Herniated disk treatment in Spain

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The patient was treated of brain tumor

Neurokhirurg B.Olіr vіrtuozniy Maister of his right, seeing the bulk of the cerebellum my don, yakіy tіlki 4 Rochka. Puhlina bula duz great rozmіrіv і in not available to ms. Likar just Neymovirniy! All in a good place. Ispantsi duzhe chuyn, dobrozichlivi people, I just zakohalasya in tsey people. Shiro dyakuyu usіm for poryatunok my є I ditini! Recommend!

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The patient was treated of brain tumor

Used the online consultation service of Dr. Bartolomé Oliver. Since I did not want to rely on the opinion of one doctor. I was looking for the opinion of a doctor with another "school", from another country, but at the same time experienced. During the video conference I was provided with a translator. I was able to ask all my questions and received comprehensive answers. I express my gratitude to the staff of the Bookimed portal (especially Ostap Bondarenko) for their promptness. After submitting the application for several hours, I was provided with an online consultation with one of the leading doctors. This is just fantastic! And what a noble thing! I strongly advise everyone to use the services of Bookimed! I am very pleased with the work of Bookimed employees! They do their job perfectly well and at the same time do a noble cause!

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How much does herniated disk treatment cost in Spain?

Procedures Prices
MRI of one area $680 - $730

Doctors calculate the cost of herniated disk treatment individually for each patient. The price depends on the disease type, complications (if any), hospital's reputation, and doctor's experience. You may get the final herniated disk treatment cost in Spain only after complete diagnostics and consultation with a doctor.

6 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate herniated disk treatment cost in Spain is:

  • The average cost of the consultation is $370. The lowest price is $220 and the highest — $580.
Spain, Barcelona

Hospital HM Delfos

HM Delfos is a multidisciplinary hospital in Barcelona. It is a part of HM Hospitales chain, Spain. The hospital specializes
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Helen Apr 20, 2019
The patient was treated of osteoarthritis

I had tests and a consultation at the clinic but was unable to have the treatment I wanted at this time. I will be returning to the clinic in a few weeks. The people I met were really helpful, spoke perfect English and looked after me very well.

Alena Apr 20, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

Many thanks to the company bookimed for the opportunity to get expert advice from Dr. Russi. We received a lot of answers to our questions, and by the very beginning - we have hope !!! We are going to fly to the clinic for examination. It would seem that someone else's camp and how to get there? But the well-coordinated team bookimed supports in everything !!! Separate boagolar Daria for helping to buy tickets and hotel reservations, Katerina for advice and support, Alena for being in touch and for answering numerous questions !!! Thanks to you you feel not alone in your problem !! Health to you all !!!

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Sergei Apr 19, 2019
The patient underwent hair transplant

First of all, thanks to my coordinating doctor Maxim. Thanks to him, I came to this clinic. Everything went at the highest level. We met at the Airport, settled into the Hotel (excellent room), which is located 20 meters from the Clinic itself + everything was included tomorrow with a buffet that is located in the restaurant of the Hotel. The operation was easy and painless. The staff at the clinic is very attentive and caring. Upon completion, they were taken to the airport. I want to express my gratitude:  Doctor Cagatay Cebeci - was in touch with me 24/7 as well as in addition to the clinic, both on professional issues and on personal help.  Madame Safiye - conducted an inspection and came to check how the operation was going.  Secil and Sibel are professionals in their field, it was they who performed the hair transplant surgery, everything went quickly and easily. Two charismatic girls.  Thanks to all the staff, everyone was interested in how I was doing and whether everything looked fine with my hair. The driver made sure that I carefully sat down and got out of the car.

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Mikhail Apr 19, 2019
The patient was treated of cataract

Excellent clinic BGn stay in the clinic went very well and successfully. Dr. Lee Dong Eun is a highly classy positive person specialist. He did everything perfectly well after the examination. He came with a cataract on both eyes, the right eye was hardly seen. I'm leaving my vision 100% for both eyes, thank you very much I am happy. The medical staff at the clinic works like a good watch. Attentive are courteous attentive very polite complete comfort. The single chamber is all that is necessary to eat cleanly comfortably. Especially about the coordinator of the clinic Valchenko Maria, a correct excellent specialist, a wonderful person with her does not arise, no problems can solve everything, thanks. Service satisfied everything went well. Well done good organization of success to you

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