is suspected, the following procedures are held:

  • suspected lymph nodes biopsy;
  • X-ray, CT or MRI;
  • PET-CT;
  • bones scanning;
  • laboratory blood testing.

The disease stage is detected depending on the number of affected lymph nodes.

What is the cost for lymphoma diagnostics at Rudolfinerhaus?

The total cost starts from 4,000 USD.

What are the treatment methods of lymphoma at Rudolfinerhaus?

The Hogkin's lymphoma treatment depends on the stage of disease. The following treatment methods are applied:

  • the chemotherapy (medications) and radiotherapy;
  • bone marrow transplant;
  • biological therapy.

When applying the the chemotherapy to treat the Hodgkin's lymphoma, the combination of several medications is held as a rule.

The radiotherapy applies the high-energy x-rays to destruct the the tumor cells and dicrease the tumors.

When the transplant is held, there is a possibility to use the bone marrow of the very patient. It is extracted before the chemotherapy and transplanted afterwords. One may use the donor bone marrow as well.

The biological therapy includes: immune therapy and angiogenesis inhibitors, i.e. substances inhibiting the growth of blood vessels into tumor.

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is treated by the combination of:

  • chemotherapy,
  • radiotherapy,
  • monoclonal antibodies,
  • immune therapy,
  • the transplant of hematopoietic stem cells.
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