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Treatment of melanoma in Switzerland

We`ve found 3 specialized clinics for private treatment of melanoma
Using Bookimed, 385 patients received individual program for treatment of melanoma
TOP-5 cancer hospitals in the world: independent analysis of Bookimed
125 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 125 patients received individual treatment program in Clinique Générale Beaulieu
103 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 103 patients received individual treatment program in Hirslanden Hospital

Why is Hirslanden Private Hospital one of the leading centers in melanoma treatment?

Hirslanden Private Hospital is located in Zurich, being the member of Hirslanden Multidisciplinary Private Hospitals Group. The latest medical achievements are applied as the treatment methods here.

Hirslanden Department for Dermatology has been the leading in researches, medical assistance and dermatology, allergology and venereology professional level for a long time.

The most innovative unique surgeries are held at the hospital. The medical care is at the highest level as well, hence the recovery takes minimal time even after the complicated surgeries.

What doctors are the experts in melanoma treatment at Hirslanden?

The famous dermatologist of the hospital known of his precise diagnosis and skin cancer treatment is Dr. Martin Kägi, who is the high-qualified expert speaking in 6 languages.

What are the melanoma diagnostic methods at Hirslanden?

The following procedures are held among the melanoma diagnostic methods by hospital experts:

  • consultancy and a thorough examination by dermatologist and oncologist;
  • radioisotope scanning;
  • cytological examination;
  • hystological examination.

It is possible to detect the disease while the primary physical examination of the patient, nevertheless the doctors carry out a biopsy to get the precise diagnosis.

There are three kinds of biopsy to be applied for melanoma detection:

  • excision biopsy,
  • puncture biopsy,
  • incisive biopsy and side-cutting biopsy.

Various testings are appointed to detect the stage of melanoma, such as

  • endoscopic ultrasound,
  • MRI,
  • CT,
  • chest X-ray and blood test.

What is the cost of melanoma diagnostics at Hirslanden?

The total cost of diagnostics starts from 5,000 USD.

What are the melanoma treatment methods at Hirslanden Hospital?

The following methods are applied to treat the melanoma at the hospital:

  • lazer coagulation;
  • cryodestruction;
  • drug therapy;
  • surgery;
  • radiotherapy.

Cryotherapy and lazer destruction are appointed under malignant tumors of small sizes. The radiotherapy is efficient for the treatment of local metastases and initial tumor.

The local chemotherapy is applied while the relapse of basal cell carcinoma and if the tumor is not of a big size. The chemotherapy medications are used to stop the tissue growth or support the tumor cells destruction.

Photodynamic therapy provides positive results if the melanoma is localized near the nose or the eyes.

What are the results of melanoma treatment at Hirslanden?

The patients suffering the melanoma of 1st and 2nd stages at Hirslanden fully recover in 100% of cases. Edited with Online HTML Converter.

45 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 45 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Genolier
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