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Head computer mouse — a special optical device, that allows you to control your computer without hands.

What are the advantages of this device?

The main value of this gadget is that with its help people who are deprived the possibility of independently communication with the surrounding world, can gain a feeling of independence and control over the situation. For the first time the computer was available for the paralyzed patients.

How does it work?

A small special sticker is attached to the forehead or on the tip of the nose. The device has a very accurate sensor, and the camera which detects its movements. Program capturing human movements, displays them on a screen as a cursor motions. Holding the cursor for a few moments at one point is regarded by computer as double-clicking the left mouse button. Thus, enough the slightest movement of the neck to fully use the computer.

Why does the device is used in the rehabilitation?

This device allows people with disabilities and those who need rehabilitation after serious injuries to have access to information, draw, watch movies, chat via video, play video games and even work with graphic editors.

With all these features, the head mouse is used by physical therapists in occupational therapy — with its help doctors manage to achieve positive results, because the device helps the psychological rehabilitation of disabled people.

What do you need to start using the head-mouse?

This unique software does not require special installation and recognized by any computer after connection to USB-port. Doctors of rehabilitation centers teach their patients how to use this device. For this occupational therapists must correctly set the position of the patient, computer and camera. Then specialist adjusts settings of the program according to the possibilities of patient and specifics of his movements.

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Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter
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Loewenstein hospital Rehabilitation center
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Anonymous Jun 13, 2019
The patient was consulted in this clinic

Normal clinic, did not see anything special. They prescribed good medicines, I felt better. There were also very good translators. It is better to always be insured, because if there is insurance, the clinic offers a 50% discount.

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Nadeghda Jun 11, 2019
The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

The format is quite simple, everything is accessible and understandable, the doctor is very qualified. I will not say that we talked about clinical studies, there was no definitive information. We are happy, time has been spent, the translator also translated everything correctly. The doctor explained everything popularly, we received an answer to all the questions we asked. I believe that what you are doing is very important and useful for people who need help.

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Anonymous Jun 11, 2019
The patient underwent rhinoplasty

Passed online consultation. After the consultation, a treatment plan was created, which we will undergo, further consultations will continue. Online consultation is very convenient and of course there were some doubts, especially when the invoice was billed, because it was a bit confusing, there was only one seal, so I advise you to make the documents more official, so that you would not be so scared to pay for the consultation.

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Tatyana Jun 11, 2019
The patient was treated of varicocele

Moe stay at the clinic duly honored. Vsi vaccinate respect. Doctors at Vishma luvni rozumni vidovidalni. The chamber is ideal, it is good and strong. Meni was honored and helped in my problem. Okay happy. Antonina., And Barbara that they took care of me. Thank you very much.

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HALYNA Jun 10, 2019
The patient was treated of melanoma

The doctor caused confidence and showed high professionalism, understood all the details and documents. She appointed the newest treatment. Satisfied with the service, Katerina Bonko was constantly in touch, showed attention and care. Thanks her.

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