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Treatment of stomach cancer in United States

We`ve found 5 specialized clinics for private treatment of stomach cancer
Using Bookimed, 359 patients received individual program for treatment of stomach cancer
TOP-5 cancer hospitals in the world: independent analysis of Bookimed
All reviews (11)
Two features that significantly spoil our life are uncertainty and frustration. First, loss of strength and low work capacity, then hormonal problems. Months were spent trying to get the correct diagnosis with anticipation and anguish. And then the diagnosis itself, or postponed death, as my neighbors were gossiping. My children believe that in... Read full review
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All reviews (11)
Six months ago, I noticed a small red spot on my body. It did not bother me, but the flakes on it made me wonder. Over the next two months, I was tortured by all possible tests. The diagnosis sent me into a spin. Melanoma. I was surfing the Internet, looking for information about melanoma, and stumbled upon new treatment options. I was pleased... Read full review
Review on treatment of melanoma in United States
All reviews (11)
Our youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia. We were originally in the mood to fight and not to give up. Although, and realized that the treatment would be long and difficult. We left our eldest son with grandparents and went to Cleveland Clinic, on the advice of our doctor here. You clinic is quite large and cozy. My wife and I stayed in a... Read full review
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Marina 939 days, 14 h., 26 min. ago
«I am 63 years old. I always had good vision. But at one point, I began to see spots and partially did not see the details of an image. The diagnosis...»
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