292 patients have already received the treatment plan

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

292 patients have already received the treatment plan

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is the oldest and largest hospital in the world specializing in oncology treatment. The Center is among top 2 facilities in the USA for pediatric cancer treatment. Oncologists of Sloan Kettering Hospitals develop the innovative cancer research programs and provide training programs for the new generation of specialists. Over 15, 600 medical specialists carry out the treatment of 200 cancer types. A lot of experts are among National Academies of Science and Medicine members.

About hospital

About hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering Center was founded in 1884. Firstly, it was Cancer Hospital for the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York. The new Memorial Hospital was opened in 1939 on York Avenue with John D. Rockefeller’s donations.

In 1940s Alfred P. Sloan and Charles F. Kettering established the Sloan Kettering Institute (SKI), which became one of the best biomedical research centers in the USA. Only in 1980 Memorial Hospital and Sloan Kettering Institute were combined in one medical facility - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The Centers of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital are located in New York City, Long Island, Westchester Country and New Jersey.

Advantages of Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

  1. Radiologists provide the innovative imaging technologies for establishing 100% accurate cancer diagnosis. Specialists detect over 40,000 kinds of malignant tumors.
  2. Oncologists apply the cutting-edge methods and technologies for radiation therapy. The unique intensity-modulated radiation therapy reduces the influence of cancer to surrounding tissues and organs.
  3. Cancer doctors of Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York are the leaders in the US to develop new chemotherapy drugs for more effective cancer treatment. 120 laboratories are focused on the elaboration of new medicines for different cancer types.
  4. Sloan Kettering’s oncologists are considered as one of the best in the USA according to New York journal ranking.
  5. The medical staff of the Cancer Center undergoes training to increase the level of healthcare services. Nurses are trained by oncology specialists to provide excellent medical care for the patients with cancer.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, the USA


Sloan Kettering Hospital awarded with U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationThe American Food and Drugs Administration has approved 9 drugs for marketing developed in Sloan Kettering’s laboratories.

The Radiation Oncology Department

The Department consists of 2 subdivisions:

  • External-Beam Radiation Services
  • Brachytherapy service.

Sloan Kettering specialists developed a unique method for prostate cancer treatment — stereotactic hypofractionated accelerated radiation therapy (SHARP), which helps to increase success rate of cancer treatment.

Brachytherapy is also performed for prostate cancer treatment. Specialists apply brachytherapy with the help of portable CT unit that makes radioactive seeds place in the exact spot needed.

For breast cancer treatment, the oncologists carry out the intensity-modulated radiation therapy. This method is based on covering the treatment area with the high number of beams. This treatment option helps to preserve heart and lung function.

Oncologists treat lung cancer in the early stages using implantable positioning devices for more efficient treatment.

Surgeons perform stereotactic radiosurgery with the high doses of radiation to cure pancreatic cancer and brain tumors. Pancreatic cancer treatment takes up to 5 sessions. Metastatic brain tumors are treated with the high doses of radiation for 1 day.

Embolization procedure at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Radiologist Joseph Erinjeri and Dr. Noor Ahmad carry our embolization procedure at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Surgery Department

Over 100 world-class surgeons perform the operations in the Department. Specialists prefer minimally invasive procedures (laparoscopic and robotic ones). Surgeons of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center treat thoracic, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, prostate cancer and others.

The surgeons carry out the robot-assisted laparoscopic operations using visualization technique. It helps to avoid the nerves injuring and reach the high level of precision. Sloan Kettering’s surgeons also use Da Vinci robotic system. There is the most significant number of Da Vinci robots in New York City.

The Surgery Department includes the Advanced Reconstruction Center. Surgeons restore the physical appearance of the patients’ bodies after cancer treatment.

For the mandibular (law) reconstructive procedures, the specialists use AutoCAD to map and measure bone more precisely.

Over 400 breast reconstructions are performed in the Center annually.

The Department of Surgery in Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Surgery Department in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Pediatrics Department

The Pediatric Oncology Department of Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital is the center of excellence providing treatment for children, teenagers, and young adults with cancer and blood diseases. Oncologists carry out surgical method and bone marrow transplantation for pediatric oncology treatment.

The Neurosurgery Department

Specialists of the Department specializes in the treatment of benign and malignant brain and spine tumors. Patients with the degenerative spine problems undergo treatment here. Neurosurgeons perform over 800 brain operations and over 1,500 spine surgeries annually.

Sloan Kettering’s services

  • Air Travel Assistance

The staff of the Center offers help patients and their families with the air travel to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

  • Accommodation

The accommodation in the selected hotels is available for the patients and families.

  • Restaurant Discounts

Memorial Sloan Kettering patients have 10% discount in several restaurants.


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Pediatric oncology

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Russian Federation
The patient was treated of bladder cancer

The clinic, in the category "like - do not like", I can not evaluate. Meeting at the airport with an interpreter and transfer to the clinic - standard. Accommodation in the guest house, before the operation, leaves much to be desired. But, who is familiar with India, I do not think for special comfort and does not count, otherwise - to Germany. Immediately the next morning, without delay and delay, a primary appointment with doctors and diagnosis. Prices for a visit from doctors, examinations and tests are very reasonable, commensurate with Moscow or, even lower. Communication with doctors through an interpreter is somewhat difficult, but quite informative and understandable. Knowledge of English will remove all embarrassment, but in general - not critical. The attitude of doctors to the examination and refinement of the diagnosis is "meticulous". After five days - a summary and proposal for a treatment program. Hospitalization, surgery, 3 days in the intensive care unit and postoperative placement in a two-bed room (together with an attendant) for 12 days. And an extract. The level of training, skill and attitude of doctors, from my "ambitious" point of view of the accompanying person, is beyond praise !!! About the surgeon who performed the operation - DR. MURUGANANDHAM K, I want to say that he has "golden hands and heart" !!! The attitude of the average medical personnel, despite the language difficulties, is very friendly. In the intensive care unit was invited immediately after the operation and "woke up" the patient with me. Opening his eyes and seeing his native face after anesthesia - a person "comes alive"! Postoperative treatment and care in the ward are very worthy. Having repeated his own experience in hospitalization, I can not even compare. The account is not in our favor. In fact, treatment in the clinic saved life! This is especially evident now, a year after the treatment. A year ago, options were considered: Germany, Israel and India. In terms of price-quality ratio and recall of acquaintances have chosen treatment in India. And they were not mistaken. The clinic was selected by specialists of the site en.bookimed.com. They also provided a correlation and communication with the clinic. Huge thanks to them !!!

May 12, 2018
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The patient was treated of retinal detachment

I was very pleased with everything at the clinic and the coordinator Mariana Zaiarna. The overall good impression was ruined by mr. Roman.

May 11, 2018
The patient was treated of kidney cancer

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Professor Gross, as well as all the staff of the Asclepios clinic in Hamburg for their high professionalism, efficiency, sensitivity and attention to patients. About a month ago left an application on the site bookimed, within an hour I was contacted by coordinator Katerina, immediately offered several clinics specializing in oncourology. The choice fell on Asclepios in Hamburg, in particular, Professor Gross. Within a week, thanks to Katerina's efforts, prof. Gross, determined the tactics of treatment and already in a week there was immediate operation. There were some doubts that the nephrectomy could be performed laparoscopically, but the golden hands of prof. Gross know their business. The postoperative period went smoothly, recovered quickly. During the week of the stay, there were no complaints about the work of the staff: attentive, sensitive and affable. Conditions are more than comfortable. The language barrier was not a problem due to the well-coordinated work of the translators Lydia Goncharenko and Vladimir Fissenko. Separately, I want to once again express my gratitude to coordinator Katerina, who was always in touch, quickly resolved all sorts of difficulties.

May 11, 2018
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Russian Federation
The patient was treated of post-traumatic facial nerve paresis

We came from another country and not from a neighboring city, I would like to of course so that the doctors immediately accepted and did not expect them for hours. After all, we had all the arrangements in advance.

May 10, 2018
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The patient underwent hip replacement

I went through the replacement of the hip joint in the MALVASINKA Clinic with subsequent rehabilitation from 18.03.2018 to 11.04.2018. After finding the house for 4 weeks, he systematized his initial and final impression. His stay and the quality of treatment, rehabilitation in the Clinic Malvazinki would like to appreciate in the following way: 1. PLUSES: - Excellent operating surgeon Vladislav Hospodar; - Excellent and very professionally attentive physiotherapist Dana Braxova; - Responsive nurses, especially Andrea. 2. MINUSES: BASIC FAT MINUS - ASSISTANCE OF CONSERVER TRANSFERS UNDER THE IMMEDIATE THE MANAGEMENT OF OLGA SKATKOVA (Olga SKATKOVA) - As it is written in one of the previous reviews - "Everything is almost fine before it paid off.  Then no one has anything to do with you! "- I absolutely agree, after leaving all my letters completely  were ignored by the concierge O. Skatkova, despite the status of "Delivered" and "Viewed." - In particular, the extract / anamnesis was issued without translation, although the coordinators of the clinic promised that  the translation will be sent in 2-3 days after discharge, without results, wait a month (!!!!!). After 3 weeks of waiting and inquiries received a short answer that they have "force majeure" without any specifics when the translation of the statement will be made, and the time allowed for the registration of the disability goes and it is not my dimensionless,  I no longer see the point in writing. A reference image sent after 6 weeks after the operation (on the recommendation of the clinic's specialists, to determine the progress of rehabilitation and the time when it will be possible to refuse crutches) was sent last week, just after a 6-week period, as ordered, see the result above - the status of the message to O. Skatkova "Delivered" and "Viewed" the reaction is ZERO. The subsequent reminder of the picture and the translation of the extract is still left without any answer. - If "According to the rules of the clinic, concierge-interpreters visit every patient for 1-2 hours a day for  translation into Russian of a doctor's visit and individual physiotherapy, "then there were days when they did not visit me at all or came to me  with a significant delay (in particular - Elena), which entailed the admission or reduction of rehabilitation procedures, changing the schedule, etc. - The rehabilitation is rather weak, at first there were only 2 procedures a day, physiotherapy individual and group, after my repeated  requests, during the third week of stay, more procedures were added, however it was already the final week and, for example, a massage duration of 10 minutes a session, was only 2 times for the entire period of rehabilitation. I recommend to all who plan treatment, to keep this moment under the control and remind the concierges about the need to add to the schedule of additional procedures, for some reason they themselves are not particularly concerned about this, despite the rather large, in general, cost of rehabilitation. Two of my friends have already refused treatment in this clinic, after my recall, in favor of German clinics, where although slightly and more expensive, but the services are performed in full and without extra reminders.

May 9, 2018
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