328 patients have already received the treatment plan

Nemocnice Na Homolce

328 patients have already received the treatment plan

Nemocnice Na Homoloce is a multidisciplinary Hospital of state ownership in Prague. The Clinic is considered as one of the main medical institutions in the country. Cardiovascular diseases, brain disorders and neurosurgery are the main specializations. Na Homolce Hospital actively prefers minimally invasive and robotic methods of treatment.

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Russian Federation
The patient underwent gastrointestinal examination

Jul 11, 2017


About hospital

Na Homolce Hospital is a managed and financed by the Czech Republic Ministry of Health. The governmental support ensures hospital with the latest equipment and technologies. For instance, Da Vinci Xi robot of the new generation is one of the most recent updating.

The Hospital has a JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation. It guarantees patients receive medical help under the international principles.

Per year, medical teams provide:

  • over 14,450 surgeries
  • approx. 20,520 hospitalizations
  • over 1,210,660 examinations.

The Hospital has 34 departments. The key specialties of the clinic are:

Cardiovascular program (Nemocnice Na Homolce is the first clinic where cardiac surgeons have provided heart chamber ventricular operation by a hybrid method, invented new method of high blood pressure treatment, etc.)

Neuroprogram (neurosurgical, neurological services, neck and head surgery). Na Homolce was the 1st in the world provided a wireless pacemaker implantation.

Diagnostic program has own 5 subdivisions and own laboratory. Modern equipment allows performing all types of tests, including CT, MRI, angiography, sonography, hematological, immunological, genetic and microbiological and other examinations.

Nemocnice Na Homolce receives adult and pediatric patients from the Czech Republic and abroad.


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Russian Federation
The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation

A unique technique. Talented specialists. Very attentive and helpful staff.

Jul 12, 2018
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The patient was treated of breast cancer

Professional service company with a sympathetic, attentive staff. Price and quality are justified

Jul 12, 2018
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The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

I am very satisfied with the work of Catherine Koliko, and the clinic that she helped us to choose. Anadolu in Istanbul-delight ... Staff, doctors, methods of treatment, everything is fine. The only thing I regret that I did not turn to them early

Jul 12, 2018
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United Kingdom
The patient was treated of chronic constipation

The health care and facilities is of a high standard

Jul 9, 2018
The patient was treated of anorexia

Marina Zaiarna was very helpfull to find the right treatment. Thank you very much

Jul 8, 2018

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