high price level

14 days clinic's response speed

11 requests per week

2852 patients have already received the treatment plan

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

high price level

14 days clinic's response speed

11 requests per week

2852 patients have already received the treatment plan

Charité is the most famous university hospital in the whole Europe which was founded yet in 1710. The majority of patients choosing treatment in Germany prefer this clinic because of its high popularity and good reviews. International patients are not a priority for Charité, so patients from other countries should be prepared for long terms of application processing and absence of foreign patients reception service.

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3 patients' reviews
The patient was treated in this clinic

In October 2016, a son (five years) was operated on, a diagnosis of the pilocitic astrocytoma of the brain, on the cerebellum. The surgeon Ulrich-Wilhelm Tomale operated. The operation was brilliant! The tumor was removed completely !!! On the fourth day the child could already walk, on the sixth day we were discharged! Straight miracles. Many thanks to all the staff of the clinic: 29 stations, 35 intensive care units and, of course, all the doctors who performed the operation. The attitude of the staff is beyond praise. It is very strong that parents can be with the child even in intensive care immediately after surgery. The child fell asleep and woke up with his parents and his toys. Thanks again!

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The patient was treated in this clinic

I remain grateful from all my soul to all those people who helped me to get a good vision. I have not had very good eyesight since my childhood, but it began to strain me strongly only during my studies in high school and at the university. Then I already knew that I would have to have an operation to correct vision. I'm from St. Petersburg, I chose from a number of elite clinics, but I was not satisfied with the high price and no one gave me any guarantees, and it frightened me. I decided in my next vacation period not to go to the sea, but to correct vision abroad. I found WP German Med, wrote to them on the mail, they answered me with a list of clinics that can accept me at these dates and gave me all the coordinates of specialists and the names of doctors who could conduct the operation. Naturally, I thought a couple of days, but still agreed. I was attracted to the terms of the company, translator, coordinator, if necessary, a transfer to the clinic plus a 24-hour hotline. But the biggest plus was that the price for the services of the company WP German Med plus surgery in the clinic, and this is also the work of the professor, cost me exactly the same amount as I was asked in St. Petersburg for the operation. I honestly say that's why I chose to travel to Germany than to stay in St. Petersburg.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

We just came from there. My mother lay in the hospital in the department of endocrinology: she has diabetes with complications, like kidney failure, retinopathy, etc. Approximately 10 days. We are a little sorry that we went. We have no complaints about doctors and their professionalism, but the situation itself not only disappointed, but shocked. Nurses can not get into a vein - my mother's arms were completely in hematomas, I had to find and show them veins myself, because I myself am a health worker. Finally, once again they had to call someone from the intensive care unit to cope with this simple affair. Moreover, during such manipulations hygiene rules were not respected-I had to demand that the nurse, who was sent from the intensive care unit, sterilized his hands and put on gloves. Nobody followed whether the patient was taking the medicine or not (my mother was almost blind), and I had to stay there myself all day and give her medication. But purely human, people are wonderful. Attention, courtesy and good manners. On the other hand, all this could be due to the acute shortage of qualified personnel, which Germany is currently experiencing.

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Prices for diagnostics

Inpatient diagnosis for rheumatological disease
€10000 - €12000
Laboratory tests for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
to €12000

Treatment costs

Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids)
starting €6000
SIRT therapy
starting €42000
Cochlear implant placement
€39000 - €42000
Brain tumor removal
€22000 - €35000
€12000 - €22000
Liver transplant
starting €100000
Kidney transplant
starting €70000

About hospital

Berlin Charite hospital is the most famous university hospital in Europe, which is of great historical and practical importance to Berlin in particular and Brandenburg on the whole. Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm I who founded it in 1710 (for treatment of plague) had no idea that in 2010 the clinic will celebrate its 300th anniversary adding two universities. This merger promotes synthesis of professional skills of specialists of the two best German universities. The results of cooperation can be seen not only as an example of high quality service and medical care, but also in the results of research and experimentation held in Clinic because more than half of German scholars of the Nobel Prize in medicine are working for Charite.

Today the clinic continues to impress with numbers:

  • More than 100 clinics and institutes;
  • 17 centers in 4 different areas of the city;
  • 3,500 beds for admission of inpatients;
  • 13,000 employees;
  • 4,000 researchers and physicians;
  • 28,000 inpatients annually, 100,0000 outpatients
  • 7,000 operations per month;
  • 5,400 newborn babies per year;
  • 7,000 students trained at the Medical Faculty Hospital;
  • 1,2 billion euro as annual turnover.

Main divisions of the Hospital:

  • Oncology: a comprehensive cancer treatment center, radiotherapy clinic, hematology, tumor immunology, pulmonology;
  • Neurology: Hospital scientists are engaged in research of stroke, diagnosis of brain by means of imaging technique. 900 patients with problems of intracerebral hemorrhage to ischemic stroke or cerebral thrombosis are treated here annually;
  • Surgery: weight problems (obesity), visceral and transplantation, musculoskeletal, maxillofacial, plastic, reconstructive.

The research work of Charite specialists means a lot to the development of modern medicine in a global sense. First class results in preclinical studies, clinical studies and research in the field of health care products and pharmaceuticals are achieved in laboratories. This once again confirms the positive indices of the universities merger - incredible medical technologies are developed here. For example, six months ago, a robot operator started to work. It is designed for minimal interference in the internal organs, which is under high risk of damage during traditional operations. Now it can provide a unique precision and control up to three instruments at the same time, which allows to perform the operation at a level never possible before.

In addition to traditional treatment and rehabilitation, special attention is paid to palliative care. This allows patients with chronic diseases and with minimal chance of full recovery to enjoy their life. Doctors are working to minimize pain during the remaining period. The Clinic by itself with its beautiful architecture, friendly staff and qualitative treatment contribute to successful recovery.


Diseases treated in the clinic
Brain Cancer Breast cancer Diabetes type 2 Herniated disk Liver cancer Lung cancer Lymphoma Melanoma Prostate cancer Sarcoma Scoliosis Sensorineural hearing loss Viral hepatitis Hepatitis С Rheumatoid arthritis Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Adenocarcinoma Adenoids Alzheimer's disease Ankylosing spondylitis Anorexia Arnold Chiari syndrome Arrhythmia Arthritis Arthrosis Astrocytoma Atelocardia Atherosclerosis Atrial fibrillation Atrial septal defect Basalioma Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Bone cancer Brain Cyst Brain tumor Cataract cavernoma Cerebral artery aneurysm Cholecystectomy Cholelithiasis Chronic myelogenous leukemia Cirrhosis Coronary artery bypass grafting Coronary artery disease Craniopharyngiomas craniostenosis Depression Deviated septum Endometrial adenocarcinoma Endometriosis ependymoma Epilepsy Esophageal adenocarcinoma Esophageal cancer Ewing"s sarcoma Fibroadenoma Gallbladder cancer Gastritis Glaucoma Glioblastoma Glomerulonephritis Hearing loss Hemorrhoids Hepatoblastoma HIV Hydrocephalus Impotence Infertility Kidney cancer Kidney transplantation Knee arthritis Larynx cancer Larynx cancer stage 1 Larynx cancer stage 2 Larynx cancer stage 3 Larynx cancer stage 4 Leiomyosarkoma Leukemia Liver cancer stage 1 Liver cancer stage 2 Liver cancer stage 3 Liver cancer stage 4 Lung cancer stage 1 Lung cancer stage 2 Lung cancer stage 3 Lung cancer stage 4 Lupus erythematosus lymphangioma Lymphostasis Macular degeneration Mediastinal lymphoma Meningioma Metastases in the liver Multiple sclerosis Nephroblastoma Neuritis of the facial nerve Neuroblastoma Obesity Obstructive hydrocephalus Osteochondrosis Osteomyelitis Osteosarcoma ovarian cyst Pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cancer stage 1 Pancreatic cancer stage 2 Pancreatic cancer stage 3 Pancreatic cancer stage 4 Pancreatitis Paranoia Parkinson"s disease Phimosis Pituitary adenoma Polycystic ovaries Polyps of the gastrointestinal tract Prostate cancer stage 1 Prostatitis Pyelonephritis Rehabilitation of cerebral palsy Retinal detachment Retinoblastoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Schizophrenia Sigmoid adenocarcinoma Small intestine cancer Spina bifida (cleft spine) Spinal cord abscess Spinal cord injury spine cyst Strabismus Testicular cancer Tetralogy of Fallot Thyroid cancer Thyroid cancer stage 1 Thyroid cancer stage 2 Thyroid cancer stage 3 Thyroid cancer stage 4 Thyroid disease Tongue cancer Tongue cancer stage 1 Tongue cancer stage 2 Tongue cancer stage 3 Tongue cancer stage 4 Ulcerative colitis Urolithiasis Uterine cancer Uterine cancer stage 1 Uterine cancer stage 2 Uterine cancer stage 3 Uterine cancer stage 4 Uterine fibroids Varicocele Ventricular septal defect West syndrome
Disease not found

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The patient underwent breast augmentation

Это был замечательный опыт. Проводили операцию по увеличению груди в Forme Clinic. Это не клиника - это отель 5 звезд ))) Чувствуешь себя, как дома) Замечательный персонал, очень заботливые и что самое главное для меня - нет ощущения, что ты в больнице. Доктор Мертан, был очень внимателен к моим пожеланиям и выполнил все именно так, как мне было необходимо. Результат превзошел все ожидания, я осталась очень довольна. Всем советую эту клинику и доктора.

The patient was treated of lymphoma

Good day! My name is Tatyana! I am grateful to Bookimed, and to the coordinator coordinator Konstantin Siminenko in helping him to find a specific clinic in terms of quality and price !!! Konstantin is always in touch, trying to help advise on various issues! We hope for further cooperation! Thank you!

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The patient underwent diagnostic

The quality of medicine in the clinic is very high, the competence of the doctor is beyond doubt. All issues arising in the process were successfully solved through the coordinators Daria and Irada, as well as a specialist Jan.

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The patient underwent check-up

Everything is super !!! Five Stars!!! I liked it very much, the service of the clinic KUIMS is very fast and efficient. Many thanks to the girls translators, Nare and Lena, thanks for the organization of the company, the girls Barbara and Katerina, everything is super! Good luck to all!!!

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