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What is the cost for breast cancer treatment?


Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm that develops from the parenchyma (glandular tissue) of mammary gland and actively grows, spreading to other organs. Breast malignant tumors ranks first among cancers in women but can also affect men (less than 1% of cases).

Early stages of cancer do not cause unpleasant symptoms. The signs manifestate when the tumor has already developed and metastasized: first to regional lymph nodes, then to the bones, brain, liver and lungs.

That is the stage when breast tumors are usually detected. At the same time, early accurate diagnostics and advanced treatment methods contribute to the high curability and survival rate: at 0, 1 stages of cancer the 5-year survival rate is 100%, at the 2 stage - 93%.


Effectiveness of cancer treatment depends on:

  • timely and accurate diagnostics;
  • degree of expansion (stage) of tumor, its size, presence of metastases in lymph nodes and distant organs;
  • properly selected treatments;
  • health state of the entire organism.

If you're interested in personalized program for screening and treatment of breast cancer abroad, the Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator will provide all necessary information.

Where is it better to treat breast cancer?

There is no definitive and fast answer to this question, since many foreign doctors successfully cure cancer. Based on the data from medical institutions throughout the world, experts opinion, and reviews from real patients, Bookimed has selected leading clinics for breast cancer treatment abroad.

“When we select the hospital for treatment of breast cancer, we consider whether it possesses necessary equipment, whether it carries out trephine biopsy, immunohistochemistry, etc. Particular attention is paid to doctors who will be engaged in patient’s care treatment - only the best oncologists, mammalogists, surgeons. And, of course, we take into account the singularities of each patient, such as presence of comorbidities and so on.”

Zeeshan Zaman, Doctor-Coordinator of Bookimed International Patients Support Center.

What affects the cost of breast cancer treatment?

The invoice for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of malignant mammary tumors in foreign clinics is based on:

  • cost of consultation with a profiling physician; the price for consultation with world-renowned physicians such as Moshe Inbar, Jose Baselga is much higher;
  • combination of the applied diagnostic methods, its innovativeness and complexity;
  • chosen method of treatment;
  • presence of regional and distant metastases;
  • comfortable staying in hospital;
  • necessity for additional operations, incl. breast plastics.

Cost for diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in Germany

University Hospital in Düsseldorf is one of the largest clinics in Germany. It has a specialized department - Interdisciplinary Centre for the Treatment of Breast Diseases. This is the only Clinic in Germany which received triple certification: from the state, German Cancer Society and European Society of Breast Cancer (EUSOMA). Center for the Treatment of Breast Diseases is well-known in Germany and all around the world by its therapeutic approaches, surgical tumor removal and mammoplasty.

The Dusseldorf Clinic conducts preventive check-ups, diagnostics of breast cancer, reconstructive surgery. Diagnostics and treatment are under control of the profiling team of mammalogists, oncologists, radiologists and surgeons. The Head of the Department is well-known German Professor Wolfgang Yanni.

Cost for diagnostics in Düsseldorf clinic:

  • consultation of oncologist from € 350;
  • mammography from € 95;
  • ultrasound from € 100;
  • MRI from € 1,350.

Cost for breast cancer treatment in Düsseldorf Clinic:

  • surgical treatment from € 12,500 to € 19,000;
  • radiation therapy from € 16,800.

You can get more detailed information about the diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in Germany. Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator will select the best treatment option for you and organize your trip.

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Prices for breast cancer treatment in Turkey

Anadolu Medical Center (Istanbul) works according to American standards of treatment and cooperates with top US Hospitals. High quality health services were noted with prestigious international JCI accreditation. Anadolu Center specialists undergo regular training courses and internships in the United States and Europe.

The Clinic provides the full range of diagnostic procedures to determine the type of the tumor and the stage of disease.

The Anadolu uses a unique method of diagnostics - veridex cellsearch (circulating tumor cell analysis (CTC)). CTC test makes it possible to establish a breast malignancy at early stage and size of only 0.5 mm, surpassing the traditional diagnostic methods.

Anadolu Center features the latest high precision medical equipment for the treatment of cancer such as DaVinci robot, IMRT, CyberKnife, TrueBeam and others.

Cost for breast cancer diagnostics in Anadolu:

  • consultation of oncologist from € 180;
  • CTC from € 800;
  • MRI from € 1,100;
  • PET-CT from € 1,000;
  • ultrasound € 60-80.

Cost for breast cancer treatment in Anadolu Clinic:

  • surgical treatment from € 10,000;
  • chemotherapy (one course) from € 1,500 to € 3,650.

You can make an appointment at Anadolu Medical Center by filling out the form. We will return your call promptly and clarify all details up.

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What is the cost for breast cancer treatment in South Korea?

Samsung Medical Center is the key international hospital in South Korea, ranking first among other Korean clinics time and again. The largest Center of Oncology in Asia on its basis was opened in 2008, and it cooperates with the world's best hospitals - Johns Hopkins Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA) and others.

The Department of Oncology performs more than 1,200 operations annually to remove breast tumors. Diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer are under the supervision of proficient physicians, among them Sung Yong Mu. Doctors of Oncology Department prefer non-invasive surgical approach that minimizes the impact on non-affected tissue. These methods significantly reduce the recovery time.

Cost of diagnostic procedures, which can be conducted in Samsung:

  • Ultrasound and mammography from $ 500;
  • MRI from $ 700;
  • PET-CT $ 1,100.

Cost of breast cancer treatment in Samsung Clinic:

  • surgical treatment from $ 9,800;
  • radiation exposure from $ 14,500.

After sending request to Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator, you will get complete information about the conditions of inpatient stay and cost of procedures in Samsung Clinic and other medical institutions of South Korea. We will set an appointment for you to consult with a doctor and will fully organize your medical trip.

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Cost for the diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in Spain

Teknon Medical Center is a leading Spanish Clinic and the only medical institution in Europe which collaborates with Memorial Cancer Center (the United States).

Teknon Cancer Center department employs world-class specialists in the areas of oncology, surgery and radiology. The Department uses innovative methods of treatment and works closely with other units. If the results of the diagnostics shows that it is necessary to remove the breast, the patient is given the opportunity to restore the breast by applying for mammoplasty.

Treatment of breast cancer in Teknon Hospital is in charge of world-class expert on targeted therapy for breast cancer - Professor José Baselga. He is also the Chief Doctor of the Memorial Cancer Center.

The cost of breast cancer treatment by José Baselga is around € 20,000.

Contact Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator for more details about diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in Spain. We will select the best option taking into account all your wishes.

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How much does the treatment of breast cancer in Israel cost?

In Oncology Department of Assuta Private Clinic (Tel-Aviv) the doctors have experience in curing mammary tumors at all stages. Assuta Medical Center is equipped with advanced technologies for the detection and treatment of breast tumors (MRI, CT, MDCT, PET-CT, RUTH infrared mammography).

Patients are handled by an experienced team of doctors: Prof. Moshe Inbar - the Head of Oncology Department, Prof. Moshe Papa - Assuta’s top surgeon, Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova - Chief of the Radiotherapy Department, etc. Their professionalism, personal approach and high-precision medical equipment in maintenance provide 87% of total recovery, which is the highest result in Israel.

Cost for diagnostic procedures for breast cancer in Assuta::

  • consultation with oncologist from $ 650-850;
  • laboratory studies from $ 550;
  • мmammography + ultrasonography from $ 770 to $ 1,700;
  • ultrasound-guided biopsy from $ 3,560;
  • CT of three cavities (thoracic, abdominal, pelvic) from $ 1,100.

Cost for breast cancer treating in Assuta:

  • surgical removal of the tumor $ 14,240- $ 17,890;
  • Intrabeam exposure (during surgery).

Bookimed will arrange a consultation with profiling specialist in Assuta Clinic and will reserve a place for you in a hospital. We guarantee the quality of the treatment of breast cancer and a high level of service that you will be satisfied with.

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Cost of breast cancer treatment in the United States

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York) has been engaged in cancer treatment for over a hundred years. It is considered as one of the largest centers in the world, specializing in the treatment of breast tumors.

Research Institute operates on the basis of the Clinic, carrying out clinical studies on innovative drugs
The major advantages of the treatment at this Center are absolute experience of specialists in the treatment of breast cancer, as well as application of the state-of-art therapeutic modes - targeted, hormonal, biological.
The critical disadvantage of the treatment in USA is the high cost of both trip and treatment.

By requesting for treatment online from Bookimed portal, you will promptly receive complete information on the cost of the procedures in the United States. We will take care of all the arrangements for you to go abroad for treatment as soon as possible.

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Bookimed Doctors-Coordinators have already helped 385 patients to get a consultation with international oncologists and mammalogists.
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