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Zentrum der Rehabilitation Pforzheim

5 days clinic's response speed

128 patients have already received the treatment plan

Rehabilitation Center in Pforzheim (Germany), was founded by two doctors-rehabilitators, a married couple - Ryud Geerlofsom and Daniela Dorshner-Geerlofs. By combining professional expertise and the latest scientific discoveries in the field of neuroscience, they have developed a unique restorative program, which was successfully used in their center Zentrum de Rehabilitation.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

Hello, friends! I want to tell you about the rehabilitation center "Zentrum der Rehabilitation" in the city of Pforzheim, to which I dreamed to get already for a year and now my dream came true, I'm here. My diagnosis: complete sensory-motor paraplegia from vertebra TH3. As a result of the removal of the structure from the spine in Kiev, which I repeatedly broke down, I stopped walking. I have been in a wheelchair for 4 years already. Immediately, as we drove into the center (I arrived with my mother) was struck by the cleanliness, silence, comfort. We immediately met the administrator of the center, showed us our number and told me what is waiting for me in the next 3 months. Since we arrived on Sunday, the administrator came especially for us, to show us everything and to settle us. It was really nice, because the excitement was present. From the very beginning, when we wanted to turn to the center for help, we understood that we should communicate there in German, but everything turned out to be much simpler, because in the center you can communicate and solve all the problems in Russian because there is a coordinator in the center Irina , which always helped us. We solved the documents, all issues and problems with it. This at times reduced our difficulties in this initial stage. Still, Irina constantly supports us on the spot, if something needs to be translated, something to help, she will always come to our rescue. If there is such a need, the patients are met and taken to the airport. The room in which we live is equipped with a small kitchen, a stove, where you can cook yourself. At the expense of washing, all the things that you need to wash we give and we are washed. Room cleaning takes place every day, everything is cleaned. The rooms are always clean. With this problem is also not. Around the center and in the very center everything is adapted for wheelchairs and for the month that I am already here I did not need the help of others. I overcome everything myself. Elevators, ramps, congresses, arrivals are everywhere, including in the city of Pforzheim itself. For the weekend, I usually take an electric stroller, which you can take always and at any time in the center and walk around the city. No difficulties arose. There are shops, a pharmacy nearby, all you need is near the center. Anyone who experiences at the expense of hygiene, any help (if one has arrived), then you will always be helped if you need it. All therapists and employees of the center are very friendly and sincere. So, I'll start with how I started therapy and all the procedures. From the very beginning, I received 2 therapists. I was assigned to a wonderful girl named Saskia. She is fluent in English and has not had any problems with her language. I want to say that even if you do not know German or English very well, therapists will always find a way to explain it to you. That's cool. During this time, you can also learn the language, which we do) For such cases, there is an interpreter Irina, who always comes to the rescue and tells you everything. I was very worried about the first day of therapy, but everything was so nice and sincere that I forgot about my excitement. First I was taken to the Locomotive. Since I first tried to walk on such a device, it was exciting. The staff of the center who put me on Lokomat did everything carefully and carefully. So I went for an hour and overcame the first day of 800 meters. Then I went to therapy. We started with the fact that I got up and stood. Then for 3 hours we performed exercises for all muscle groups. For each individual it is selected individually. I was given therapy at the rate of 3 hours for the beginning, but those who are stronger and stay here more time, they last for 6 hours. At the end of therapy, on the very first day I was put on my feet and said: "Go on!". I tried to walk with the roler from the first day. At once I will say that it is very difficult to work. With therapy here strictly, even if you do not want, you will work! In the halls there is such an atmosphere that you want to work, even if it's very difficult. After therapy, I come to the room and sleep 2 hours tk very tired. Just want to say that it's worth it! For 2 weeks of therapy, I felt like I was stronger and I walk with the roler much more confidently and better. In the center there is still such a walker as "Vector". It helps people walk when they can not keep their body completely. On such a simulator you walk an hour a day. During the training I had a problem with the knee. It was swollen and I could not stand on it. Therapists immediately noticed this problem, called the doctor, he looked and said what to do. I was given a special knee, so that while the knee is weak, I could do without fear of my leg. When I started these problems, every employee of the center approached me and asked: "How is the knee? Is it getting better already? ». It was very nice that everyone worried about me

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The patient was treated in this clinic

My name is Vsevolod, I'm 21 years old and I came from Kazakhstan. In August 2014, while swimming in the river, I broke the cervical vertebra c6 and received a spinal cord injury. Immediately after the injury, my legs, body muscles and fingers were denied. After 4.5 months, I arrived at the rehabilitation center in Pforzheim for rehabilitation. Unlike many hospitals, rehabilitation here is quite radical. 5 days a week from 8 am to 2 days you perform various physical exercises. Most exercises are performed either sitting or standing, which positively affects your blood circulation. If you can not stand, the therapists hold your legs, so that they too have a load. Also every day Lokomat. All therapists have an individual approach, which creates a kind of constant dialogue between you, your muscles and therapist. After therapy, I feel very tired, so it often happens that I sleep after dinner. After several months of therapy, I noticed a lot of progress in the muscles of the body, I began to change from chair to bed independently, I can sit almost without support, and I myself can perform many more things myself. Very pleased that there is not a hospital environment, but quite ordinary rooms, but adapted for wheelchairs. Recently I have tried hippotherapy (riding a horse). Also there were only positive impressions, besides enormous work of the case, very many good emotions. Of course, there are some domestic difficulties and problems, but in general this rehabilitation center is very like.

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The patient was treated in this clinic

In 2011, we arrived in Germany with kyphoscoliosis 4 degrees. The situation in which we found ourselves, was very deplorable. We were told that daughter wiil not walk anymore, she is doomed to live in a wheelchair. In Pforzheim Dr. Ruud, who is the chief doctor of the center, and he did not promise anything and did not say anything that they could do. He simply said, "She will walk." Svetlana gave up drugs during the first month, in six months - from the catheter, the first week she began to drive up the stairs, through 2 years - we put aside the wheelchair at all. Now my daughter is already walking with a cane. I am very grateful to those people who have taught my daughter to go and laugh. Low maternal bow.

The patient was treated in this clinic

I am 53 years old, I'm from Kazan. In November 2013 I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. The person who suffered stroke, starts to look at life with different eyes. However, everything changed when in January 2015 I came to the rehabilitation center in Pforzheim city in Germany. The care, attention, everything is present in every movement of the face of a specialist, Sarah Felkle who cured me. felt not only the confidence that I can win my problems, but I just, again praised and became sure that my life again has sense. The most important thing is necessary to believe and to work on your own problems, and I hope that I will be assisted by the center staff in this. I would like to thank especilly the translator Irina Feldman, who was always with me and ready to come to the rescue at any time. Thanks to all the staff of the center for your hard work, patience and love to your patients.

The patient was treated in this clinic

I'm 53 years old, I'm from Kazan. In November 2013, I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.
A person who has suffered a stroke begins to look at life with different eyes. It seems to him that life has stopped and nothing can help him to return to his former life. However, everything changed when I in January 2015. arrived rehabilitation center, in Pforzheim in Germany. Care, attention, all this was present in every movement in the person of the specialist of the center, Sarah Felkle who was engaged with me.
I felt not only confidence that I would be able to defeat my problems, but I again appreciated and became confident that my life again made sense. The most important thing is to believe and work on your problems, and in this I hope that the staff of the center will help me.
I would like to express special gratitude to the translator Irina Feldman who was always near me during the classes and was ready to come to my assistance at any time.
Thanks to all the staff of the center for your hard work, patience and love for your patients.

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About hospital

Rehabilitation Center Pforzheim practices an innovative concept for quick, high-quality and stable recovery. The main goal of the center - restoration of motor function, speech function, cognitive abilities of patients, as well as the restoration of their independence in everyday life.

Zentrum der Rehabilitation specializes in rehabilitation after:

  • craniocerebral injuries of varying severity;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • stroke;
  • in multiple sclerosis.

Special aspectes of rehabilitation center

  • effective program that is selected individually;
  • personal trainers (maximum 2) for the whole duration of rehabilitation;
  • 6-8 hours of rehabilitation therapy;
  • 5 days a week treatments;
  • the latest equipment (locomotive simulators - Lokomat, Vector Gate System, ERIGO);
  • highly qualified staff, devoted to his work;
  • 25 comfortable seats stationary;
  • many years of experience with foreign patients (CIS).

The equipment and techniques of the Pforzheim center


Robotic rehabilitation walk. It is a robotoortez that supports and automates the patients walk, designed for people with spinal cord injuries or diseases. Returns equability of distance, has a positive effect on the tone of the muscles, activates them, acts as osteoporosis prophylaxis.


Combines verticalization patient step by step with the cyclical movements and the load on the legs.

Vektor Gait System

It allows the therapist to change the load parameters and adjust the degree of automatic safety net to support individual patients. During the lessons the unit conducts training analysis.

I.N.P.U.T. (Intensive therapy is based on neuroplasticity)

The unique technique of rehabilitation, which is practiced only in the Zentrum der Rehabilitation. It aims to restore the lost functions of the body. It consists of a set of Bobath therapy, chiropractic and world innovations from the field of CNS research.


Therapeutic Riding. It has a beneficial effect on cognitive function and the patient's psyche.


Therapy aimed at restoring speech.

E.Taub therapy method (CIMT)

The method is based on the prohibition of movement of a healthy limb in order to make the affected limb function.


  • Private apartments for each patient;
  • double Apartment for patient and companion (in each room: private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, plasma TV);
  • availability of apartment suites;
  • all apartments are adapted for wheelchairs.

Duration of treatment may vary and is determined individually, on average, in order to achieve a stable result of rehabilitation, recommended length of the course in 12 weeks.


Diseases treated in the clinic

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The patient was treated of epilepsy

Очень понравилось размещение, хорошая клиника с высоким уровнем сервисом. Персонал очень доброжелательный. Есть переводчик с испанского на русский, она приходила вместе с врачом. Врач приходил даже в дни, когда его не было в клинике. Единственное, что после окончания госпитализации, мы продлили проживание, так как хотели услышать мнение врача, нам это обходилось по 500 евро в сутки, но медперсонал уже реже заходил, приходилось постоянно вызывать их. В целом очень положительные впечатления остались от всей клиники, врача, иностранного отдела. Через неделю у нас был звонок по скайпу с врачом, он назначил лечение. Будем ждать результатов.

The patient was treated of retinal detachment

Yes I was completely satisfied with all the procedures and the staff, they were very helpful and even the price was responsible.

The patient was treated of glioma

I turned to Bookimed in order to assist in the selection of a clinic for a general diagnosis of the whole family of 4 people. We responded very quickly, the coordinator Ostap Bondarenko immediately contacted us, who helped us in choosing the clinic. Ostap was very polite, attentive. We stopped at Medipol and do not regret at all. Then we were led by the coordinator of the clinic Irada, who organized a free transfer to us (hotel / clinic and back), stayed in a guest house, three meals a day ... Everything was clearly observed upon arrival at the clinic. Irada helped solve all the problems that arise ... We were very lucky with the translators Atajan and Ainura. The guys were very polite, helpful and patient. They helped us get our tests and the conclusions of doctors in Russian and English. THANKS TO ALL THE CLINIC WORKERS, BOOKIMED WORKERS ..!

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The patient was treated of alzheimer's disease

Dr.Hausen was great! She gave us a lot of attention, listened to our problem carefully, examined our medical reports and gave us a lot of information for our problem and suggested solutions and ways of improving my father’s quality of life!

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