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Treatment of obesity in Germany

We`ve found 15 specialized hospitals for treatment of obesity
With the Bookimed support, 98 patients received individual program for treatment of obesity
Bariatric Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions
Best German bariatric clinic
24 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 24 patients received individual treatment program in St. Martinus-Krankenhaus Düsseldorf

Most experienced German bariatric surgeon

ShlensakSt. Martinus-Krankenhaus is one of the two German clinics that have IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders) accreditation. IFSO is the most prestigious association in bariatric and metabolic surgery.

St. Martinus clinic got a lot of medical awards and prizes, for example: Top Mediziner Focus 2016 and 2014. This medical center has "Kompetenz-Zentrum fur Adipositachirurgie" title, that is assigned only to the best clinics in this area.

Head of bariatric surgery department in clinic is dr. Matthias Schlensak. He was recognized as the best german bariatric surgeon in 2013 and 2016 by the "Focus" magazine.

416 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 416 patients received individual treatment program in Essen University Hospital
6 requests for 24 hours
Essen University Hospital is one of the Europe leaders which provide high-quality medical services and accurate diagnosis in many areas (oncology, hematology, transplantation and treatment of cardiovascular disease). The hospital has an international authority, successfully combines research work with the practice of the treatment of patients, as well as the development and implementation of innovative treatment techniques, conducting various clinical trials and actively collaborates with leading hospitals around the world.
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 10
1227 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 1227 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Center in Solingen
11 requests for week
The clinic has been working since the middle of the 19th century. Since that time it has managed to turn into one of the largest centers of general and surgical care. The complex consists of 7 centers which see nearly 60,000 patients annually. Solingen Municipal Hospital is a part of the so-distant “maximum care hospitals” system where famous politicians, businessmen and actors from Europe and the USA are treated.
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861 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 861 patients received individual treatment program in Asklepios Medical Group
17 requests for week

International patients are treated by the leader of Focus magazine’s rate Prof. Thomas Kraus.

Thomas Kraus is a three-time winner of the prestigious medical prize Top Mediziner (Focus) in 2016 and a double winner in 2015.

Why is the Asklepios Clinic one of the best medical facilities for the surgery of obesity?

Titles and awards:

1) Referenzzentrum fur Adipositaschirurgie.

The Center received this award after completing the following requirements:

  • the Clinic performs over 100 surgeries per year;
  • a training base for the surgeons from other hospitals;
  • active researches and publications;
  • a multidisciplinary team (surgeons, dietitians, endocrinologists, psychological support);
  • the use of non-surgical therapeutic techniques (the choice of proper nutrition, personal coach, medication treatment).

2) Asklepios is listed among the best hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland according to the international clinic guide - Leading Medicine.

Who leads and operates on international patients?

Foreign visitors are seen and operated on personally by Prof. Thomas Kraus – the Head of the Department of Surgery. Two years in a row he is recognized one of the leading visceral surgeons and metabolic surgery specialists (weight loss). Dr. Kraus is also rated among the best physicians in LeadingMedicine.

Which types of surgeries are performed in the Hospital?

  • gastric banding;
  • sleeve surgery;
  • gastric bypass.
Martha-Maria Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Bavaria and is located in a quiet green area on the outskirts of Munich. The hospital was founded in 1889 and has been for many years a leading surgical center for the treatment of endocrine  and oncological diseases. The hospital meets all international standards for quality of medical services.
50 patients received a treatment program
With the Bookimed support, 50 patients received individual treatment program in Diagnostic Center DOC Dortmund
Medical Center DOC Dortmund  is a high German quality of diagnostics  with using modern technology  research in Germany.
Multidisciplinary St. Mary's Hospital is one of the medical centers in the Catherine Kasper clinics group located in Frankfurt.
Burger Hospital is located in Frankfurt am Main which is a multi-Specialty Clinic.
Burghausen District hospital  is a leading medical institutions of Magdeburg, which collaborates with the University of Magdeburg, Faculty of Medicine which is very famous in Germany.
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