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HM Hospitales

Av. de Montepríncipe, 25, 28660 Boadilla del Monte

HM Hospitales is a prominent group of clinics in Spain which provides medical services in all fields and consists of 6 general hospitals and 3 advanced research centers specializing in oncology, cardiology, neurology and neurosurgery. During 27 years this group has provided high-quality services to its patients and has become the international golden standard. Combination of experienced professionals and state of art technologies has made HM Hospitales in Madrid a reputable leader in the area of private medical services listed among Top 5 Private Hospitals.

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Prices for diagnostics

Bone marrow puncture with cytogenetic analysis
1400 - 2000€
Consultation of an ophthalmologist
starting 260€
Orthopedic consultation
starting 260€
1400 - 2400€
Consultation of a neurosurgeon
710 - 900€
Consultation of an oncologist
starting 260€
Sentinel lymph node biopsy
starting 600€
starting 540€
Complex diagnostics of multiple sclerosis
6500 - 7800€
Consultation of a surgeon
starting 260€

Prices for treatment

Radical thyroidectomy
starting 12500€
starting 9890€
1000 - 8500€
starting 2000€
Lung cancer surgery
starting 20000€
Rhinoplasty (Nose job)
8000 - 12800$
Breast augmentation with implant
8000 - 10000$
Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS)
35000 - 40000€
20000 - 25000€
Colectomy (large bowel resection)
starting 5050€
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About hospital

Leading Spanish group of private clinics HM Hospitales was founded in 1985 by Doctor Juan Abarca Campal. Since then it has received numerous international certificates, namely in quality, environment and occupational risk management (DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2008). HM group of clinics grows every year and now includes 6 general clinics and 3 specialized research centers. All hospitals are located in Madrid and occupy leading positions in international ratings on the use of innovative techniques.

All divisions of HM Hospitales group have a status of university clinic. Research centers created on their basis make profound investigations and prepare medical specialists in all medical specialties. Patients receive consultations of professors and world-renowned specialists (Dr. Jose Angel Obeso and others).

University Clinic HM Madrid

The clinic specializes in dentistry, traumatology, podology, rehabilitation, physical therapy, internal medicine, general and plastic surgery and has odontology university department. Radiological unit of HM Hospitales Madrid is equipped with CAT, open and high-field MRI that enable functional studies including vascular and neurological investigations.

University Clinic HM Monteprincipe

Both general medical and surgical clinic with pediatric and maternity units, in 2007 it became the first private clinic which obtained the status of university center and later in 2015 was listed in Top 5 Private Hospitals according to Healthcare reputation monitor. HM Hospitales Monteprincipe provides multiple treatment programmes, including HIPEC, treatment of functional neurological disorders (epilepsy, Parkinson’s), bone marrow transplantation, vascular surgery and others. State-of-the-art diagnostic department provides conventional radiology, digital mammography, 160-detectors CAT, MRI, vertical and dynamic MRI studies.

HM Hospitales have:

  • 24/7 international patients support service speaking 6 languages
  • medical staff of 2399 doctors and nurses
  • airport transfer and accommodation
  • 3 comprehensive research centers
  • blood, tissue and tumour banks
  • prominent medical specialists awarded as “Doctor of the year 2016”

Cardiovascular Center CIEC

Leading Spanish laboratory in disorders of heart and vessels, CIEC performs clinical studies on the basis of HM Hospitales Monteprincipe. Headed by Dr. Jesus Almendral, it has the only in Madrid robot-assisted laboratory for electrophysiological heart examination.

University Clinic HM Torrelodones

Medical center with general medical and surgical profile, this HM Hospital also treats pediatric and maternity disorders. Diagnostic unit provides prenatal and foetal wellbeing diagnosis with a use of eco-Doppler, regular, 3D and 4D ultrasound and amniocentesis.

University Clinic HM Sanchinarro

Advanced hospital specializes in general medical and surgical disorders which also provides pediatric services. In 2015 it was also awarded with the status of Top 5 Private Hospitals. The latest technological base of this HM Hospital includes Da Vinci surgical system, intelligent operating room, intraoperative MRI. The Clinic also includes a comprehensive cancer research center CIOCC.

Clara Campal Oncological Center CIOCC

The Center performs latest generation clinical trials and provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for oncology (bone marrow transplantation, intraoperative radiology, gamma-camera etc.).

University Clinic HM Nuevo Belen

The only specialized maternity medical center in Madrid. Besides obstetrics and gynecology it provides medical services of all types. HM Nuevo Belen diagnostic unit provide prenatal and foetal wellbeing examinations including 3D and 4D ultrasound. Department for assisted reproduction works with fertility disorders.

Center of Neuroscience HM CINAC

Innovanive center headed by Prof. Angel Obeso. This center makes researches in mechanisms of Parkinson’s and how to reverse it.

Technical equipment of HM Hospitales in Madrid:

HM medical group attaches great importance to technical equipment and laboratory investigations. Three comprehensive HM research centers make profound studies in oncology, neurology and cardiology. HM medical divisions have the state of art equipment, namely:

  • 64-slice CAT scanner
  • 3-Tesla MRI and intraoperative MRI
  • endoscopic ultrasonography
  • Da Vinci Surgical System
  • vertical and dynamic MRI
  • Novalis intra-cranial and extra-cranial radiotherapy device
  • CT with 160 detectors
  • digital mammography with tomosynthesis
  • intraoperative radiology

Bookimed Doctors Coordinators will provide you the necessary information and arrange your consultation, diagnostic and treatment procedures in HM Hospitales.


HM Hospitalities Reviews by googel logo

3.0/5 - 76 patient reviews

3 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) A penalty for healthcare in Spain to exercise "professional" with so little humanity and empathy for patients and their families. Starting with the lack of communication (do not give information), education (not deign to look at your face, not even stop what they're doing when you talk to them) and most surprisingly, an auxiliary tell a nurse you have to do.
You can get an idea of how this center works, so having the ability to choose health center, I choose not to return to this.
Although I have to say that surely among both incompetent if they are good professionals, it is that others hide their shortcomings.

(Original) Una pena para la sanidad en España que ejerzan "profesionales" con tan poca humanidad y empatía por los pacientes y sus familiares.
Empezando por la falta de comunicación (no te dan información), educación (no se dignan en mirarte a la cara, ni tan siquiera dejan de lo que estén haciendo cuando hablas con ellos) y lo más sorprendente que una auxiliar le diga a una enfermera lo que tiene que hacer.
Se puede hacer una idea de cómo funciona este centro, así pues teniendo la posibilidad de elegir centro sanitario, yo elijo no volver a este.
Aunque he de decir que seguramente entre tanto incompetente si se encuentren buenos profesionales, la pena es que los oculten los otros con sus deficiencias.

a month ago

3/ 5

(Translated by Google) I had surgery knee. Operation and hospital stay very well, but all previous consultations, tests and so on, too much delay and very saturated with people.
Concluded with many insurance companies is too saturated I think.

(Original) Me operaron de rodilla. La operación y estancia en hospital muy bien, pero todas las consultas previas, pruebas y demás, demasiada demora y muy saturado de gente.
Concertado con tantas compañías de seguros que está demasiado saturado creo yo.

2 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) To order turns 902 there are two options with which charge or a website that does not work or phones, computers or Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or Chrome a bit strange no?

(Original) Para pedir turnos hay dos opciones un 902 con el que te cobran o una web que no funciona ni en móviles, ordenadores ni en internet explorer, opera, firefox ni chrome un poco raro no?

a week ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) Well everything except the parking is very difficult to park on the street in the area.

(Original) Muy bien todo a excepción del aparcamiento, es muy difícil aparcar en la calle por la zona.

4 weeks ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) Information painful, painful operations planning day they make you come to a certain time and even after 4 hours not walk into the operating room while watching how other people coming later is to get on and off.
I do not recommend anything very poor hospital management

(Original) Penosa información, penosa planificación de las operaciones de día te hacen venir a una hora determinada y hasta después de 4 horas no entras a quirófano mientras ves como otra gente llegando más tarde es llegar y bajar.
No recomiendo nada el hospital muy mala gestión

2 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) They can not give less favorable treatment to the patient, nurses are saturated, sleeping pills give them at 1.00 am, if you want to watch TV you have to leave 50 euros of which are discounted you 10 per day, if you call the nurses come after 2 hours. Overall it's a disaster.

(Original) No pueden dar peor trato al paciente, las enfermeras están saturadas, las pastillas para dormir las dan a la 1.00 de la madrugada, si quieres ver la tv tienes que dejar 50 euros de los que te van descontando 10 por día, si llamas a las enfermeras vienen al cabo de 2 horas. En general es un desastre todo.

2 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Good medical care, pleasant and attentive nurses.

(Original) Buena atención médica, enfermeras agradables y atentas.

3 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) I have to be patient in this center many years and it is devastating degradation of service both emergency specialties

(Original) Llevo siendo paciente de este centro mucho años y es desolador la degradación del servicio, tanto urgencias como especialidades

3 months ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) Human and professional care patient. Very fond of the elderly and family.

(Original) Atención al paciente humana y profesional. Mucho cariño a los ancianos y familiares.

4 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) Very poor service. I went through the emergency room twice in the same day, I had to remove the gallbladder and I got kicked 2 times! (Being a pain pulling me down) for alleged deficiencies in the policy that did not. I talked to my insurance and thought the problem was them, but finally, after dig a little, it was the hospital who failed to request authorization for entry correctly, and as there was a mistake, simply crossed from arms. A disaster, never to return.

(Original) Muy mal servicio. Acudí por urgencias dos veces en el mismo día, me tenían que extirpar la vesícula y me echaron 2 veces! (estando con un dolor que me tiraba al suelo) por supuestas carencias en la póliza que no tenía. Yo hablé con mi seguro y pensaba que el problema eran ellos, pero finalmente, después de indagar un poco, resulta que fue el hospital quien no supo pedir las autorizaciones para el ingreso de forma correcta, y como había un error, simplemente se cruzaban de brazos. Un desastre, para no volver.

4 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Very professional, and the girls receiving a charm

(Original) Muy profesionales, y las chicas de recepción un encanto

4 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Today more than ever are shown that when a sperm fertilizes an egg begins life and life given by God and is the spirit John 6, 63, then abortion is taking the life of an innocent being, every creature that comes into this world he is the son of God and our brother, Genesis 1, 24, Romans 8, 29, before you in the belly of your mother I met and before I was born I sanctified Jeremiah 1, 4-5 the body can not live without the spirit, Santiago 2; 26 we give the spirit a body so you can live in this world and be tested, Adam's rib was dead matter, God introduced the spirit of Eve and was living thing, Genesis 2, 21-22 , Those who follow Jesus Christ are not fathered by the flesh and the will of man, but by God John 1: 13,

(Original) Hoy más que nunca está demostrado que cuándo un espermatozoide fecunda un óvulo empieza la vida y la vida la da Dios y es el espíritu Juan 6;63, luego el aborto es quitar la vida a un ser inocente, Toda criatura que viene a este mundo es hijo de Dios y hermano nuestro, Génesis 1;24, Romanos 8;29, Antes que te formases en el vientre de tu madre te conocí y antes que naciera te santifiqué, Jeremías 1;4-5, El cuerpo no puede vivir sin el espíritu, Santiago 2;26 nosotros le damos al espíritu un cuerpo para que pueda vivir en este mundo y ser probado, La costilla de Adán era materia muerta, Dios introdujo el espíritu de Eva y fue ser viviente, Génesis 2;21-22, Los que siguen a Jesucristo no son engendrados por la carne ni la voluntad de varón, sino por Dios Juan 1;13,

4 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Excellent treatment. A very professional team

(Original) Excelente trato. Un equipo muy profesionales

5 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Quick emergency

(Original) Rápidos en caso de emergencia

5 months ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) impossible better

(Original) Imposible mejor

5 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) I'm not very happy with the result of surgical interventions q minfamilia has had.
The deal is good

(Original) No estoy muy contento con el resultado de las intervenciones quirúrgicas q minfamilia ha tenido .
El trato es bueno

8 months ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) In the urgencies they take quite a while but by appointment it is perfect.

(Original) En urgencias tardan bastante pero con cita previa es perfecto.

8 months ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) They treated fast and pretty well. We always go there and in recent years I have gone to several specialists, always excellent.
The only time I was not too happy end emergency because when I had opened my forehead and I sewed a little bad (I upongo that the rush) so the scar is a bit different note.

(Original) Atienden rápido y bastante bien. Siempre vamos ahí y en los últimos años he acudido a varios especialistas, siempre excelente.
La única vez que no acabe demasiado contento fue cuando fui de urgencia porque me había abierto la frente y me cosieron un poco mal (upongo que por las prisas) por lo que la cicatriz se nota un poquillo.

8 months ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) It's my favorite in the area, if it is true that sometimes what dating does not work very well as you have to wait over the account but professionals there are great.

(Original) Es mi favorito en la zona, si es verdad que aveces lo de las citas no funciona muy bien ya que tienes que esperar mas de la cuenta pero los profesionales que hay son geniales.

8 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) This morning we attended a 11-month to extraction and I only can say that they have behaved as a true Kaffirs understanding that such extractions are complicated, not only had to prod him three times if we have gone without analysis cast have witnessed as the needle pricked rummaged within the much pain suffered by the baby returned and hipado of disgust and wanted to try a quarter of what we have refused because of the flagrant lack of technical and professional this service has proven to have not seen worse service in my life has been painful both the treatment and the way they have treated a baby.

(Original) Esta mañana hemos acudido con un Bebe de 11 Meses a una extracción y solo me cabe decir que se han portado como unos verdaderos cafres entendiendo que este tipo de extracciones son complicadas , no solo han tenido que pincharle tres veces si no que nos hemos ido sin el análisis echo hemos sido testigos de como con la aguja pinchada rebuscaban dentro de el de tanto dolor que ha sufrido el bebe ha devuelto e hipado del disgusto y querían intentarlo una cuarta a lo que nos hemos negado debido a la falta flagrante de técnica y profesionalidad que este servicio ha demostrado no he visto peor servicio en mi vida ha sido penoso tanto el trato como el modo en que han tratado a un bebe.

9 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) I made an echo of each shoulder and an abdominal echo, and when I get to the traumatologist tells me that I have been given two equal echoes of the right shoulder and one of the arm, this I am sure is NOT MINE. They will be invented and everything is copy and paste ??? And of course the abdominal echo I only have the title and the photos of not known ....

Also when I did it happened to me the following:
Despite being the first at 8.30h and having an appointment at that time, I have to wait almost 1 hour for a shoulder ECHO.
When I return to pick it up after 2 days, they do not have it printed and to wait again half an hour, despite the kindness of the desk clerk, the organization is not the best, well, it really IS A DISASTER.

(Original) Me hice una eco de cada hombro y una eco abdominal, y cuando llego al traumatólogo me dice que me han dado dos ecos iguales del hombro derecho y una del brazo, esta estoy seguro que NO ES MIA. Se las inventarán y todo es copy y paste??? Y claro de la eco abdominal sólo tengo el título y las fotos de no se sabe que....

Además cuando me las hice me pasó lo siguiente:
A pesar de ser el primero a las 8.30h y tener cita a esa hora, me toca esperar casi 1 hora para un ECO de hombro.
Cuando vuelvo a recogerla a los 2 días, no la tienen ni impresa y a esperar de nuevo más media horita, pese a la amabilidad del empleado de recepción, la organización no es de las mejores, bueno, realmente es UN DESASTRE.

9 months ago

1/ 5

(Translated by Google) The worst hospital I've ever seen. It's a shame, with the paste you pay Sanitas and this is a joke. My mother has been hospitalized for a week, and every day a different doctor comes to tell her something different, and they do not communicate the decisions to the nurses so they can do their job. There is only one nurse or two per floor and they do not give to basto. A disaster. I recommend the Zarzuela long before this site.

(Original) El peor hospital que he visto en mi vida. Es una vergüenza, con la pasta que pagas a Sanitas y esto es un cachondeo. Mi madre lleva una semana ingresada y cada día viene un médico diferente a decirle una cosa diferente, y encima no comunican las decisiones a las enfermeras para que puedan hacer su trabajo. Hay sólo una enfermera o dos por planta y no dan a basto. Un desastre. Recomiendo la Zarzuela mucho antes que este sitio.

10 months ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) Good deal

(Original) Buen trato

a year ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Dr. Máximo Martín (Allergologist Torrelodones) is excellent.

(Original) La Doctora Mínguez Martín (Alergóloga Torrelodones) es excelente.

2 years ago

5/ 5

(Translated by Google) Two births and two very good.

(Original) Dos partos y los dos muy buenos

3 years ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) user satisfaction

(Original) Usuario satisfecho

4 years ago

4/ 5

(Translated by Google) good and professional treatment

(Original) Trato bueno y profesional


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