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10 Best Pediatric Cancer Hospitals: Independent Bookimed Ranking


Annually over 335,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer according to the IARC statistics (International Agency on Research on Cancer), and each each year this figure grows. This is a quite terrified fact, but if treatment starts in time, 85% of children recover.

Bookimed specialists know well what parents feel when their child is diagnosed with cancer: panic captures them, and they barely know what to start with because time cannot be wasted. A fear to lose a child makes them act immediately, and in this moment it is necessary to find the best cancer hospital and specialist.

How to choose top pediatric cancer center

Most of parents do not know where to treat their child. They meet such problems: save child’s life, preserve a limb or affected organ during a treatment, protect a kid from the mental shock and back to a normal life. We can give several advice how to choose the right hospital where high-level medical services are provided:

  • Learn statistics of the treatment effectiveness regarding disease your child has. Compare figures with the world average rates. In some hospitals they can be over 90%.
  • Pay attention to the hospitals’ accreditation: they must be certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) that guarantees a compliance with the international treatment protocols.
  • Choose only those hospitals which are strictly specialized in pediatric oncology treatment.
  • Leave a request to Bookimed. We have already helped 500 families faced with children’s cancer to choose best pediatric oncology hospital. Bookimed does not take fees for services, our Doctors-Coordinators will find the best treatment in your particular case for free.

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10 Top ranked pediatric oncology hospitals

Bookimed has ranked Top 10 children's cancer hospitals taking into account patients’ reviews, prices for medical services, hospitals accreditation, doctors’ experience and effectiveness of pediatric cancer treatment. Hospitals of the UK and USA are not included in the list because of their high price policy - even locals look for alternative cheaper treatment considering other destinations.

Pediatric oncology centers in Germany

Clinic for Pediatric Oncology at Charité - Germany

Charite clinicsCharité Medical Center is in the list of Top German hospitals treating oncology in adults and children according to the authoritative Focus magazine rating.

The specialized Clinic for Pediatric Oncology at Charité accepts children with Ewing’s sarcoma, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma, acute leukemia and other oncological diseases diagnosed in kids. Annually 120 little patients with cancer get a high-quality assistance at Charité.

Specialists of the Clinic headed by Prof. Angelika Eggert are ready to accept children even in advanced cases.

Price policy: the treatment is quite expensive here: at 20% higher comparing with other German hospitals. Moreover, each patient before going to the Clinic must make a prepayment which is used to cover expenses for medical procedures.

University Clinic Essen - Germany

Essen clinicsUniversity Clinic Essen is the most prestigious hospital in Germany and in Europe due to its innovative developments in treatment of oncology, applying advanced techniques and medications. The Center cooperates with the best international hospitals to share the experience in treatment of all diseases.

This Clinic has specialized Children’s Unit where aggressive kinds of cancer are treated. Uniclinic Essen accepts children even in critical condition, and other hospitals refuse to provide treatment.

Price policy: the Center is one of the best children's oncology hospitals but the prices are very high, so most of parents can’t afford to treat their children there.

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Pediatric oncology centers in Spain

Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital - Spain

Sant Joan de deu Childrens HospitalSant Joan de Déu is among top pediatric cancer hospitals in Europe and the world. It accepts patients from the infant age to 21. The main feature of this hospital is developing new drugs and therapies for treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma, retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, brain tumors, leukemia, and other pediatric oncological diseases.

Statistics of effectiveness:

  • recovery rate for retinoblastoma treatment is at 20% higher than average one in the world due to applying immunotherapy by antibodies to GD2;
  • 68% recovery rate for children with high-risk neuroblastoma;
  • 84% recovery rate for patients with Ewing’s sarcoma. It is one of the highest indexes in the world. In most of cases a limp is preserved.
  • 84% recovery rate for patients with lymphoblastic leukemia.

Price policy: quite high comparing with other hospitals in Spain or Italy, but they are lower than in the USA or Germany in some cases. Such a cost is explained by a high effectiveness of treatment.

Clinica Universidad de Navarra - Spain

Clinica Universidad de NavarraClinica Universidad de Navarra is another Spanish clinic included to the best pediatric cancer hospitals. This medical center is specialized in treatment of children’s oncology diseases, but the highest effectiveness doctors of the Hospital achieved in treatment of different types of sarcomas.

Clinica Universidad de Navarra has had an experience in treating over 1,500 children with sarcoma, and in 90% of cases a limb is preserved. It is one of the highest success rates in Europe.

Price policy: the cost for services is lower than in clinics of Western Europe.

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Pediatric oncology centers in Israel

Sourasky Medical Center’s Dana Dwek Children’s Hospital - Israel

Sourasky Dana DwekDana Dwek Children’s Hospital belongs to Sourasky Medical Center which is in Top-10 best oncological centers in the world.

The specialized on pediatric oncology Dana Dwek Hospital provides treatment of all diseases,and the recovery rate is one of the highest in the world. The Hospital is also among top pediatric cancer centers. Israeli specialists understand that treatment of pediatric oncology is not only about the physical health of a child, but also psychological one. That is why a kid undergoing treatment in Dana Dwek Children’s Hospital feels like at home: the specially educated stuff, bright design, playgrounds with toys and clowns are available for each child.

Price policy: the cost for medical services is regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health, so foreign patients do not pay extra fees for treatment.

Rambam Medical Center’s Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital - Israel

Rambam Ruth RappaportRuth Rappaport Children’s Hospital is one of the most advanced children’s oncology medical centers in Israel. The average recovery rate for oncological and hematological diseases in kids is 80%. This index is as high as in the best clinics of Europe and the USA.

The Hospital cooperates with world-known Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University (USA), and together they develop innovative therapies and medications against pediatric cancer.

Price policy: the cost depends on the disease and the level of its spread, so it can be low or higher comparing with the best European medical centers.

Sheba Medical Center’s Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital - Israel

Sheba Edmond Lily Safra HospitalEdmond and Lily Safra (Sheba) is one more children’s specialized hospital included to our top pediatric cancer hospitals ranking. It occupies leading positions in Israel regarding success rates of treatment and applying advanced technologies.

Annually 120 new kids undergo treatment at the Center. It also accepts adults (up to 30) who are diagnosed with “children” oncological diseases.

Price policy: the costs are the same or higher as in top European pediatric oncology centers.

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Pediatric oncology center in Italy

San-Raffaele Ospedale - Italy

San Raffaele Ospedale HospitalSan-Raffaele Ospedale is one of the best hospitals in Italy. It also has its own specialized Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Unit which focuses on traditional and experimental treatment (stem cells and gene therapies). The Hospital has own laboratory equipped with the advanced technologies for the 100% diagnosis accuracy.

The Pediatric Unit perform success bone marrow transplant for 96% of patients appealed for help.

Price policy: the cost for medical procedures are one of the lowest in Europe, so international patients prefer saving money and get high-quality treatment at San-Raffaele Ospedale.

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Pediatric oncology centers in Turkey

Anadolu Medical Center - Turkey

anadolu medical centerAnadolu Medical Center has the Department for Pediatric oncology treatment. This hospital is affiliated by Top world medical center Johns Hopkins (USA) which specializes in oncology. It means that all treatment procedures at Anadolu are conducted according to American treatment protocols, so effectiveness of therapies is as high as in the USA.

The level of equipment, professionalism of doctors is the same or even higher as in the best European hospitals and the USA. Specialists of Anadolu top up qualifications from their American colleagues applying innovative methods for treatment.

One more advantage is that Turkish hospital provides services of interpreter and transfer for free.

Price policy: the cost for treatment is 20-50% lower than in Europe.

Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi - Turkey

medipol medical centerMedipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi includes specialized Pediatric Oncology Unit which provides treatment not only for the most frequently but also rarely diagnosed cancer diseases in kids. Medipol belongs to top pediatric oncology hospitals of Turkey because of its state-of-the-art equipment, internationally recognized specialists and compliance with international treatment protocols (JCI).

Due to these, doctors have achieved high effectiveness in treatment of children's oncology and hematology. For instance, the success rate for bone marrow transplant is 91.5%.

Price policy: the costs for treatment are lower than in Europe at 20-50% with the same level of treatment quality.

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Most frequently asked questions

Why should I use Bookimed services?

Bookimed cooperates with the best pediatric oncology centers. Our Doctor-Coordinators can quickly find a hospital which is the most suitable for your particular case: we take into account financial ability of the family, diagnosis and patient’s health conditions. We understand that time is very valuable for each patient, so with Bookimed you don’t have to wait in queues and can start treatment immediately.

How much should I pay for Bookimed services?

Bookimed services are absolutely free for the patients. We are sponsored by the hospitals to help people find the most effective treatment option. You pay only for medical services via direct bill in a clinic.

How quickly can my child start a treatment?

Our patients receive treatment program within 1-3 days, and then a patient should solve visa (if necessary) and other organizational issues. If a patient needs an urgent hospitalization, Bookimed helps start treatment immediately.

Will my child survive?

Everything hugely depends on the diagnosis and the stage of disease. But we cooperate only with the best children's oncology hospitals providing recovery for 80-85% of kids. So, in most of cases, children completely recover.

Which innovative methods are used for treatment of pediatric cancer?

Best pediatric cancer hospitals constantly develop innovative therapies and medications against pediatric oncology. The specialists understand that for cancer treatment in kids is important applying both safe and effective treatment methods. Among them are: intra-arterial chemotherapy (influences only on the malignant tumor without affecting healthy tissues), immunotherapy, organ-preserving surgical methods (in case of retinoblastoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, osteosarcoma, etc.).

Does every of above mentioned hospitals accept a child in critical conditions?

Unfortunately, not every hospital is ready to accept a child with the advanced cancer. But Bookimed helps to find the most suitable option. Each case is considered individually, and our Doctor-Coordinators do everything possible to send a little patient for treatment to the best medical institution in the short term.

Should I pay for transfer and services of interpreter?

It depends on the country you are going to undergo treatment. In Turkey you don’t need to pay for these services, but in Israel and European hospitals - they are paid additionally.

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