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Clinic Malvazinky
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266 patients have already received for free the cost of the treatment and the program

Clinic Malvazinky

The modern equipment and innovative techniques provided by the Clinic doctors allow Malvazinky Hospital to be rightly considered as one of the leading orthopedics and rehabilitation centers in Europe. Recent achievements in implant arthroplasty and the use of implants from the world's best manufacturers enables to minimize recovery time and makes rehabilitation process minimally painless and efficient as much as possible. The Center is known for its careful attention to patients, for which it has repeatedly won various awards. Spa Clinic conditions help to improve not only physical but also emotional state of patients. Malvazinky has attained full accreditation by SAK Commission and provides a range of health services corresponding to the highest international standards.
266 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
With the Bookimed support, 266 patients received individual treatment program in Clinic Malvazinky
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  • Clinic Malvazinky photos

    Clinic Malvazinky

  • Clinic Malvazinky photos

    Clinic Malvazinky

  • Clinic Malvazinky photos

    Clinic Malvazinky

  • Clinic Malvazinky photos

    Clinic Malvazinky

Orthopedics and Traumatology

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Experience : 26 years

Clinic Malvazinky

266 bookings
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Prices for diagnostics

  • Arthroscopy
  • Complete blood and urine tests
  • Complete blood count
  • Consultation of an orthopedist (traumatologist)
  • CT (computer tomography)
  • Lab tests
  • PSA test
  • Tumor Marker Blood Test
  • X-ray
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Prices for treatment

  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
    from 6000€
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation
    from 180 to 350$
  • Hip replacement
    from 7000€
  • Knee replacement
    from 8500€
  • Operative treatment of scoliosis
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Therapeutic Arthroscopy of the knee
    to 3500$
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Specialized areas

Malvazinky Surgical Department actively cooperates with the modern rehabilitation center. The main areas of specialization of the Clinic:

  • Total replacement arthroplasty (knee and hip);
  • Podiatry (complex foot and knee surgery);
  • Corrective knee osteotomy;
  • Sports traumatology;
  • Arthroscopic surgery;
  • Plastic surgery;
  • Rehabilitation.

About Clinic

Bookimed gives an opportunity to make an appointment at Malvazinky Czech Medical Complex, which is composed of two clinics - orthopedics and rehabilitation. The Bookimed portal references only the best centers of the Czech Republic, so our recommendation of Malvazinky Clinic is justified with the SAK Accreditation (JCI analogue in Czech Republic) which confirms compliance of Clinic medical services to the highest medical standards.

Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic has received many awards due to the caring service and a number of satisfied patients. Among Clinic achievements there are such awards as "The Most Smiling" and "Best of the Czech Republic Hospitals by patients survey".

After examination a patient receives a final report and recommendations for further treatment.

All surgical procedures available in the Orthopedic Clinic are carried out in 2 new operating rooms with aseptic conditions. The following procedures are at patients disposal:

  • complete total joint replacement (hip and knee);
  • arthroscopic;
  • minimal orthopedic interventions;
  • biological methods of treatment;
  • sports traumatology;
  • treatment with stem cells and growth factors;
  • Corrective osteotomy of the knee;
  • podiatric surgery.

Cooperation with leading research centers in the field of stem cells therapy and bioengineering, as well as with the VAMED International Corporation contributes to the constant introduction of innovative technologies, which are able to set any patient on his/her feet. Malvazinky rich history and traditions make the Clinic atmosphere even more friendly.

Patients with pain in joints and restricted activity need high-quality treatment and comfortable rehabilitation. For this purpose Bookimed recommends to visit the Malvazinky Czech Center, where any patient can be put back on his/her feet with the help of modern techniques, new equipment and care of the experienced staff. Requesting an appointment from Bookimed portal is the first step for patient to start preparing for a full and active life.

In the rehabilitation department of Malvazinky clinic provided emergency rehabilitation for patients with orthopedic, trauma and neurological diagnoses, and for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Directions of center:

  • postoperative rehabilitation;
  • post-traumatic syndrome;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rehabilitation after stroke;
  • neurological rehabilitation;
  • Rehabilitation after amputation.

Preliminary examination:

  • consultation of the therapist;
  • ultrasound;
  • X-rays;
  • Consultation of the orthopedist, neurologist and rehabilitation specialist;
  • diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Preparation of an individual rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation program in the clinic:


Individual sessions with a physical therapist in specialized gym.


Activities in a swimming pool is very important for rehabilitation, because it allows making movements that are not available out of the water. In addition, water treatment improve muscle tone and mental attitude of the patient.


It includes such techniques as laser therapy, magnetic therapy, shock waves, ultrasound waves and electrophoresis with analgesics.

Occupational Therapy

Trains cognitive functions, as well as coordination and fine motor skills.

Speech therapy

Activities with a speech therapist help to restore speech and swallow function.

Manual therapy

Medical massage helps to improve microcirculation in the muscles and promotes early recovery of the patient.


It cleanses the body of toxins and promotes relaxation.

Malvazinky Medical Center features:


Prague, Czech Republic

Date of foundation


Number of beds


Number of employees


JCI Accreditation

Since 2014

Availability of lab


Rehabilitation services


Price Policy


English-speaking staff



Comfortable wards,

hotel staying

Visa support

+ (official visa invitation)

Distance from the airport

Prague Airport – 19,5 km away from Prague



Malvazinky doctors and clinical staff

The staff of the Clinic consists of the country's leading experts in the areas of orthopedics, traumatology and rehabilitation. More than 400 employees permanently serve the patients on inpatient and outpatient treatment conditions. Qualified doctors, nurses, ambulance staff and other employees provide patients with effective treatment in comfortable conditions in the Malvazinky Сlinic.

Among leading doctors of the Clinic:

  • Vladislav Gospodar - Chief Physician of the Orthopedic Department.
  • Ladislav Behnik - general practitioner, the Clinic provides the highest level of medical services thanks to his supervision;
  • Tomas Indruh - cardiologist and angiologist, specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular and lymphatic system diseases;
  • Michal Peroutka - physiotherapist whose profile is sports medicine;
  • Otakar Kiklik - therapist who specializes in abdominal ultrasonography, duplex sonography, Doppler veins imaging of the lower extremities.

The technological base

Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic Estate is equipped with the most modern instruments for qualitative diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation.

Here patients can undergo an unique program of complex examination with the use of modern equipment:

  • Comprehensive Check-up;
  • Prevent - a program of cancer work-up.

These are the programs of early diagnostics, which can even prevent the development of such dangerous diseases as malignant tumors.

Malvazinky Clinic carries out complicated operations for joint replacement (knee, hip, elbow), minimally invasive orthopedic surgery, plastic joints surgery and other complex surgical procedures. The Сlinic is equipped with all necessary modern facilities and technologies to perform such procedures.

Effective rehabilitation is possible thanks to the state-of-art facilities:

  • rehabilitation area (special exercise equipment and installations);
  • pool;
  • physiotherapy;
  • lounge and spa area.

Сost of treatment

Malvazinky Clinic offers unique price policy on its orthopedics and rehabilitation services. Affordable price for the top service and effective treatment makes the Hospital popular among patients from all around the world, especially from Western Europe, where the cost on such medical services can be much higher.

High-quality service

Malvazinky Clinic being located in the precincts of Prague offers literally resort conditions for their patients. Fresh and cozy, recently renovated wards provide a comfortable stay for each guest.

The English-speaking staff is ready to help the patients on their road to recovery and make it comfortable at any time.The Сlinic provides the best of all possible services:?

  • balanced diet;
  • lounge;
  • recreation park;
  • spa and hydrazones;
  • comfortable hotel-like wards, etc.

Location (Czech Republic, Prague)

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