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Treatment of pancreatic cancer in Israel

We`ve found 9 specialized clinics for private treatment of pancreatic cancer
Using Bookimed, 366 patients received individual program for treatment of pancreatic cancer
TOP-5 cancer hospitals in the world: independent analysis of Bookimed
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 10
2036 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 2036 patients received individual treatment program in Sourasky Medical Center
7 requests per day

The advantages of pancreatic cancer treatment at Ichilov Medical Center (Israel)

Ichilov Medical Center is one of the most important medical institutions of the county, which is explained by the high-tech diagnostic equipment and qualification of the experts, cooperating with the medical center.

One of the leading professionals of Department for Oncology of the medical center engaged into the pancreatic cancer treatment is Prof. Ilan Gil Rhon. He manages the diagnostics and comprehensive examination of the patients stating the final diagnosis and appoints the treatment depending on the cancer stage.

What are the diagnostic procedures of pancreatic cancer at the medical center?

The early diagnostics of pancreatic cancer saves lives of many people. That is why the hospital manages to pay a significant attention as the high-end equipped laboratories carry out precise examination to detect the oncology at the early stages:

  • MRI;
  • PET-CT;
  • Tissues biopsy followed by the histological examination;
  • Tumor markers blood testing;
  • genetic,
  • biochemical,
  • radioisotope,
  • endocrine examinations etc.

What are the treatment methods of pancreatic cancer at Ichilov Medical Center?

The professional of the hospital apply the most efficient modern treatment methods, being respected in the world after medical experiments on pancreatic cancer treatment. The following methods are applied:

  • radiotherapy;
  • substitution treatment;
  • palliative treatment;
  • immune therapy;
  • aspirational cytology etc.

What is the treatment cost at the hospital?

The total cost of the treatment in any case depends on the diagnostics and the appointed treatment program, including the list of obligatory procedures. Every patient gets the individual program including the price. Would you like to get the personal diagnostic and treatment program at Ichilov Medical Center just now?

All reviews (49)
Hope and faith work miracles. If you have hope and opportunity, you have to use it undoubtedly. And the first decision that springs to mind is the sole right. Everything was performed qualitatively, people are responsive. I want to say thank you to Sofia (Coordinator of International Patients Support), who helped us to make a right and sole choice. She provided us with all pros and cons, helped to make a right decision.
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
550 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 550 patients received individual treatment program in Assuta Medical Center

Why Assuta Medical Center is recommended for the patients suffering the pancreatic cancer?

Assuta Medical Center is the group of the private hospitals where the most experienced doctors of Israel operate. The world-known oncologic surgeons provide the surgeries, the efficient chemotherapy schemes are implemented and the modern equipment is applied here.

Dr. Ella Tepper MD, one of the leading oncologists of the country as well as Europe, USA and Russia, provides the supervision of the patients suffering the pancreatic cancer.

What are the procedures while the diagnostics of the malignant processes?

  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) to visualize the gland and estimate its structure;
  • PET-CT and MSCT to understand the process progress and to detect the small groups of the abnormal cells even;
  • MRI by high-field scanners (1.5 T) to detect the metastases less than 1 mm and to estimate the tumor structure as well as its affection of the surrounding tissues;
  • Tumor markers blood testing;
  • Biopsy.

The scale of the treatment and diagnostic activities might significantly differ regardless the cancer stage and patient’s condition. The cost for treatment and diagnostics prices are available online by Bookimed website. Would you like to get the individual treatment program now?

Pancreatic cancer treatment in Israel

  • The main treatment methods is the removal of the pancreatic head;
  • Whipple surgery is held under the process progress, i.e. stomach, part of the small intestine, lymph nodes groups and bile ducts may be removed along with the pancreatic gland.

Despite the high injuries, this manipulation has extended the life of a number of patients for years.

Chemo and radiotherapy help to stabilize the complicated cases of the cancer and prevent the relapse after the surgery. There are dozens of application and combination of these methods that lead Assuta oncologists to perfect survival rates and lifestyle improvement of the patients. This explains the popularity of the medical center among the patients.

All reviews (25)
I found out about this clinic on line,got in touch and went in for a specific treatment that they arehighly rated for with Dr. Elizur. Our initial contact,I trusted it will be helpful for me. I payed quite a lot of cash my visit of 15minutes consultation. I came home to where I live,Switzerland,emailed to schedule the actual procedure,very slow response,and at the end even calling his assistant didn't help,I gave up on the whole thing. No answer for a month now. Nu? I believe Dr. Should be there to help every patients equally with care and to give an answer. I really don't understand what goes on there.
Shaare Zedek Medical Center is number one hospital in Jerusalem. It was established more than a hundred years ago but is continuously evolving and expanding even now. The statistics says that the hospital takes over 250,000 patients annually. Everyone who refers to Shaare Zedek Medical Center will be surely treated by highly-qualified specialists and within comfortable and warm atmosphere. This Clinic works in numerous directions and has the most popular Maternity Department in the country.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer in Israel

Pancreatic cancer takes 3rd place among most frequent digestive system oncologic diseases and 5th place among the reasons of death by tumors. The cancer affects the pancreas, i.e. the organ producing digestive enzymes and hormones. There may be affected the head of the gland (50-60%), its body (10%) or the tail (5-8%). The entire organ affection happens in 20-35% of the cases. About 10 persons per 100,000 people get the pancreatic cancer annually. There has been a steady tendency to an increase in the incidence of this type of cancer.

Reasons of pancreatic cancer development 

Disease symptoms

Diagnostics of the pancreatic cancer in Israel

Methods of the disease treatment in Israel

Rehabilitation and prevention of the complications

Cost for pancreatic cancer treatment in Israel

You can have it in Israel only:

  • Application of Nano-knife for the surgeries of pancreatic cancer
  • Psychological assistance during the rehabilitation
  • Application of the palliative treatment methods
Diagnostics of pancreatic cancer at the early stages: over 80%
Comparative chances of recovery (CIS): over 20%

Reasons of development and risk factors

The reasons for the pancreatic cancer have not studied fully yet. The recent research works connect the dependence of cancer and its metastases with the protein kinase gene P1 (PKD1). The chances of cancer are increased by some risk factors, such as:

  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and some other diseases;
  • Genetic predisposition to disease.

The risk factors include also the age. As a rule, people of 40+ suffer the pancreatic cancer, while the men have higher morbidity than women do.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

One of the dangerous features of pancreatic cancer is its almost asymptomatic course at the early stages. The cancer can show the signs by the pain from time to time in the upper abdomen and the back. The symptoms become more specific by their development, however they are very similar to analogic symptoms of diabetes and pancreatitis, leading often to incorrect diagnostics and medical mistakes. Besides that, the pancreatic cancer symptoms depend a lot on the affection of a certain part of gland. Hence, the affection of the head of the gland has the most vividly expressed symptoms. They appear in the form:

  • loss of appetite;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • weight loss;
  • weakness and vertigo;
  • fever;
  • muscle cramps.

If the cancer blocks the bile ducts then the urine gets the dark color.

The emergence of specific symptoms of pancreatic cancer indicates the occurrence of the disease in its aggressive phase, which treatment requires more efforts. Therefore, it is very important to address the professional experts just after the emergence of the first symptoms. The experienced oncologists of Israel successfully provide the pancreatic cancer at the early stages allowing the in-time inhibition of the tumor development and significant increase of the recovery chances of the patient.

Diagnostics of the pancreatic cancer in Israel

The range of diagnostic procedures is applied for pancreatic cancer diagnostics in Israel, both by minimal invasive and invasive methods. This is connected to the complications of the diagnostics of such an oncologic disease. The following studies are held under the pancreatic cancer suspect:

  • Abdominal ultrasound with Doppler scan of abdominal blood vessels, i.e. detection of tumor by ultrasound
  • Multi-slice CT by pancreas imaging, i.e. study of affected organ by X-ray
  • MRI, i.e. pancreas imaging by magnetic field
  • Blood testing. Peculiar attention is paid to tumor markers testing, i.e. antigen CA19-9, which contents in the blood is modified by the tumor development.
  • Gastroscopy, i.e. study of digestive system organs by a gastroscope.

Such studies in Israel take four days as a rule. If the suspicions are confirmed, Israeli doctors appoint the additional testing:

  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, i.e. study of pancreas and bile ducts images, received by the endoscope.
  • Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography, i.e. kind of X-ray testing of blockages in the bile ducts.
  • Laparoscopy, i.e. examination of the affected organ by a laparoscope through a little incision in the abdominal wall. This method may be applied for collection of material for biopsy.
  • Biopsy, i.e. examination of the pancreatic tissues for cancer cells detection. Part of the affected organ is withdrawn for the biopsy by laparoscopic method or by the fine needle under the local anesthesia.

The final diagnosis is put after the analysis of these examinations. If the cancer is detected, then the chest X-ray, liver ultrasound and other testing are made to detect the stage of disease. Israeli doctors carry out the diagnostic studies rapidly and by high precision.

Methods of pancreatic cancer treatment in Israel

Pancreatic cancer treatment is a complicated long-term process. The tumor is peculiar by its aggressiveness, spreads rapidly and affects the vital organs of digestive system.

The most efficient treatment method at the early stages is the surgery. Unfortunately, only 25% of all patients may have the surgery. The type of surgery depends on the hearth of affection in the pancreas:

  • Pancreatectomy is held when the body or the tail of the gland are affected and means the resection of the entire pancreas as well as the spleen.
  • Whipple surgery is applied when the head of the gland is affected, including its removal alongside with the gallbladder, duodenum, sites of the bile ducts and the stomach.

The new method of Nano-knife is widely used while the surgeries held in Israeli medical centers. This tool destroys the cancer cells by current with no risk for organs and blood vessels damage.

Almost 20% of the patients require the second surgery to restore the patency between the stomach and the duodenum.

Chemotherapy is widely applied at the latter stages of pancreatic cancer and in case of danger of the surgery, i.e. administration of the high-toxic agents to destroy the cancer cells, such as fluorouracil. The methods of radiotherapy are also applied, including the implantation of radioactive substances into the intestine for local tumor irradiation.

When the cases are hopeful, meaning the cancer was detected at the latest stages, Israeli doctors apply the palliative methods, i.e. surgeries and irradiations allowing the significant prolongation of the patient’s life.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Pancreas removal (Nano-knife)

Removal of pancreas and the affected organs (Nano-knife)

Stage 3

Stage 4

Chemotherapy. Radiotherapy (implantation of the radioactive substances into the intestine)

Chemotherapy. Radiotherapy. Palliative therapy

Review of the treatment of pancreatic cancer in Israel

“The doctors in Russia have detected the pancreatic cancer. Nevertheless, the local surgeons refused to provide the surgery as the tumor location was not convenient for the procedure. The family insisted on my treatment in Israel. I have had the full diagnostics and the successful surgery there. I am home right now, feeling great. My doctor considers I have fully recovered from the disease!”

Sergey, Naberezhnyie Chelny

Rehabilitation and prevention of relapse pancreatic cancer in Israel

The patient requires the long-term rehabilitation and control by physiotherapist after the surgery. Nutrition occurs through the probe going into the stomach through the nose for several weeks. Israeli hospitals provide the maximal comfort and all conditions for the soonest recovery of the patient. The permanent psychological assistance by the medical staff plays an important role in this process.

It is required to give up smoking and to stop alcohol consumption, keep the recommended diet of the doctor and avoid the carcinogens for relapse pancreatic cancer prevention.

The cost for pancreatic cancer treatment in Israel

The cost for treatment in Israel depends on the certain clinical case, stage of disease and individual peculiarities of the patient. You can get detailed information by the assistance of Bookimed company experts.

Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 8
494 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 494 patients received individual treatment program in Sheba Medical Center

What is the advantage of pancreatic cancer treatment at Chaim Sheba Hospital in Israel?

Chaim Sheba Hospital is one of the best public hospitals in Israel, which annually treats over 100,000 patients, including those from abroad. The world-known high-qualification professionals provide the medical care.

The team of the lading oncologists engaged in pancreatic cancer treatment in Israel is guided by Prof. Raphael Katan at Chaim Sheba Hospital Cancer Institute.

What are the diagnostic procedures for pancreatic cancer?

The high-tech diagnostic center operates at the hospital providing the pancreatic cancer diagnostics at the early stages of disease by the brand new equipment saving the lives of many patients. The comprehensive diagnostics under suspect of oncology includes:

  • Abdominal ultrasound;
  • MRI;
  • PET-CT;
  • Tissue biopsy followed by histological examination for cancer cells;
  • Tumor markers blood testing.

What are the pancreatic cancer treatment methods at Chaim Sheba Hospital?

Both modern therapeutic and minimal invasive treatment methods are applied to relieve the patient’s conditions and recovery:

  • Oncologic surgery by Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife and DaVinci Surgical System;
  • Chemotherapy by modern sparing medications;
  • Radiotherapy;
  • High-precision radiotherapy;
  • Hormone therapy;
  • Immunologic therapy.

What is the cost of pancreatic cancer treatment at the hospital?

The service and quality provided by Chaim Sheba Hospital may compete with the leading hospitals in Europe and US, while the price for diagnostics and treatment of the pancreatic cancer is much lower. Every patient gets the individual treatment program including the precise cost. Would you like to get such a program just now?

Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 8
414 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 414 patients received individual treatment program in Rambam Medical Center
34 requests for month

Rambam Oncological Center is recognized as one of the leaders in Israel. A special feature of the center is the applying of the radiotherapy technologies and radioactive iodine in treatment. Treatment of patients is held outpatiently and inpatiently. Due to the close cooperation with leading European and US centers of cancer treatment, Rambam Center is introduced the most advanced and innovative technologies and equipment for cancer treatment from the best clinics in the world. Among them are the radio- and beam-therapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy.

Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 9
161 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 161 patients received individual treatment program in Hadassah Medical Center
Medical center "Haddasa" - leading center, which specializes in integration of medical technology and research. In 40 departments and 10 clinics, specialized advising services and laboratories, address both the Israelis, patients from former Soviet republics and other countries of the continent.
Elisha Hospital in Israel (Haifa) is one of the best private multidisciplinary hospitals in Israel, which provides services in all medical fields at the highest level, both Israeli citizens and foreigners.Elisha Medical Center is located in a central area in the city of Haifa, located on the Mediterranean coast, was founded in 1935, and throughout its long history of existence enjoyed an impeccable reputation among patients.
495 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 495 patients received individual treatment program in Rabin Medical Center

Cancer Center "Davidoff" of Rabin Medical Center is the largest oncology clinic in Israel and the entire Middle East. Every fifth of Israeli citizens gets an aid of the cancer treatment here. The center treats patients with all types of cancer and hematological diseases (leukemia, osteomyelosclerosis, anemia, leukocytosis, and others). The Center includes the departments of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, integrative medicine, palliative therapy and dietology. Center operates with the following cutting-edge techniques for treatment: SBRT, IMRT, IGRT, Rapid Arc., SIRT.

145 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 145 patients received individual treatment program in Herzliya Medical Center

Clinic Cancer Center “Herzliya” has thirty years of experience. Center staff takes trainings and gets skills in the best medical centers in the world. Each patient throughout the treatment period is accompanied by a personal manager and translator. Center Department of Diagnostic works quickly and professionally - for the entire period of the department’s activity there was no single case of misdiagnosis. The main pathologies treated in Cancer Center Herzliya are: leukemia, Hodgkin's lymphoma, lymphoblastic leukemia, myeloma, carcinoid tumor, branchiogenic tumor, lung cancer, melanoma, brain cancer and other cancers.

87 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 87 patients received individual treatment program in Soroka Medical Center
Soroka Medical Center is the multidisciplinary medical complex in Israel. For patients of this clinic are available latest technology and equipment through which they are able to diagnosis disease at the earliest dates. Every year there carried about 30 thousand operations. The hospital serves more than 60% of Israel. According to numerous reviews, Soroka hospital helped a huge number of patients. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.
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«I had suffered from headaches for a long time. The migraines were devastating. It greatly affected my daily life, and especially work. On the advice of my friend I went to Laane-Tallinn Central Hospital. Doctors were professional. They had to work hard on my treatment. They provided me with a great room. The attending physician dropped in several times a day, was interested in my condition. The diagnostics was made before and after treatment. I want to thank all the staff of the hospital!»
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