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Malvazinky Hospital

5 Malvazinky St.

2 days clinic's response speed

316 patients have already received the treatment plan

Malvazinky Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Europe in the field of orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation. The Clinic is popular for high quality healthcare services and 50% lower prices than in other European countries. Over 1,200 orthopedic surgeries are performed in the Hospital annually. The success rate of the operations is 95%. World-renowned sportsmen undergo the treatment and rehabilitation in Malvazinky Hospital.

About hospital


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Jan 15, 2018
«Very good»
The patient underwent hip replacement

Thanks to the great coordinator Maxim Privalov for organizing my trip to Prague for the operation, his professional advice greatly influenced my choice of the clinic for the operation of hip replacement. And now about the clinic of Malvazinka, I would like to express my gratitude to all the professional and benevolent staff of the clinic, especially Vladislav Goveraru, who operated me, the head of the department, Sergey Ryzhov, Dushan Bartosh, physiotherapist Market Trdlickova, doctors of the rehabilitation department. And also thanks for the support in the clinic for the coordinators of Vamed Irina and Olga, the translators Elena and Tatiana, thanks to their care, there were no problems during their stay. It was almost 3 months after the operation (October 20, 2017) and 2 months after discharge from the rehabilitation department of Malvazinka. I am very pleased with the results of the operation, the course of professional rehabilitation in the clinic (28 days), I continue rehabilitation at home every day for 1-1.5 hours doing exercises. Everyone who plans such operations, I recommend the clinic Malvazinki. P.S. If there is an opportunity to undergo a one-month rehabilitation course in the clinic, this really helps a faster recovery.

Dec 16, 2017
«I didn't like it»
The patient was treated of

I will not give any recommendations to anyone. Everything is almost okay before I paid it off. Then nobody has anything to do with you!

Apr 22, 2016
«Very good»
The patient underwent hip replacement

I, Radkevich Tamara, a Ukrainian citizen, was in the clinic Malvazinka in Prague from 04/03/2016 to 04/04/2016. I underwent an operation to replace the hip joint, and also rehabilitative measures were carried out during this period. The care provided by all medical staff, both doctors and nurses, for the entire period of my stay, was professional and of high quality. Kindness and good humor were constantly present in their hard work. Many thanks to them.
Also a big thanks to the junior staff. Cleanliness and order in the rooms - a mood of mood and early recovery of patients. It was constantly present.
Good luck, good luck to all.

Oct 21, 2015
«Very good»
The patient underwent

After the accident, in which my foot was cut off, I considered myself disabled: I was in great pain, lame, unable to walk the stairs. In Malvazinki, I came to orthopedic rehabilitation in the summer of 2015. The procedures helped to form muscles correctly and reduce pain, electrotherapy healed the wound, but the main thing for me was studying at the walking school, where we learned how to walk properly and patients with prostheses, not only the feet and sometimes both feet. Looking at how people with much greater problems are fighting for life, I received a serious charge of energy.

Oct 21, 2015
«Very good»
The patient underwent stroke rehabilitation

Hello, I want to thank the medical personnel (nurses and especially the medical concierge Olga) for their help and participation during the rehabilitation course after the stroke of my grandmother Mironenko Anastasia in September 2015.




Prices for diagnostics

Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist)
starting $100

Prices for treatment

Hip replacement
starting €7000
Surgical treatment of scoliosis
starting €22000
Knee replacement
starting €8500
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
starting €6000
Therapeutic Arthroscopy of the knee
to $3500
Comprehensive rehabilitation
€180 - €380

About hospital

Malvazinky Medical Center: features and figures

  • 1999 - date of foundation
  • 189 beds
  • 436 employees
  • over 3,000 patients annually
  • 1,272 performed operations in 2016
  • 95% - success rate of surgeries
  • 1.5%- complication rate after operations (lower than in Germany)

Malvazinky Hospital consists of 2 departments - orthopedics and rehabilitation. The Center is accredited with the SAK Accreditation (JCI analogue in the Czech Republic), which confirms the highest standards of the Clinic medical service.

Treatment cost at Malvazinky Hospital

Malvazinky Clinic offers the package price policy for orthopedics and rehabilitation services. Affordable price for the top service and effective treatment make the Hospital popular among the patients over the world, especially from Western Europe, where the cost on such medical services can be much higher.

The package includes:

  • preoperative consilium;
  • examination before the surgery;
  • surgery (usually lasts for 120 minutes);
  • implants;
  • examination after the surgery;
  • transfer to/from an airport;
  • 3-time meals;
  • hospitalization.

Malvazinky Rehabilitation Department

The Department has received many awards such as "Best of the Czech Republic Hospitals by patients survey". Specialists of the Department provide emergency rehabilitation for patients with orthopedic, trauma and neurological diagnoses, and for people suffering from chronic diseases.

Rehabilitation program in the Hospital


Individual sessions with a physical therapist in specialized gym.


Allows to make movements that are impossible out of the water. Water treatment improves muscle tone of a patient.


Includes laser therapy, magnetic therapy, shock waves, ultrasound waves and electrophoresis with analgesics.

Occupational therapy

Trains cognitive functions, coordination and motor skills.

Speech therapy

Helps to restore speech and swallow function.

Manual therapy

Helps to improve microcirculation in the muscles and promotes early recovery of a patient.

Sauna therapy

Cleans out the body of toxins and help to relax.

Malvazinky Orthopedics Department

Doctors of the Department cooperate with the specialists of the leading research centers in the field of stem cells therapy and bioengineering, as well as with the VAMED International Corporation for development of innovative technologies, which are able to reduce the rehabilitation period. All surgical procedures available in the Orthopedic Clinic are carried out in 2 new operating rooms with aseptic conditions.

Recent achievements in implant arthroplasty and the use of implants from the world's best manufacturers enables to minimize recovery time and makes rehabilitation process minimally painless and efficient as much as possible.

Prof. Vladislav Hospodar, the head of the Orthopedics Department, provides prosthetic replacement and other orthopedic surgical interventions.

Diagnostics in Malvazinky Hospital:

  • consultation of the therapist;
  • ultrasound;
  • X-rays;
  • consultation of the orthopedist, neurologist and rehabilitation specialist;
  • diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system;
  • preparation of an individual rehabilitation program.

The patients can undergo comprehensive check-up diagnostics - program of complex examination with the use of modern equipment.


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