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Solingen Municipal Hospital/Academic Hospital of the University of Cologne is among top clinics in Germany according to Focus magazine - one of the most widely circulated German editions. Städtisches Klinikum Solingen is a certified medical institution treating over 60,000 patients per...

Semkin Georgiy
Jan 28, 2016

My father (67 years old) in June-July 2013 was treated in Solingen, in Stadtisches Klinikum. The diagnosis is cancer of the trachea with metastases in the lungs. A tumor in the trachea was detected in...

Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids)
starting €15000
Resection of large intestine
€13000 - €25000
Prices for diagnostics
Revision of biopsy and immunohistochemistry
€1200 - €2000
Abdominal MRI
starting €600
Consultation with a gynecologist
starting €350
Lab tests
€200 - €300
Complex diagnostics of cervical cancer
Complex diagnostics of breast cancer
€3000 - €4000
Prices for treatment
starting €15000
Resection of large intestine
€13000 - €25000
€22000 - €30000
Brain tumor surgery
€18000 - €23000
The patient was treated of cancer of the trachea

My father (67 years old) in June-July 2013 was treated in Solingen, in Stadtisches Klinikum. The diagnosis is cancer of the trachea with metastases in the lungs. A tumor in the trachea was detected in September 2015. She was refused treatment at the 62nd hospital, in fact. So we ended up in Germany.
During the first (week) visit, a general examination was conducted. The operation had to be abandoned for medical reasons.
Unfortunately, the set of further options was not very large. The case was taken to a hospital consultation. A combination of tumor irradiation and treatment with "antibodies" was suggested. This method of treatment for some reason is practically not used in Russia (at least, it was not possible to find it on the sites of the main Russian cancer centers).
At the clinic there is a decent and inexpensive hostel where you can stop and from where you can go to the procedures (irradiation and droppers).
There is a feeling that the treatment worked. The control tomography is planned in early September in Moscow. The results will be sent to Germany, we hope for the best.

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The patient was treated of brain cancer

Appealed to Bukimed after her husband refused a doctor in Israel. He has a relapse of the brain tumor. Very quickly and clearly the staff picked up another doctor, a clinic in Germany. Proposed options to choose from. Everything is very clear and professional very quickly. I want to say a big thank you to Ekaterina Kochergan and Maria and Alexandra from the international office of the Solingen clinic. After different experience of treatment in Israel, communication and work with these people gave pleasure. Thank you for being and continue in the same spirit !.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

I wanted to share my experience of the survey in Germany, if more precisely, at the Solingen Clinic.
The wife has transferred 2 operations on a stomach, resection on B-II after have altered on B-I. We continued to accompany ourselves for a long time, because doctors did not want to take us for a walk or let us circle. We go around a lot of clinics in Kiev and did not find doctors who were ready to deal with the condition of the body, diagnose and offer a treatment regimen.
After much thought, they decided to apply through the Bookimed site. Manager Ekaterina helped to select a clinic and doctors, with specialization applied to our case. We were offered a personal system of body examination (for gastroenterology). In the Solingen clinic, an international office in the person of Marina and Alexandra, provided the necessary assistance in negotiations with doctors and helped resolve all issues that we had.
We expected that we would come, and everything would revolve around us (to examine, do something, advise, treat). But medicine in Germany is a little different, it needed to be ready and we had to learn it on the go. We were listened to, the professor on the basis of ours appointed a survey, tests, consultations of other doctors and what he considered necessary for our diagnosis. Frankly, with such thoroughness and so meticulously (in the good sense of the word) we were never examined. During the examination, doctors excluded anomalies that could form in the body (tumors, improperly performed operations, a violation of the body's physiology, adhesions). After the examination, medical treatment was started. Preparations are selected by adding or removing one tablet and controlling the condition of the body.
Separately I want to note the care of medical personnel, from nurses to doctors, comfort and warmth - all for the patient.
After the examination in Germany, the international office, translated the documents for Ukrainian doctors and provided survey protocols, both in German and in Russian, CD-ROMs with the results of the surveys.
To sum up, I will say: if you want to examine the body and understand what to do next, I recommend Germany and the Solingen clinic. In the person of the medical staff of the clinic and employees of the international office you will find - sensitivity, understanding and desire to help. Doctors treat each patient equally well and at the highest professional level, every professional and in his place.
We have a positive impression of Germany and the Solingen clinic, German doctors and everyone who helped us and actively participated in solving various issues. I also recommend finding time and looking at Germany itself - it's very interesting and allows you to get an easier examination and treatment.
We consider that the trip costed those forces, money and the result that we received.

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The patient was treated of hip fracture

With a calm heart I can recommend the orthopedic department of the city clinical clinic in Solingen and especially its head prof. Floating. The situation before going to the clinic was critical. In Russia they refused to treat, all previous operations failed. During the therapy I was in good hands. Assistance was provided at any time of the day. All problems were solved quickly and competently. After a short enough time after the operation, I feel better, and I owe this not only to the professionalism of the doctors but also to the high level of organization of this trip. Very satisfied. Many thanks to all!

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The patient was treated in this clinic

My mother was diagnosed in a gynecological clinic at Dr. Hensh. From the first minutes of his stay in Germany, the staff of the international department was surrounded by attention and care.
My worries about the language barrier were in vain. Alexandra translated high-level not only the semantic ligament, but she managed to convey the attitude of the doctors. Mom was accompanied and helped with the passage of examinations and analyzes. We were very satisfied and thanked all those who provided support during the diagnosis.

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Bethanien Clinic
Germany, Solingen
Prices for treatment
$2500 - $3000

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The patient was treated of epilepsy

We arrived in Istanbul, I didn’t know the language, it’s good that the doctors coordinators found me on request, and they signed me up for the best doctor. I’m very happy that I came to the doctor I needed. Thanks

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Clinic at a high level of service. We have been diagnosed with a 6 year old son. Service at a high level, we were met at the airport, organized a transfer to the hotel, to the hospital. They provided a translator, the coordinator constantly helped to organize visits to the doctor. Have been vaccinated and set a date for surgery. If you take the child, you need to take into account all his documents, even the vaccination card.

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The patient underwent check-up

Thanks to the Bookimed guys for their support at all stages! I managed to combine the survey with the trip and it was the right decision :) A few words about the clinic: Doctors are attentive and pay maximum attention to details, quickly with the help of analyzes, they eliminated all possible options and got to the bottom of the problem. Repeated consultations provided comprehensive information on the course of treatment. It is important that all the doctors said that I can email them if necessary. Anyone who thinks whether it is worth the money or not, I will say what it costs, since you will get the answers to all your questions and you will be sure of the treatment. Thanks again for the organization!

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The patient was treated of ovarian​ ​adenocarcinoma

what is relevant is that without bookimed help I will not reach the clinic and the specialized doctor for an opinion (the name of specialized doctor being recommended by Bookimed. from this perspective, I thank you a lot for your support and help in order to get rapid access to information and support and respectively to solution for my future treatment. thank you.

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