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Clinica Universidad de Navarra (CUN) is the best private Spanish hospital in 2018 according to MERCO (monitoring organization of medical reputation).

Navarra is a leading sarcoma center. 74% of patients get cured of bone sarcoma; and in up to 95% of cases, an affected limb is preserved.

Oncology, Onco-Hematology, Organ Transplant, Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery are the primary specialties in Navarra Hospital.

Hospital de Navarra is the 1st in Spain that has received JCI, the US certificate for the high quality of medical services.

Over 700,000 patients from 70 countries have been treated at Navarra.

Patient reviews on the hospital
6 patient reviews
Apr 28, 2019
The patient was treated of sarcoma

The consultation is fruitful
Received as welcome guests
All questions answered
Ready to recommend to people
The only thing that is inconvenient is no direct Auto flights to the city of Palomnna

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Dec 12, 2018
The patient was treated of sarcoma

Klіnіka one of nikryshchikhsya in ропvropі, put to super personnel, supposedly superb circumstances. Price of pom_rna, honestly, it’s not arduously expensive in the past with the worst countries of Europe

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Nov 30, 2018
The patient was treated of ewing's sarcoma

I want to go to the pram in the first place to our coordinator Katerina, who helped us with the vibe

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    Ekaterina Koliko Bookimed medical coordinator Dec 3, 2018

    Анно, щиро вдячні вам за відгук, він допоможе пацієнтам робити вірний вибір. Вашій родині бажаємо здоров'я!

Nov 22, 2018
The patient underwent diagnostic

Thank you Darya and Yuri for help in organizing my stay at the clinic. Everything was top notch. The medical staff are professionals and, not least, responsive and pleasant people. Helped at the right time.

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    Daria Lazareva Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 22, 2018

    Алла здравствуйте, спасибо большое за Ваш отзыв и слова благодарности!

Jul 4, 2017
The patient was treated of osteosarcoma

Disengaged Bookimeb allow from our family to raise huge gratitude to your employee Catherine Koliko. Half a year ago she very much helped us to find a clinic, help with the trip and solve all the issues. Now we need her help again and only she managed to help us in finding a clinic. Catherine was very responsive to our problem and was imbued with all her heart. Every day he answers our questions and helps us in every possible way with the negotiations with the clinic. I ask you to take into account the fact that you have a very valuable employee who is always ready to help, especially in a difficult situation. Thank you!!!

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    Ekaterina Koliko Bookimed medical coordinator Dec 3, 2018

    Виктория, спасибо большое за слова благодарности! Мы всегда рады вам помочь. Здоровья вам и вашим близким!

About the hospital
location_on Spain, Pamplona

The University Clinic of Navarra was established in 1962. It is located in Pamplona, in the north of Spain.

Navarra Hospital in figures

Navarra Hospital in figures

Advantages of Navarra Hospital

  • High patients' assessments. According to FBA Consulting, 95 out of 100 patients are satisfied with the level of medical services and 73 people are ready to recommend the hospital to other patients.
  • The most technologically advanced hospital in Spain. 2 hybrid operating rooms and 2 theatres for interventional cardiology (for heart surgeries through a catheter), 3 linear accelerators to irradiate tumors, 3 MRIs, 3CTs, Da Vinci robotic system, PET-CT.
  • Fast-track diagnostics. According to the Navarra Hospital data, a patient undergoes diagnostic tests and receives the results within 48 hours.
  • Innovative treatment options. The hospital cooperates with Navarra University. CUN received over €12,000,000 of investments to develop 36 projects in oncology, gene therapy, neurology, hepatology. Doctors apply the results of these research to treat patients at Navarra.



Sarcoma treatment statistics

According to the hospital's data, Navarra is a leading center for sarcoma treatment in Spain. Doctors have treated 1,500 patients with sarcoma (including children) for the last 30 years.

The treatment success is:

  • 74% for osteosarcoma
  • 64% for Ewing's sarcoma.

90 out of 100 patients preserve an affected extremity after surgical treatment of osteosarcoma. Nowadays, this is the best index in Europe.

Surgical Canadell technique was developed at Navarra. This option allows preserving the limb in case of pediatric sarcoma treatment. Today, Canadell is used in Chinese, Swiss, German, and Turkish hospitals.


  • In 83% of cases, a tumor is completely removed
  • The 1st in Spain to apply cells injections against glioblastoma.

Navarra doctors are the 1st in Spain who have started applying cells vaccines against aggressive tumors such as glioblastoma. This vaccine is produced on the base of own patients' cells. According to MedicalXpress, a new drug improves the survival index for patients with glioblastoma.

During the brain tumor surgery, doctors use fluorescent microscopy technique. Surgeons insert a special safe substance which highlights malignant cells, and a doctor clearly distinguishes them from healthy tissues.

Due to this method, a surgeon removes a brain tumor entirely in 83% of cases compared to 30% without this technique.


Breast cancer treatment statistics

When breast cancer is suspected, the diagnostics takes 1 day, on average. If the diagnosis is confirmed, doctors establish a treatment plan within a week.

Navarra surgeons plan the breast tumor removal in details to preserve healthy breast tissues as much as possible, and if necessary — to make a reconstruction of an organ.


The primary treatment option for thyroid cancer is surgical intervention.

The operation is minimally-invasive — it is performed through the incision in the armpit or behind the ear to avoid visible scarring. Doctors also conduct surgery using Da Vinci robotic system.

After surgery, doctors additionally prescribe hormone-, chemo- or radiotherapies.

Radioiodine therapy is assigned in case of differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid gland. This type of tumor is the most sensitive to radioactive iodine.

Onco-Hematology (leukemia, thalassemia)

Bone marrow transplant statistics

Doctors of the Department specialize in the treatment of leukemia, multiple myeloma. The primary option for blood cancer treatment is chemotherapy.

Important to know: the Department accepts only children older than 3.5 years.

For medical reasons, doctors conduct bone marrow transplant (BMT) which allows restoring hematogenic function.

2 types of BMT are performed at Navarra:

  • autologous (from a patient)
  • allogeneic (from a donor).

Hospital Navarra applies the newest vaccines to destroy blood cancer cells and suppress their growth. Among them are derivatives from retinoid acid; they show a high success rate in combination with chemotherapy.

Liver/kidney transplant

Organ transplant statistics

Navarra doctors specialize in liver and kidney transplant. They conduct transplantation from a donor of the 1st or 2nd-degree relatives (parents, children, brothers, sisters).

Navarra University Hospital is 1 among 5 facilities in the world, where liver transplant is performed laparoscopically (through small incisions in the abdomen). It allows reducing a recovery period and avoiding complications related to blood loss or infections.


According to the hospital's data, Navarra is the only medical center in Spain where intraoperative MRI scanning is used. It allows achieving the maximal accuracy in craniocerebral surgery.


Doctors apply minimally-invasive methods and neuronavigation system in brain and spine surgeries, removal of tumors and epilepsy treatment. Operating through small incisions allows to avoid complications and severe blood loss, and thanks to neuronavigation — doctors control their movements and do not damage healthy tissues.


Navarra doctors have over 15 years of experience in managing the procedure. It improves the health condition of patients with Parkinson's disease, dystonia and different types of tremors.

Surgery in the Neurosurgery Department, Navarra

Operation in the Neurosurgery Department, Navarra Hospital

Cardiac Surgery

Among the achievements of the Department are:

  • the 1st lung and heart transplant in Spain (1985)
  • the 1st dynamic cardiomyoplasty, a treatment option of heart failure (1987).

In 95% of cases, doctors use only the thoracic artery for heart bypass surgery. It allows avoiding extra incisions on the leg, where the vessel is usually taken. Such an option is an advantage for patients with diabetes and weak vessels.

During the heart surgery, doctors use the HeartPort technique. Due to this technique, a doctor receives access to the heart through the side incisions instead of the sternotomy (the opening of the thorax). This option shortens the recovery period, reduces infections and complications related to blood loss.

Cochlear Implantation

Cochlear implantation

Navarra doctors have over 25 years of experience. They have installed 1,400 cochlear implants for children and adults.

According to the Department's statistics, 90% of children in the age of several months to 3 years start hearing 90% of sounds after cochlear implantation.

Awards and achievements of Navarra Hospital

  • The accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI) for compliance with 1,000 indexes for quality and safety of the treatment.
  • The Center of Excellence for integration of oncology and palliative assistance according to the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).
  • The Center of Excellence for obesity treatment according to the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)

Services for international patients

  • Language assistance during diagnostics and treatment
  • Accommodation
  • Development of an individual menu, if necessary.

1-bed hospital room in Navarra Clinic

1-bed hospital room

Rehab pool at Navarra

A pool for rehabilitation, Navarra Hospital

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