How much does herniated surgery cost?

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The hospitals for herniated (also known as slipped or ruptured) disc surgery are listed below. To choose the medical center, pay attention to:

  • Hospital's equipment. The leading medical centers apply visualization and robotic systems to conduct herniated (slipped, ruptured) disc surgery through small up to 1 cm punctures. In this case, a patient recovers fast.
  • Herniated disc surgery cost. The lowest costs for hernia surgery are in Indian, Turkish hospitals, the average prices are in German, Spanish, South Korean and Thai centers, the highest — in the US and Canadian. In most of the cases, the herniated disc surgery cost is determined by general price policy within the country.

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Mar 21, 2019
The patient underwent herniated disc surgery

For my Lower spine problem I choosen Burmurgrad and Im happy on my selection. I found evry thing in order and hospital really maintaining international standard. My Doctor Mr Yodruk is very good Neuro doctor and he always attended me with very kind. My all prayers always with him. All other staff also very kind and cooperative. Hospital is so clean looks a 5 * hotel.

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When is herniated disc surgery indicated?

Indications to hernia surgery:

  • pressure of the spinal cord by hernia
  • pain insensitive to medicines
  • development of the neurologic disorders
  • other treatments are ineffective.

How is herniated disc surgery performed?

Neurosurgeons apply such technique to remove herniated disc (discectomy, laminectomy): open interventional, endoscopic operation, microsurgery. The choice of the methods depends on the hernia location, disease stage, and symptoms.

What types of ruptured (herniated) disc surgery are performed?

The most common surgeries for hernia treatment are:

  • Laminectomy. This is a removal of a small area of bone tissue near the damaged nerve ending. This surgery allows to reduce hernia pressure of the nerve, restore normal blood supply, get rid of pain.
  • Discectomy is a partial or complete removal of the affected herniated disc. Due to this operation, a sensitivity of nerve ending restores, pain and numbness disappear.
  • Prosthesis or herniated disc replacement. This is implantation of artificial vertebra. It is performed after herniated disc removal.
  • Spinal stabilization is a fixation of herniated discs with special supporting systems (implants, plates, screws). Doctors provide stabilization if the spine does not hold a normal position after hernia removal.

What are the new options for herniated disc surgery?

Among the latest hernia treatments are:

  • Minimally invasive surgery. A doctor uses a special microscope to remove a herniated disc. It allows seeing all nerves and vessels in details. As a result, healthy tissues are not damaged. A patient can return home after slipped disc surgery the next day.
  • Robotic guidance system A doctor performs all movements through small punctures up to 1.5 cm using a special robotic device. The system analyzes doctor's manipulations and makes them smoother excluding the "trembling hand" affect. Such surgeries are very precise and effective.

Is it possible to cure herniated disc completely?

The surgery allows completely getting rid of a herniated disc. However, postoperative screening of patients shows that a possibility of relapse in the neighboring discs is preserved. It is necessary to follow medical recommendations to avoid disease recurrence.

What does herniated disc surgery cost include?

The slipped disc surgery cost usually includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • medications
  • fee for a team of doctors.
  • admission.

In most of the cases, rehabilitation, preoperative tests, charges for additional consultation with a doctor are paid additionally. However some hospital offer package herniated disc surgery cost which includes all these services.

Only a doctor can calculate how much hernia surgery costs in your case. Submit a request to get a cost estimate and know what it includes.

What affects slipped disc surgery cost?

The hernia surgery cost depends on such factors:

  • The location of the chosen hospital. The cost of ruptured disc surgery in Indian hospitals is 1.5-2 times lower than in Turkish ones, 3-4 times — than in Southern Korean, Israeli or Western European medical centers, and about 5-7 times cheaper than in the US or Canadian hospitals. Despite the difference in a price, the quality of hernia surgery remains at about the same level. Numerous certificates (such as JCI, OECI, etc.) confirm high standards of medical services.
  • Doctor's experience. A specialist, who has vast experience in herniated disc surgery, applies the latest technologies, participates in the international conferences, and has positive reviews from patients, may ask for a higher fee. In this case, the hernia surgery cost will be higher.
  • A type of herniated disc surgery. This surgery can be less or more complicated depending on the hernia location, size of an affected area. Due to this, the herniated disc surgery price changes.

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How much does hernia surgery cost without insurance?

You can see the slipped surgery cost without insurance on Bookimed website or fill out a form on Bookimed to get a personalized quote.

How to get a personalized slipped (herniated) disc surgery cost in my case?

The herniated surgery cost in calculated individually for each case. It depends on the hospital, doctors' qualification, patient's condition. You can compare the hernia surgery cost in different hospitals and countries in the listing below. The rating represents the best hospitals to get a herniated disc surgery. You can choose the most affordable price without the quality loss (in Thailand, Turkey or India) or the medium hernia surgery cost (in Germany, Israel, Korea).

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Learn the info about each hospital for herniated disc surgery.
  2. Compare the herniated disc surgery cost in different countries and clinics. Note that the average cost of herniated disc surgery varies depending on the region. It is explained by the price policy in a particular country orientated on the general income of local citizens.
  3. Submit a request to know how much does hernia surgery cost in your case and whether your insurance covers the expenses.
  4. Bookimed manager will call you back to answer the questions, recommend the best hospital for you, and provide a personalized quote.
  5. If you approve the option, a manager arranges your medical trip to a chosen clonic within several days.

Note that Bookimed services do not affect the herniated surgery cost. Learn more about us here.

How much does herniated disc surgery cost ?

Doctors calculate the cost of the herniated disc surgery individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final herniated disc surgery cost only after the consultation with a doctor.

59 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate herniated disc surgery cost is:

  • The average cost is $10400. The lowest price is $2500 and the highest — $31000.
Sep 27, 2018
The patient underwent herniated disc surgery

I am very grateful to all the staff and doctors who worked quickly and helped me. A huge thank you to Catherine, for your professionalism.

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The patient was treated of herniated disk inAssuta Medical Center

I am very grateful to all the staff and doctors who worked quickly and helped me. A huge thank you to Catherine, for your professionalism.

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The patient was treated of lymphoma

We went with my husband to confirm the diagnosis and possible treatment. In Kazakhstan, they wanted to put us on chemotherapy. The professor conducted all examinations on the equipment of the latest generation. It turned out that the stage does not require treatment. We are just under surveillance. At the same time, wait for new medicines in the future. The organization is super, the consultants with BOOKIMED are very competent. I express my gratitude to everyone who participated in our trip to the professor in Istanbul. Diagnosis Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Kristina, Almaty

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Vitaliy Sep 17, 2019
The patient was treated of congenital cns abnormalities

The consultation went well, voiced treatment options, we will try

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Alena Sep 17, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

We liked everything, there were no difficulties, everything is fine

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