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TOP-5 cancer hospitals in the world: independent analysis of Bookimed


Bookimed International Patients Support Center has rated top cancer hospitals in the world considering their professional experience, proficiency in peculiarities of modern medicine, reviews of patients and statistics of their choice. We hope that this information will help you to find the most appropriate proposition among numerous cancer centers around the world.

The article has 8 main units:

What are the most important criteria to choose the proper hospital?

There is no definite answer to this question. For one group of patients the key criterion is treatment cost, for other - qualification and experience of a doctor, for the third - treatment method only.

Hospitals in our rating were evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • application of the advanced and sparing treatment method;
  • experience and professionalism of medical staff (including knowledge of foreign languages, care, individual approach, attention and psychological assistance);
  • cost of services and transparency of financial operations;
  • availability of statistical data for success rate of different therapies;
  • conditions of hospital stay (wards, equipment, availability of international departments for foreign patients, meals, hygiene, attitude of medical staff);
  • full range of medical services (from primary diagnostics and analyses to final rehabilitation after the treatment);
  • geographic location and climate.

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Basing on the most important questions on treatment abroad and needs of patients we have selected the evaluation criteria for medical centers and present you TOP-5 cancer hospitals in the world. International brand and mass media reputation do not always guarantee high quality of treatment and patient-orientation of the clinic.


The given statistics is made upon queries of over 40,000 patients and 200 different clinics treatment quality of which was appreciated by patients. Our analysis does not take into account the USA and the UK as these countries are generallyconsumers of medical services but not their donors. Considering high costs of medicine in the USA and the UK, their citizens choose treatment abroad.

Germany remains top European country for medical tourism - every year around 250,000 patients arrive to German clinics for treatment. Spain ranks second.

Clinics in Europe

Asklepios Medical Group – Germany

Asklepios Medical GroupAsklepios Clinic for Cancer and Palliative Medicine is one of the largest profile center in Europe accredited by German Cancer Society.

Asklepios Cancer Department comprises specialized centers for the treatment of breast cancer, oncourology, pancreatic and abdominal cancer as well as departments for palliative medicine, radiation and chemotherapy. They are equipped with potent diagnostic and therapeutic equipment: PET-CT, MRI, linear accelerators, Da Vinci Robotic System, Gamma-knife etc..

Medical personnel includes renown oncologists: Prof. Karl J. Oldhafer, Dr. Axel Stang, Prof. Roland Brüning and others. Besides medical practice in the hospital they do numerous clinical trials. This approach enables early implementation of the latest cancer therapies by doctors of Asklepios Hospital. Success rate for cancer treatment at early stages is up to 95%.

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Quiron Barcelona Hospital – Spain

Quiron Barcelona HospitalQuiron Barcelona Medical Center is more known as Baselga Oncological Institute (Instituto Oncológico Baselga). The hospital is named by its founder - famous medical oncologist Prof. Jose Baselga. It is focused on breast cancer treatment. As of today he is the only European member of American Cancer Society. Quiron Barcelona Cancer Department also employs elected President of the European Society for Medical Oncology, Dr. Josep Tabernero, one of the most quoted medical specialists in colorectal cancer treatment.

Quiron Barcelona Clinic has comprehensive diagnostic equipment to provide radiation (PET-CT, CT, MRI), laboratory diagnostics etc. When treating cancer, doctors perform both abdominal and laparoscopic, robot-assisted surgeries. Radiation therapy is performed using TrueBeam system, Gamma-knife, Cyber-knife.

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Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital in Israel)

Sourasky Medical CenterCancer Center of Sourasky Hospital is a leader in cancer treatment in Israel. Sourasky specialists have developed the first in the world non-surgical therapy for skin cancer. Every year Sourasky doctors make hundreds of unique and comprehensive operations for removal of malignant cardiac tumors.

The clinic applies multidisciplinary approach. Treatment team includes neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedists, ENT specialists, hematologists, radiologists etc. Each specialist has personal area of responsibility that minimizes treatment risks.

Sourasky department of oncology has state-of-the-art equipment enabling use of the latest methods for cancer treatment: Da Vinci Robotic System, TrueBeam, RapidArc radiation technology for maximum precise exposure on tumor. Premises of the Cancer Center include subdivisions for beam therapy, brachytherapy, chemotherapy, genetic oncology, neuro-oncology, psycho-oncology, breast cancer department.

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Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical CenterAnadolu Cancer Center applies treatment standards of John Hopkins Medical Center, USA. The Center was opened in 2005 and ranks first in Turkey and fourth in Europe on the use of innovative systems CyberKnife, TrueBeam STx.

The Center works as 'hospital within hospital', i.e. the treatment involves necessary doctors of other specialties for complex following and complete recovery.

Prof. Dr. med. Kayihan Engin is Anadolu chief oncologist. He studied in Turkey and the USA, worked in the Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine in Istanbul and in Thomas Jefferson University (the USA). He is a forerunner and world leader for the treatment of cancer pathologies using CyberKnife. Every year Prof. Kaihan Engin performs over 250 procedures, 50% of which - for foreign patients.

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South Korea

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical CenterSamsung is the largest medical center of South Korea that every year places top positions in hospital ratings. It has a special status of 'Hospital of presidential standards' and was 12 times consecutively awarded as Top Medical Center .

In 2008 the largest cancer center in Asia was opened in Samsung Hospital. It comprises 652 beds and 20 surgery rooms. Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center cooperates with leading international hospitals - John Hopkins Clinic (USA), M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas University and others.

This Korean Medical Center has extraordinary success rate for cervical cancer treatment: stage 3 treatment success is 68-72%, while international statistics attributes about 50% for this cancer type.

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Features and advantages of TOP-5 hospitals:

  1. Transparency of financial operations: payment is made only in a cash desk of a clinic and each patient receives invoice with a list of all provided services/procedures. Bookimed acts as a guarantor of transparent and fair financial relations of a clinic with a patient.
  2. International accreditation. All the above mentioned hospitals have JCI certification - 'golden standard in medicine'. According to the requirements of JCI Commission, work of a clinic is evaluated by 197 main standards, 368 general standards and 1032 additional indexes for accordance with the proper quality of medical services, procedures etc.
  3. Geographical location.
  4. Wide price range depending on level of the hospital, chosen country etc.. Each patient has a right to choose a clinic based on personal preferences and available financial means.
  5. Advanced medical technologies, palliative interventions that enable conserving of healthy tissues, improvement of postoperative aesthetic effect, achievement of maximum restoration of functions of the organism and obtaining of the best result.
  6. Best oncologists of the world, leading oncosurgeons and radiologists provide comprehensive treatment in the listed clinics.
  7. Services of international department ensuring maximum comfort during entire hospital stay, from air tickets and to airport transfer after when treatment is completed.
  8. Unique rehabilitation methods.
  9. Individual approach of medical staff to each patient.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding treatment in some clinic, regardless whether it is listed in this rating or not, contact Bookimed Doctor Coordinator. We will assist you at each stage of the treatment abroad.

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FAQ’s about treatment abroad

What is the cost of complete check-up and treatment for my diagnosis?

'Please, specify your diagnosis, your health conditions and requests to the treatment, and we will calculate as soon as possible a cost of the treatment, flight, accommodation etc.'

What innovative methods are applied for treatment of my diagnosis in foreign clinics? Which of them are the most preserving?

'Have received information about diagnosis, we select the most effective and/or sparing treatment methods for your particular case and inform you about specifics and cost of these procedures.'

What additional expenses can occur during a hospital stay?

'Depending on health conditions, requirements and diagnosis of a patient, we give a list of services and/or procedures that can be paid additionally. For example, consultation and treatment of dental specialist (oral cavity sanation is recommended before hospitalization).'

How many patients with similar diagnosis were treated in this clinic? What is the success rate?

'Foreign clinics provide very little statistical data on operations. But we have a vast database containing reviews and treatment results of our patients in different cancer hospitals.'

Does a clinic provide accommodation for a companion?

'Each hospital has its own conditions for companions: from a bed in the same ward with the patient to comfortable rooms with full board in the hospital.'

What language will I speak? Is there an interpreter for foreign patients?

'All the above listed hospital are oriented for foreign patients. If medical staff does not speak your language, you will have a translator. We provide you with information about all possible variants.'

Who arranges the trip? Is there any reception in the airport?

'Bookimed International Patients Support Center together with international department of the chosen clinic will assist you in arranging all documents, visa obtaining, airport reception and transfer and other peculiarities of the trip.'

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