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Lokomat - is a modern rehabilitation system for the recovery of walking skills. Recovery on Lokomat - one of the most effective for patients after complicated brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, neurological pathologies. The patient learns to control his movements again; the machine will help to work out every movement, adjusting the load.

How long do you have to train on the Lokomat?

The duration of treatment depends on the initial condition of the patient, and the dynamics of improvements.

The system records all indicators and rehabilitation specialist can track even minimum improvements in the movements. Using Lokomat complex cannot ensure 100% recovery of walking skills, as it is only one form of therapy.


How Lokomat works?

Patients, even in wheelchair, easily raised and fixed in a vertical position. Lokomat motors synchronized with the speed of the treadmill that provides comfortable walking. They precisely repeat movement of the limbs, thereby forming skills. The system records the number of indicators, regulates body weight and movement controls.

Depending on the condition of the body, initially weight unloaded as much as possible (for example, a person with weight 80 kg at the beginning of rehabilitation uses a load on a limbs just 15 kg, the rest weight holding by Locomat), but with time the load increases to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

Trainings have a different duration (it determines the physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist). In many clinics during the training are using computer games (patient not just walks, but performs the tasks, passes levels), making such occupations emotionally more comfortable.

Components of the complex:

  • special treadmill;
  • body weight regulation system (load control);
  • robotic orthosis (mechanisms that controls the movement of the body);
  • the computer control system.

Watch the video with the example classes in the system "Lokomat"

How much does rehabilitation with "lokomat" cost ?

Doctors calculate the cost of the rehabilitation with "lokomat" individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final rehabilitation with "lokomat" cost only after the consultation with a doctor.

10 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate rehabilitation with "lokomat" cost is:

  • The average cost is $1800.
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