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The patient underwent check-up inWiener Privat Klinik

It was a nice experience all through. I am happy with all my handlers. I am even happier that I got everything done in the same day. I thought it was impossible to get it done in one week. Thank you so much and i shall contact you anytime I am in Vienna. I have also designated the VIENNA CLINIC as my hospital Kind regards!

The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer inConfraternitaet Private Hospital

I was not in the hospital. I asked just a second opinion. I was very disappointed, because I was working a lot to translate all the documentation into English, and finally I was discussing with doctor only 10 minutes, and the level of the discussion was very poor. Practically I did not get anything for 400 EUR.

Reply from Professor Johaness Drach:
Second opinion is given on the basis of a thorough analyses of provided medical reports. The procedure lasts as long until all questions of the patient have been clarified. If necessary specialists of other disciplines are also involved. The patient always receive a written statement.

The patient was treated of retinal detachment inDöbling Private Hospital

I was very pleased with everything at the clinic and the coordinator Mariana Zaiarna. The overall good impression was ruined by mr. Roman.

My wife was having a baby here!! We had a separate comfortable room and beds. Doctors cared really good!!! Thank you!!!

I have just returned home from having hernia surgery at the hospital. I wish to say that the treatment I received was not only professional but given with an attitude of care and warmth. This attitude permeated from the top to the bottom ranks of the staff. Skill from doctors and nurses is expected but also very important in the healing process is the demeanor of all the staff. I'am and will be eternally grateful for the treatment I received during my stay. Thanks a million.

The patient was treated of acne inDöbling Private Hospital

The clinic is new and professional and my personal bookimed assistant Kate very helpful

The patient was treated of ovarian cancer inWiener Privat Klinik

The patient was treated of shoulder dislocation inDöbling Private Hospital


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The patient was treated of macular degeneration inWiener Privat Klinik

The patient was treated of epididymitis inWiener Privat Klinik

everything was quickly and clearly carried out and diagnosed within 10 days I can tell the results

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The patient was treated of macular degeneration inWiener Privat Klinik

Yes, ve are satysfide

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