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System Vector Gait, or "rail robot" - it is assistive technology for people with infringement walking function.

What is this system?

The technology is a special rail mounted on the ceiling to which attached controllable rope that supports patient during walking. Two straps on a special suit fix this rope. The system is computerized and can memorize and correct movements of the person. The program can be set up in accordance with the growth, weight and individual cognitive characteristics. All parameters can be save in the program.

Why do we need a rail robot?

This system is very helpful in the rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The robot holds the patient in a vertical position, allowing a person to exercise the skills of walking, without fear of fall and getting new injuries.

How does the robot rail works?

The system is equipped with sensors that respond to the slightest movements of the person. Thus, the robot automatically turns on when the patient starts walking. The system operates smoothly and quietly, without causing discomfort, and not interfering the process. The program can be correct in the course of patient recovery. Physician-rehabilitator analyzes the data stored in the program.

What results can we achieve with this system?

With Vector Gait, patients who have suffered from spinal, cranial trauma, spinal surgery or fractures, can look forward to a faster and less painful recovery period.

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Guzal Apr 19, 2019
The patient underwent artificial insemination (ivf)

We were at the Memorial clinic in Ataşehir on April 1, 2019. In the clinic we were well met by the translator Olga. The clinic immediately took us to the doctor J. Demirel. We liked the clinic. The clinic passed all tests said the 20-day results will be ready while waiting for the results.

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Aziz Apr 19, 2019
The patient was treated of brain cyst

Satisfied with the consultation, confirmed what was expected. I was satisfied, we are going to go to Spain for treatment.

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Ilhama Apr 17, 2019
The patient was treated of cavernous angioma

The clinic is not lying. The doctor took 10-15 minutes. Confirmed the diagnosis. The doctor is very straightforward, he said everything without concealment. Took us from the hotel and brought back to the hotel, did not charge for a transfer. In principle, we were satisfied.

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Evelina Apr 16, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

Consultative and consulting consultation boules on the most promising. Lіkar Antonio Russi is a professional in his own right, a wonderful diagnostician.

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