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Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

We`ve found 14 specialized clinics for private treatment of cervical cancer
Using Bookimed, individual program for treatment of cervical cancer
Cost of the cervical cancer treatment
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 9
537 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 537 patients received individual treatment program in Assuta Medical Center

Why is it efficiently to treat the cervical cancer at Assuta Medical Center?

Assuta is one of the largest medical centers in Israel, which applies the innovative diagnostic and treatment methods of the oncologic pathologies, trusting it to the world-respected high-qualified professionals.

The cervical cancer diagnostics and treatment is held in the comfortable conditions of the Department for Oncologic Gynecology at the Center for Gynecology, which managed by Prof. David Schneider. The hospital, experts, and he assume that the early detection of cervical cancer increases the therapy success few times.

What are the methods of the cervical cancer early diagnostics?

The screenings are considered the basic diagnostic principle of the preventive examination to exclude the cervical cancer that is required to be held as of age of 21. The following procedures are held for the precise cervical oncological disease:

  • Colposcopy;
  • Cervical conization.
  • If the screening showed the cancer, the additional examinations are required to detect the sizes and tumor progress:
    • CT or PET-CT;
    • MRI;
    • X-ray;
    • Cystoscopy;
    • Proctoscopy.

What are the treatment methods applied at Assuta medical center?

The hospital doctors efficiently apply the following procedures according to the world standards:

  • chemotherapy;
  • radiotherapy,
  • brachytherapy;
  • targeted therapy;
  • minimal invasive surgeries, i.e. cryodestruction and LEEP;
  • classic surgeries;
  • restorative surgeries.

What is the cost for cervical treatment at the medical center?

The diagnostic and treatment standards at Assuta Medical Center meet the best European and world medical standards, while the treatment is much cheaper than at US or European hospitals. Get the precise diagnostics and treatment pricing now!

All reviews (25)
I found out about this clinic on line,got in touch and went in for a specific treatment that they arehighly rated for with Dr. Elizur. Our initial contact,I trusted it will be helpful for me. I payed quite a lot of cash my visit of 15minutes consultation. I came home to where I live,Switzerland,emailed to schedule the actual procedure,very slow... Read full review
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 10
1991 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1991 patients received individual treatment program in Sourasky Medical Center
4 requests per day

Where in Israel are the patients suffering the cervical cancer treated?

The experienced oncologic gynecologists, diagnosticians and surgeons work in the network of Ichilov Sourasky Medical Centers. They apply the most efficient methods of cancer treatment here using the powerful diagnostic equipment.

Prof. Ilan Ron MD, Associate Professor of Department for Oncology at Tel-Aviv Medical University, manages the treatment process at the medical center. His experience goes over 20 years, having practiced at Sloan-Kettering Center (New York, NY), being the expert in radiotherapy innovative methods.

What are the diagnostic procedures at Ichilov hospital?

  • Cervical smear to detect the abnormal cells;
  • Colposcopy with biopsy;
  • Blood testing for tumor markers;
  • When the malignant process is detected, then the pelvic organs and mammary glands screening is held by MRI, multislice CT and PET. The area of examination may be expended if required to study all possible ways of metastases spread.

Pyelogram, cystoscopy, X-ray and other diagnostic procedures may be appointed within the metastases search.

What is the cervical cancer treatment cost at Sourasky Medical Center?

The cost for diagnostics and treatment is set up individually and depends on the required procedures for each patient. Find out the treatment plan and get the exact price for Ichilov services at website Bookimed.

Cervical cancer treatment in Israel

All treatment methods are selected individually at Sourasky Medical Center, which allows preserving the reproductive function as well as minimize the affection for the patient:

  • Laser surgery allows removing the abnormal cells hearths, which is minimal invasive and is not accompanied by bleeding;
  • Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), i.e. the electrode loop is used instead of scalpel;
  • Standard cervical conization to remove the site of the uterine cervix in the shape of conus;
  • Hearth cryotherapy (freezing);
  • Removal of the entire organ by hysterectomy;
  • Radio and chemotherapy to prevent the relapse disease;
  • Plastic surgery.
All reviews (49)
Hope and faith work miracles. If you have hope and opportunity, you have to use it undoubtedly. And the first decision that springs to mind is the sole right. Everything was performed qualitatively, people are responsive. I want to say thank you to Sofia (Coordinator of International Patients Support), who helped us to make a right and sole... Read full review
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 8
482 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 482 patients received individual treatment program in Sheba Medical Center

Where in Israel is the cervical cancer treated?

The Institute for Oncology is located by the multipurpose medical center Sheba, which deals with every type of malignant neoplasms treatment.

The leading Israeli oncologic gynecologists operate here, such as Prof. Raphael Katan, who is the excellent expert in cervical cancer.

The brand new medical developments and devices, including the Gamma Knife system, robotic surgical systems and monoclonal antibodies therapy, equip the departments of the medical center. The doctors of various medical fields and psychologists provide consultancies there.

Modern diagnostics at Sheba Medical Center

  • Examination and palpation of the rectum;
  • Cystoscopy and rectosigmoidoscopy to examine the bladder and the rectum (metastases diagnostics);
  • Pap test (cervical smear);
  • Colposcopy followed by biopsy to detect the cancer and precancerous conditions;
  • MRI, PET or CT to detect the tumor and its metastases;
  • Pyelography when the urinary ducts affection is suspected;
  • Tumor markers blood testing.

What is the cost for cervical cancer treatment at Sheba Medical Center?

The cervical cancer can rapidly develop the metastases, hence the diagnostic and treatment plan is selected individually for each patient, and therefore the price is set up personally. Get the price for the comprehensive treatment at the medical center by Bookimed website.

What are the cervical cancer treatment procedures in Israel?

  • Removal of cone-shaped section of the cervix by scalpel or LEEP;
  • Laser removal of the abnormal cells hearth;
  • Cryodestruction by liquid nitrogen;
  • Radical hysterectomy to remove the uterus with the appendages;
  • Lymphadenectomy to remove the regional lymph nodes;
  • Pelvic organs excision to remove the uterus and affected organs, such as vagina, rectum site and bladder.

The patient takes the course of chemo or radiotherapy after the surgery. The reconstructive surgeries are held if required.


Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

Cervical cancer is one of the most wide spread oncologic diseases of women. It is second in prevalence to breast cancer and takes almost 15% of cases of the oncologic diseases of reproductive systems. The cancer affects the lower part of uterus. Most often, the women of the age of 35-39 and 60-64 years old suffer such cancer. The disease may occur in two forms: 80-90% of cases is the squamous cell carcinoma; the other cases are taken by adenocarcinoma. The significant increase of the number of patients suffering this disease has been observed recently, i.e. from 37% to 47%.

Reasons of cervical cancer development лечение рака шейки матки в Израиле

Symptoms of disease

Diagnostics of cervical cancer in Israel

Treatment methods of disease in Israel

Rehabilitation and prevention of the complications

Cost for treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

In Israel only:

  • Method of sparing chemotherapy
  • Recovery of reproductive functions of the organism
  • Intimate plastic surgery
Chance of recovery of precancerous cervical disease is 100%.
Chance of recovery under diagnosis of cervical cancer at the early stages is 93%.

Reasons of development

Cervical cancer is developed because of the cells mutation of this organ leading to the cancer cell. The entire range of reasons contributes to this, especially the impact of the certain viruses. Particularly the long-term presence of viruses of herpes and papilloma on the surface of cervix lead to the degeneration of the healthy cells. There is a big chance that the so-called precancerous diseases may lead to cancer, such as leukoplakia, mucosal dysplasia, and cervical erosion.

These diseases require immediate treatment. Professional experts of the leading Israeli medical centers are able to treat the precancerous diseases rapidly and qualitatively, preventing the cancer.

Chance for cancer significantly increases when:

  • Sexual life begins too early, i.e. 14-18 years old
  • Sexual life is chaotic by nature, i.e. over five partners increase the chance of cancer 10 times!
  • Non-compliant hygiene of genitals
  • Hormones are applied instead of barrier protection condoms and caps
  • Smoking
  • Deficit of vitamins A and C
  • Immunodeficiency in the organism

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer manifests itself in the form of common and specific symptoms. It has the following signs at the early stages:

  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Increased sweating
  • Frequent vertigo
  • Pallor
  • Increased temperature up to 37.5°C

The symptoms of the latter stages of cancer are specific, which is a feature of such cancer only. They include:

  • Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding.
  • “Contact bleeding" after sexual intercourse.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The appearance of edema in the lower limbs and external genitalia.
  • Disturbance of the functions of the intestines and bladder, fistulas.
  • Delay of urination and blood in the urine.

The experienced doctors only can put the correct diagnosis, having a significant job experience in this field by required diagnostic means. Israeli oncologists take a prominent place among them.

Diagnostics of cervical cancer in Israel

Comprehensive diagnostics of disease in the leading Israeli hospitals is held in three main phases.

The first phase allows detecting the disease and includes the following diagnostic procedures:

  • A thorough gynecological examination of the cervix providing the opportunity to suspect the disease by appearance of mucosa. If any pathologies occur, it can be spread and have the ulceration.
  • Extended colposcopy, i.e. cervix examination by colposcope, a device providing from 7.5 to 40 times zoom of the image. Such examination allows getting the indirect evidence of pathology, both in the primary and in the later period.
  • Blood testing for tumor markers. The increased indicator of squamous cell carcinoma antigen in the blood serum can be the evidence of the possible development of disease.
  • Cytological examination, i.e. the testing of condition of cells on the cervix surface, taken by smear.
  • Biopsy can play the decisive role while the diagnosis set up, i.e. study of the cervix sample, taken by the special tools. Israeli hospitals exclude the complications of the biopsy, which is held without any pain.

If the cervical cancer is confirmed, Israeli experts appoint the next phase of examinations. It includes the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Pelvic ultrasound. It allows the estimation of upcoming surgery scale and spread of oncologic process in the neighboring organs to tumor. CT of these organs may be held to clarify the results.
  • Intravenous urography is held to estimate the kidneys functioning.
  • Cystoscopy is appointed to find out the tumor affection of the bladder, and rectoscopy to detect this in the rectum.

Data received provide the idea of the stage of affection of the neighboring organs to disease hearths.

The metastases at the remote sites of the organism are detected at the latest phase by abdominal ultrasound and chest X-ray.

Treatment methods of cervical cancer in Israel

Various kinds of procedures are applied for disease treatment, which selection depends on disease spread and its stage. If the cancer is detected at the early stages, Israeli doctors strive both to its destruction and to preservation of fertility functions of the patient by the following methods:

  • Cryosurgery, i.e. removal of the affected sites by substances of low temperature
  • Laser surgery, i.e. burning the cancer cells by laser beam directed through vagina
  • Loop excision, i.e. removal of the tumor by a hot thin wire
  • Brachytherapy, i.e. administration of the radioactive substances directly into affected organ for irradiation

When the cancer is of mid-stage, the uterus and affected lymph nodes are removed. The sparing methods are usually applied during such a surgery held in Israel:

  • Uterus removal through vagina by laparoscope, i.e. optical tool for high-precision surgery
  • Removal by robotic surgical system

Methods of chemo and radiotherapy are applied at the latter stages, i.e. 3rd and 4th.

1st stage

Cancer removal, i.e. cryosurgery, laser surgery, brachytherapy.

2nd stage

Uterus and affected lymph nodes removal, i.e. laparoscopic and robotic.

3rd stage

Uterus removal. Chemo and radiotherapy.

4th stage

Uterus removal. Chemo and radiotherapy. Palliative therapy.

Review of the patient about the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

“I have been pregnant for 24 weeks, when I was diagnosed the cervical cancer. I was also informed that I have to do an abortion and excise the uterus alongside with the lymph nodes. I came hopeless to Israel for any survival. It has led to Caesarean section, and the removal of the cervix at 34 weeks. My wonderful little girl had turned 37 weeks by now. What I can say: stunning impression on the staff and the organization of the process. Generally, Israeli have a very different attitude to the people. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!”

Victoria, Saint Petersburg

Rehabilitation and prevention of cervical cancer complications in Israel

Rehabilitation program at Israeli hospitals is developed individually for each patient and has a comprehensive nature. For instance, hormonal therapy is frequently applied while the ovaries removal; removed vagina is recovered by the methods of intimate plastic surgery. Peculiar attention during the rehabilitation is paid to the balanced nutrition and special physical exercises. Psychologists work with the patients on a regular basis, whose objective is to take back the women to normal life.

It is important to follow strictly the doctor’s recommendations in order to prevent the complications after cervical cancer. They usually deal with the constant monitoring of the immune system, physical activity exclusion, as well as preventing medical check-up from 3 to 4 times per annum.

Many women were brought both to normal life, and to give birth to healthy children after the rehabilitation.

Cost for disease treatment in Israel

Generally, treatment of cancer in Israel would be much cheaper than at European hospitals.

The treatment cost would largely depend on the certain clinical case of this disease, its stage and individual peculiarities of the patient. You can get more information by the experts of Bookimed Company.

Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 8
392 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 392 patients received individual treatment program in Rambam Medical Center
32 requests for month

Rambam Oncological Center is recognized as one of the leaders in Israel. A special feature of the center is the applying of the radiotherapy technologies and radioactive iodine in treatment. Treatment of patients is held outpatiently and inpatiently. Due to the close cooperation with leading European and US centers of cancer treatment, Rambam Center is introduced the most advanced and innovative technologies and equipment for cancer treatment from the best clinics in the world. Among them are the radio- and beam-therapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy.

Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
157 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 157 patients received individual treatment program in Hadassah Medical Center
Medical center "Haddasa" - leading center, which specializes in integration of medical technology and research. In 40 departments and 10 clinics, specialized advising services and laboratories, address both the Israelis, patients from former Soviet republics and other countries of the continent.
86 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 86 patients received individual treatment program in Soroka Medical Center
Soroka Medical Center is the multidisciplinary medical complex in Israel. For patients of this clinic are available latest technology and equipment through which they are able to diagnosis disease at the earliest dates. Every year there carried about 30 thousand operations. The hospital serves more than 60% of Israel. According to numerous reviews, Soroka hospital helped a huge number of patients. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.
77 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 77 patients received individual treatment program in Meir Medical Center
Meir Clinic is one of the leading medical centers in the Israel. It is located in Kfar Saba. The hospital is part of a larger complex Sapir. Hospital provides a range of treatment and diagnostic services, but is best known it received thanks to advances in the field of spine surgery and treatment of diseases of the lungs. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.
60 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 60 patients received individual treatment program in Kaplan Medical Center
Kaplan Medical Center is branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is located in Rehovot almost near Tel Aviv. This clinic is multidisciplinary medical complex. There are 23 departments. In addition, the center arrange the collection and storage of bone marrow cells for use in onco-hematology treatment. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.
489 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 489 patients received individual treatment program in Rabin Medical Center

Cancer Center "Davidoff" of Rabin Medical Center is the largest oncology clinic in Israel and the entire Middle East. Every fifth of Israeli citizens gets an aid of the cancer treatment here. The center treats patients with all types of cancer and hematological diseases (leukemia, osteomyelosclerosis, anemia, leukocytosis, and others). The Center includes the departments of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, integrative medicine, palliative therapy and dietology. Center operates with the following cutting-edge techniques for treatment: SBRT, IMRT, IGRT, Rapid Arc., SIRT.

143 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 143 patients received individual treatment program in Herzliya Medical Center

Clinic Cancer Center “Herzliya” has thirty years of experience. Center staff takes trainings and gets skills in the best medical centers in the world. Each patient throughout the treatment period is accompanied by a personal manager and translator. Center Department of Diagnostic works quickly and professionally - for the entire period of the department’s activity there was no single case of misdiagnosis. The main pathologies treated in Cancer Center Herzliya are: leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma, lymphoblastic leukemia, myeloma, carcinoid tumor, branchiogenic tumor, lung cancer, melanoma, brain cancer and other cancers.

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