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Samsung Medical Center
1492 bookings
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1492 patients have already received for free the cost of the treatment and the program

Samsung Medical Center

1492 bookings
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Prices for diagnostics

  • Orthopedic consultation
  • Сomplex oncology diagnostic
  • Angiography
  • Biochemical blood analysis
  • Biopsy
  • Blood sugar level test
  • Brain MRI with contrast
    from 1000$
  • Bronchoscopy + biopsy
    from 3510 to 4385$
  • Colposcopy
  • Complete blood and urine tests
    from 450$
  • Complete blood count
  • Complex diagnostics of Parkinson"s disease
    from 5200 to 6700$
  • Computed tomography
  • Consultation of a gastroenterologist
  • Consultation of a gynecologist
  • Consultation of a mammologist
  • Consultation of a neurologist
    from 100 to 150$
  • Consultation of a neurosurgeon
  • Consultation of a surgeon
    from 100 to 150$
  • Consultation of an oncologist
    from 100 to 150$
  • Consultation of an ophthalmologist
  • Consultation of an urologist
    from 300$
  • Contrast-enhanced MRI
  • Core needle biopsy
  • CT (computer tomography)
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound Biopsy
  • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy
  • Genetic screening
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Lab tests
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Papanicolaou test (PAP analysis)
  • PET-CT
  • PET-CT with Gallium-68
  • PSA test
  • Radiography
  • Scintigraphy based on somatostatine receptors
  • Tumor Marker Blood Test
  • U.S. eyeball
  • Ultrasound
  • Urine analysis
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Prices for treatment

  • Cryotherapy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Laryngectomy
  • Removal of part of tumor and nerve of eye
  • Amputation
  • Autologous bone marrow transplantation
  • Bone marrow transplantation
  • Bone resection
  • Brachytherapy
    from 1240 to 1360$
  • Chemotherapy
    from 1740 to 3480$
  • Craniotomy
    from 25000 to 30000$
  • Da Vinci Robotic System
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery
  • Distal Pancreatectomy
    from 24500 to 32000$
  • Endoscopic stenting
    from 4000$
  • Enucleation of eye
    from 17600 to 26400$
  • Enucleation of tumor on pancreas
  • Esophagectomy
  • Gamma Knife
  • Immunotherapy
  • Liver transplantation
  • Lobectomy
  • Lung cancer surgery
    from 21900 to 30670$
  • Mastectomy
  • Medication treatment for Parkinson"s disease
    from 870$
  • Nephrectomy
  • Photocoagulation
  • Prostatectomy
  • Radical thyroidectomy
    from 8000 to 10000$
  • Radioiodine therapy
    from 1000$
  • Radiotherapy
    from 18000$
  • Removal of the brain tumor
  • Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) cavitary
  • Resection of bone with implant replacement
  • Resection of tumor
  • Robotic surgery to remove tumors
    from 15700 to 22700$
  • Targeted therapy
    from 1580 to 1760$
  • Trachelectomy (cervicectomy)
  • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
  • Whipple surgery
    from 26100 to 34800$
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Starting from 1994 Samsung Hospital in Seoul has created a new concept of medical institution in Korea, consisting of general hospital, specialized centers, laboratories and research units. It has a special status of “Hospital of presidential standards” and has been awarded as Top Medical Center 12 times consecutively. Qualitative medical services of Samsung Hospital has won the 1st place in Customer Satisfaction and Quality Indexes of Korea. SMC is continuously growing and developing. Besides general clinic, there are specialized centers: Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center, Institute of Heart Vascular Stroke and other narrow specialized centers (gastrointestinal, spine, organ transplantation etc.).

Samsung Medical Center in Korea

Features of Samsung Medical Center:

  • The most comprehensive cancer center in Asia
  • Over 45,000 surgeries per year
  • Applies proton beam therapy
  • Concludes clinical trials at the base of Research Institute for Future Medicine
  • Was awarded as Top Medical Center 12 times consecutively


Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center

It is the largest cancer center in Asia that provides the most comprehensive medical care. The biggest inpatient oncological department in Korea has 78 beds and uses advanced treatment technologies - Novalis, IMGRT (image-guided radiation therapy), Da Vinci surgical system. The Center comprises 17 departments that works with particular type of cancer (lung, colorectal, gastric, breast cancer etc.). Samsung Cancer Center has treated over 50,000 patients since its opening. In 2016, a Proton Center was constructed and introduced proton beam therapy.

Samsung Institute of Heart Vascular Stroke

The Institute works as integrated complex center comprising of Cardiac, Vascular, Diagnostic, Prevention and Rehabilitation Centers. It also cooperates with general department of Samsung Hospital and has partnership with the Mayo Clinic in the USA. The Institute provides complex diagnostic and treatment procedure for cardiac patients: radio frequency catheter ablation with 3D imaging equipment, installation of artificial pacemaker, cardiac resynchronization implantation, direct current cardioversion etc.

Medical staff of Samsung Cancer Center

Modern technological base of the Hospital

In the hospital an innovative integrated system operates, which includes:

Samsung Clinic facts and statistics as of 2015:

  • over 2 million outpatients and 85 thousand inpatients
  • 45,800 surgeries
  • 2,457 research projects
  • approx. 1,400 doctors

What are the pricing policy of Samsung Medical Center?

  • Primary consultation of the doctor - from $ 60, secondary consultation - from $ 50;
  • Blood tests - from $ 420 to $ 670;
  • Skin biopsy - from $ 250;
  • MRI - from $1,150;

You may receive consultations and take diagnostic or treatment course at Samsung Medical Center through referring to Bookimed International Patient Support Center.

Location of the clinic on the map (Republic of Korea, Seoul)

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center is a prominent multidisciplinary hospital in South Korea that has repetitively received many awards in customer satisfaction and services quality. It has a special status of “Hospital of presidential standards”. A part of Samsung Medical Complex, Comprehensive Cancer Center provides the most thorough treatment for cancer patients using state-of-the-art equipment: Novalis, IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy), Da Vinci surgical system, etc.
1492 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 1492 patients received individual treatment program in Samsung Medical Center
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    Samsung Medical Center

  • Samsung Medical Center photos

    Samsung Medical Center

  • Samsung Medical Center photos

    Samsung Medical Center

  • Samsung Medical Center photos

    Samsung Medical Center

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Heart Surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic Surgery
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Rating of the Samsung Medical Center on the basis of 1 review patient

4 /5  - «Good»

The patient was treated of brain tumor

9 March 2017

Many thanks to Catherine, Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator, for her prompt responses and sympathy. In a week after application my daughter (with diagnosis tumor of brain stem) was proposed a treatment in Korea. We have a CHANCE! Thank you for everything!

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