Herniated disk treatment in Czech Republic

1 clinic

Neurosurgery Department of Motol University Hospital

Surgeries are carried out by Professor of Charles University

Professor Mihal Tihyi provides diagnostics and treatment of herniated disc at Motol and heads the Neurosurgical Department.

Specific features of herniated disc treatment at Motol:

  • surgery is provided by a team headed by Professor of Charles University;
  • infectious complications rate is less than 1%;
  • in 201...
Ughanze Josephine Onyeagonam
Jul 7, 2018

Friendly and understanding, I recommend them to anyone who needs medical assistance abroad...

Mihal Tihiy
Mihal Tihiy

Head of Neurosurgery Department

Experience : 36 years
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Friendly and understanding, I recommend them to anyone who needs medical assistance abroad

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My name is Kravtsova Oksana. I applied to Bookimed 2 months ago. My personal coordinator was very attentive, responsible. I filed a request for two clinics - "Kardiolita" in Lithuania and "Motol" in the Czech Republic. With "Kardiolita" we talked directly with the employee Renata, who represented clear information and even to clarify all the important points, she was even given the phone of a doctor who clearly informed us about the situation and answered all questions. But in connection with the fact that the doctor was going on a business trip, and should have been only on March 8, we also considered the Czech Republic. We were contacted by intermediaries, the response from which we had expected for 2 weeks, but, unfortunately, did not receive accurate and competent information. I believe that Motol specialists are at a high level, but, it seemed to me, because of the high workload, doctors do not have free access to data on foreign patients. We are mediators who, it seemed to me, do not have the proper medical qualifications. I dealt with Ada, which, unfortunately, did not provide clear and competent information. Ada has appointed a date of hospitalization, and the price is 13200 €, but ...... except for the exact treatment plan)))). I requested a deposit of 3000 € for medicamente. Why not on "Motol" - remains a mystery. We considered the Baltic countries and the Czech Republic, as in Germany the prices are higher. But, promontirovat prices in Germany, we were very surprised by their accuracy in everything - information about the operation and prices, which were even lower than the price indicated by Ada, and this despite the fact that the Czech Republic is famous for prices much lower than Germany, especially , that "Motol" - the state clinic, but the prices somehow turned out to be above private)))). In Germany, offered to do two operations - 13,000 € with hospitalization for at least a week. In Austria in Salzburg - 9 000 €. In the Czech Republic, one operation: 21.03.16 arrive, 22.03.16 - operation, only three days after the operation until 26.03.16. I do not ask for any medications, nor additional tests that I have all. Precisely to say, what operation, what analyzes, what conditions - there is no such information. So for what to pay? But the price is defined precisely, and Ada specified that 6000 euros is just a preoperative examination and hospitalization. Sorry, but the official website has some information on prices for foreign patients. The maximum price for foreign residents for the House is about 50 euros. For 5 days of hospitalization offered by Ada, 250 €. Therapeutic examination is from 85 to 270 euros. Even if I prescribe a rheumatological examination (which is unlikely, since they give only a day for examination, and the next day an operation (exact data on which there is no, I have not even written what suglobs will be involved, although this is key, because if an ankle is involved - the postoperative prognosis is completely different, if only the sublattled suglobes) - then the amount is 335-500 € Where Ada took the amount of 6000 € for one of the preoperative examinations and hospitalization is a mystery. But after all, the prices on the website are indicated and the price can be assumed Unfortunately, she refused to describe the list of necessary tests to comment on the cost.The sediment remained after the time spent.Considered that it is better to contact the clinics directly.I understand that this will take some time, but in fact for the time that I trusted Lyudmila and Ada, working in the Czech Republic, I spent a lot of time in vain, but all that is there is for the best :-). As for Bookimed, this is a good organization, with which you can coordinate. Thank you :-)

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Not on the general topic on which there was consulted, I turn to them veneers and they pull teeth out

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I liked it all very much. A modern building, there is a parking near, a beautiful form of the staff. They are courteous and considerate. Knowing Latvian, it is not so easy for me to describe some of the nuances (I do not talk much with anyone about these topics), but meeting me, they spoke with me in my native language. I gave an assessment of "good", but still had to evaluate "excellent." Perhaps, because the prices for a pensioner are too high.

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Dear All, I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed to me following my and my wife recent Treatment . Before I came into hospital for the treatment, I was very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown but you were all so kind and reassuring when I arrived which took away a lot of my apprehension. You demonstrated your total commitment into caring for me and my wife and also gave us the support and encouragement we needed to take our first steps on the road to our treatment which meant so much to me. I’d like to particularly thank Dr.Fahad Mawlood, Dr.Yaroslav and Marta who provided me with round the clock nursing care .These were members of the team whom I saw on a daily basis and whom I became particularly close to during my stay in the hospital. However, I’d also like to thank all the other people, too numerous to mention, who all played such an important part in my treatment and recovery. As doctors you’ve gone above and beyond everything I ever would have expected. The world would be a much better place if all of the doctors were like you. Thank you so much for everything that you have done. Because God could not be everywhere he made sure that we have doctors like you who have the gift of healing mankind. I am so thankful to you for treating me so tenderly. I feel very healthy now. Thank you so very much. Thank you all once again for all your care and support.

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