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What is TheraSuit?

TheraSuit - a special suit, which was developed for astronauts with the aim to neutralize the negative effects on the body due to prolonged stay in weightlessness. Therefore TheraSuit also called space suit. In fact, this is dynamic soft orthosis.

What is TheraSuit consists of?

The suit consists of a cap, vest, shorts and knee pads connected by an elastic band.

The ropes attached be carabiners to the special hinges on suit holding the baby in a certain position.

TheraSuit designed to support the child in the classroom with a physiotherapist in a specially adapted room.

How does TheraSuit work?

The person is putting on a suit and it is fixed by ropes in the vertical position, as close to normal. Elastic tape hold the patient, aligning his body. Proper body position in space allows the person to perform the exercises with minimal load on the musculoskeletal system. These classes normalize muscle tone, train endurance and help control the muscles work.

For whom is the space suit constructed?

TheraSuit used by the world's leading rehabilitation centers in the rehabilitation of children and adults with various disorders of the musculoskeletal system, trauma and neurological diseases:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • stroke;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • spinal trauma;
  • growth delay.

What results can be achieved while using the suit?

Using Terasyut suit yields positive results, especially with prolonged course of rehabilitation:

  • develops motor skills;
  • increases active range of motion;
  • It accelerates the progress of development of new movements and skills;
  • restores coordinate space;
  • It ensures the correct execution of the movements;
  • normalizes the tone of postural muscles;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • It helps to avoid the negative consequences of the lack of movement.
Network physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Romatem
Teplice SPA Resort
Czech Republic, Teplice
Russian Federation
The patient underwent rehabilitation of cerebral palsy

Jul 13, 2017
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Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital
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United States
The patient was treated of thyroid disease

Thank you for checking in. I'm so glad I'm back at this hospital, as they pulled up my records of 4 years ago, which helps. Today they took very good care of me, and took a biopsy of the spot on my face, now I have 5 stitches! It is very good I came now. I will continue on Monday with more... Thank you, this is a very good hospital.

Apr 20, 2018
The patient was treated of atopic dermatitis

I took advantage of Bookimed services in April 2018. They picked up a clinic for the diagnosis of a child very quickly. Manager Svetlana contacted me a few hours after completing the application and was with me online for the next 3 weeks literally constantly. Including in the evening. For which I am very grateful to her! I felt indifferent to my child. The clinic of San Juan de Deux in Barcelona is very well equipped and looks like a Hollywood movie. For a relatively small amount of money, we made a complete check-up including extensive blood tests. However, since we did not have a diagnosis, we had to literally ask for medical advice. Therefore, if there is no specific diagnosis, there may be questions in its formulation. You need to understand exactly what kind of doctors you want to go through. All the specialists are very good, adequate and get on well with the children. The service of foreign clients is well organized, everything is convenient and no difficulties have arisen.

Apr 19, 2018
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The patient was treated of lung cancer
Russian Federation
The patient was treated of otosklerose

Very satisfied with the clinic Acibadem. Our stay at the clinic was comfortable. The level of medicine is high, the necessary studies have been made without delay. Many thanks to the doctor, Professor Halyuk Ozkarakash, he treated us very carefully, he considered our situation long enough and carefully. Special thanks to the translator Galina, very much helped us with all the questions. Staff was fairly polite.

Apr 16, 2018
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Russian Federation
The patient underwent check-up

I want to express my gratitude to the coordinating doctor, Catherine, for organizing the trip to the Samsung clinic in Seoul. The whole process of my stay in Korea was organized in the best way: a transfer, an interpreter at the clinic, a schedule of visits to doctors .... The chosen version of the clinic was satisfied! Modern equipment and magnificent doctors! I wish health and prosperity Bukimed!

Apr 16, 2018
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