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Head computer mouse — a special optical device, that allows you to control your computer without hands.

What are the advantages of this device?

The main value of this gadget is that with its help people who are deprived the possibility of independently communication with the surrounding world, can gain a feeling of independence and control over the situation. For the first time the computer was available for the paralyzed patients.

How does it work?

A small special sticker is attached to the forehead or on the tip of the nose. The device has a very accurate sensor, and the camera which detects its movements. Program capturing human movements, displays them on a screen as a cursor motions. Holding the cursor for a few moments at one point is regarded by computer as double-clicking the left mouse button. Thus, enough the slightest movement of the neck to fully use the computer.

Why does the device is used in the rehabilitation?

This device allows people with disabilities and those who need rehabilitation after serious injuries to have access to information, draw, watch movies, chat via video, play video games and even work with graphic editors.

With all these features, the head mouse is used by physical therapists in occupational therapy — with its help doctors manage to achieve positive results, because the device helps the psychological rehabilitation of disabled people.

What do you need to start using the head-mouse?

This unique software does not require special installation and recognized by any computer after connection to USB-port. Doctors of rehabilitation centers teach their patients how to use this device. For this occupational therapists must correctly set the position of the patient, computer and camera. Then specialist adjusts settings of the program according to the possibilities of patient and specifics of his movements.

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Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter

Israel, Tel Aviv

5 days for arrangement

Price on request
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The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation

I would like to express special gratitude to the employees of Reut Medical Center for highly organized work, the assistance rendered to us, starting with the coordinators and ending directly with the doctors.


I was looking for honey for a long time. centers that help patients with a stroke diagnosis, because they thought that the ailment of a spouse is associated with a stroke received during heart surgery. Already at the first consultation on Skype specialist Rita Krasnoshtein to some extent figured out the problem and sent us for further examination. Already with the ready analyzes we arrived in Reut, after paying for the first few days. After a couple of consultations of different specialists of the clinic, an accurate diagnosis was made within two days, which was subsequently confirmed by the doctors of Moscow. We were explained that the spouse does not need to be in Reut anymore and sent to a specialist for consultation, having provided a full extract with an anamnesis and diagnosis, returning the money for the remaining days. It was nice that the doctors quickly sorted out the problem and, realizing that this, as they say "not their patient", did not impose any treatment and directed us along the right path.


After a short stay in honey. center Reut, becoming an unwitting witness to the treatment of patients, I was convinced that he is one of the most leading in the field of rehabilitation of severe patients. All employees work highly qualified and selfless, setting a goal to put on their feet, to restore any patient, regardless of how bad his condition.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Thanks to all the friendly staff (doctors, physiotherapists) for the help and the work done to restore health and the general condition as a whole!

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Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center

Israel, Raanan

4 days for arrangement

Price on request
Reviews 1
The patient was treated in this clinic

Hello, I Ismailov Daniel I went to Beth Leuveshten on the 27th and 30th of March But there again they sent me back and again did not give me the right Alikhon I very much ask you to solve urgently. This problem with Alikhon And rehabilitation because he lives my life in Alikhon. Yours faithfully, Daniil Ismailov.
I have been waiting for half a year to rehabilitate myself in Beth Leuishteni

My address is iud mano 10

Identity cards.N.341139897

Phone number. 0539329556

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The patient was treated of kidney cancer

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Aleksei Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)

I have no complaints about the doctor and the clinic, but I did not get what I wanted.

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Tatiana Nikolaevna Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of hemangioma

Thank you, the doctor listened carefully and said that why was I satisfied with everything after the visit !!!

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