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The patient was consulted inMalvazinky Hospital

I will never be there again
You should send your staff
to learn how they deal with patient from the airport in the hospital till the operation.and recovery period and reports are all in English
Mot i have to pay for the translation
Irina and olga it looks they making a free
Favors .
Thank you for wasting my 2 weeks.time

The patient underwent breast augmentation inFORME Clinic

It was a wonderful experience. Conducted breast augmentation surgery at Forme Clinic. This is not a clinic - this is a 5 star hotel))) You feel at home) Wonderful staff, very caring and that the most important thing for me is that you don’t feel that you are in the hospital. Dr. Mertan, was very attentive to my wishes and fulfilled everything exactly as I needed. The result exceeded all expectations, I was very pleased. I advise everyone to this clinic and doctor.

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    Dmitryi Belik Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 15, 2018

    Марина, великолепный результат! Как хорошо, что нам удалось найти клинику, которая использует интересовавшую Вас модель импланта значительно ближе к Вашему дому, и гораздо доступнее, чем в Южной Корее) Очень рад, что Вы довольны, и спасибо за Ваш отзыв, Ваше мнение очень важно для нас, и для гостей нашего сайта! Горжусь работой, которую мы с Вами проделали! Мы остаемся на связи, всего доброго!)

    Анна Кравець Nov 17, 2018

    Доброго дня,Маріна. Результат прекрасний!!! В скільки Вам все обійшлося?

    Marina The patient underwent breast augmentation Nov 26, 2018

    Операция со всеми анализами обошлась 3200 евро

The patient was treated of obesity in St. Zdislava Hospital

The clinic is modern, located in a beautiful area. The optimal ratio of price and quality of medical services. The staff is friendly, young people do not speak Russian, in a pinch, you can communicate in English.
Separately, I want to thank:

- treatment organizer Irina Korchminskaya
- Concierge Hospital Otakar Peschik.

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

I am satisfied with the quality of services provided. Great chamber.
I am very grateful honey. the clinic staff and for the help Bookimed. Without your help it would be very difficult for me to solve my problems.

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

Among a large number of such services, we made our choice of St. Zdislava Hospital because from the first steps of communication we already felt like patients. They explained to us in every detail and in every detail how to prepare for hospitalization, answered all questions of a medical and domestic nature. Upon arrival, they were met by the attending physician who told about the course of the upcoming operation answered questions. We are very grateful to the whole team of the hospital for the high professionalism in work, care and attention shown during the treatment and the rehabilitation period. Thanks so much for everything.

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

In the hospital of St. Zdislav, I successfully underwent an operation to remove the prostate (radical prostatectomy) by doctors Yaroslav

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The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

Before choosing this clinic, my father and I conducted a study of similar clinics in Germany. And as a result, he went to an operation in the clinic of St. Zdislav, about which neither he nor I never regretted. The quality of medicine and equipment is similar, the doctor and his assistant are professionals of the highest class.
I was very worried about the procedure and the stage of recovery from my father, but everything turned out to be much easier, without pain, etc. Active four-day therapy after the operation completely restored his strength and energy, so we left the clinic in a very good state of health and mood.
I hope that the illness has left him thanks to all, all the staff of this clinic.
A huge thank you for that !!!!
And lastly: the cost of treatment in the clinic of St. Zdislav is twice as cheap as the same operation in Germany.
Like this

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The patient underwent installation of a veneer inDental clinic Lazurit

Not on the general topic on which there was consulted, I turn to them veneers and they pull teeth out

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The patient was treated of coxarthrosis inMalvazinky Hospital

Thanks for all. Thanks to the concierge, Elena did not feel at the hospital. Rather, visiting good friends. I hope to hear more.

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The patient underwent hip replacement inMalvazinky Hospital

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the surgeon Vladislav Gospodar for everything.
Also We are very glad that such professionals work in the service of foreign patients' support.
We would like to add our personal observations and observations .. they can help improve the quality of the support service.
- since The set of dishes in the kitchen of the clinic, in principle, has a restriction, it can give foreigners a menu for choosing at least in English
- the wish also concerns the list of procedures for the patient and the exercises recommended by physiotherapists.
We think this will reduce the patient's dependence on the concierge service.
Thanks again.
Good luck in everything!

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The patient underwent hip replacement inMalvazinky Hospital

I went through the replacement of the hip joint in the MALVASINKA Clinic with subsequent rehabilitation
from 18.03.2018 to 11.04.2018.
After finding the house for 4 weeks, he systematized his initial and final
impression. His stay and the quality of treatment, rehabilitation in the Clinic Malvazinki would like to appreciate
in the following way:


- Excellent operating surgeon Vladislav Hospodar;
- Excellent and very professionally attentive physiotherapist Dana Braxova;
- Responsive nurses, especially Andrea.


- As it is written in one of the previous reviews - "Everything is almost fine before it paid off.
 Then no one has anything to do with you! "- I absolutely agree, after leaving all my letters completely
 were ignored by the concierge O. Skatkova, despite the status of "Delivered" and "Viewed."
- In particular, the extract / anamnesis was issued without translation, although the coordinators of the clinic promised that
 the translation will be sent in 2-3 days after discharge, without results, wait a month (!!!!!).
After 3 weeks of waiting and inquiries received a short answer that they have "force majeure" without any specifics when
the translation of the statement will be made, and the time allowed for the registration of the disability goes and it is not my dimensionless,
 I no longer see the point in writing.
A reference image sent after 6 weeks after the operation (on the recommendation of the clinic's specialists,
to determine the progress of rehabilitation and the time when it will be possible to refuse crutches) was sent last week,
just after a 6-week period, as ordered, see the result above - the status of the message to O. Skatkova "Delivered" and "Viewed"
the reaction is ZERO.
The subsequent reminder of the picture and the translation of the extract is still left without any answer.

- If "According to the rules of the clinic, concierge-interpreters visit every patient for 1-2 hours a day for
 translation into Russian of a doctor's visit and individual physiotherapy, "then there were days when they did not visit me at all or came to me
 with a significant delay (in particular - Elena), which entailed the admission or reduction of rehabilitation procedures, changing the schedule, etc.

- The rehabilitation is rather weak, at first there were only 2 procedures a day, physiotherapy individual and group, after my repeated
 requests, during the third week of stay, more procedures were added, however it was already the final week and, for example, a massage
duration of 10 minutes a session, was only 2 times for the entire period of rehabilitation. I recommend to all who plan treatment, to keep this moment
under the control and remind the concierges about the need to add to the schedule of additional procedures, for some reason they themselves are not particularly concerned about this, despite the rather large, in general, cost of rehabilitation.

Two of my friends have already refused treatment in this clinic, after my recall, in favor of German clinics, where
although slightly and more expensive, but the services are performed in full and without extra reminders.

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The patient was treated of adenocarcinoma in St. Zdislava Hospital

I am very happy that i find this hospital for my father.They are the best choice for patient.
They are here for patient in every second,if you have any question they will call you and answer and help you for everything you need to know or to find solution for your problem.
Dear Mrs Aleksandra Kovalenko was the first hand for my father and she helps us to make decision and to find the best choice for his health. She was so kind, very good and nice doctor. I was so happy that exist doctors like her.She was there for us in everything.The family of patient and patient cant be more thankful for her and doctor Jaroslav Tvaruzek what he also do for his patients. With them you are in best hands!! Hospital is also nice the complains dont exist! I wish them to continue like this..Best Regards from ❤

The patient was treated of uterine fibroids inMotol University Hospital

Good morning! Since I was waiting for an operation for gynecology, I wanted to once again consult an independent opinion, so I turned to you. On arrival, I phoned with the medical consultant Lyudmila, met at the Motol clinic. Very quickly registered, along with the translator Ada passed to the doctor Roman Khmel. The doctor at first listened to me, then he examined the ultrasound. I was very
surprised that my situation is not critical and the operation should not be rushed, but only observed. Thank you very much!
Thanks to Lyudmila and Ada! Later I was sent to the post office for a check-up, on Monday I go to my doctor. It's such a joy, to avoid surgery! Thanks again!

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The patient was treated of scoliosis inMotol University Hospital

Cooperation with the clinic left a pleasant impression. Support and understanding on the part of translators. Many thanks to coordinator Lyudmila. Lyudmila quickly solved all the issues that arise during the visit and before. A real professional and a wonderful person.

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The patient underwent hip replacement inMalvazinky Hospital

Very disappointed clinic Malvazinka, coordinators who do not perform their work in the clinic. The attitude of the doctors wants the best. I did not have the opportunity to talk to the operating surgeon., Not after the operation, nor before. Shov who promised 12-15 cm, turned out to be 25. Recommendations after rehabilitation, were not given. Even an elementary statement was issued without translation. Although coordinators of the clinic, they promised that the translation will be sent. It turned out that it was necessary to have it on. mesteplatit.Odnim word just kommercatsiya.Ne believe advertising, we are not particularly needed, our money is needed!

Response from the team working with foreign patients of the clinic Malvazinki:

"Good afternoon, dear Natalya.
We hope that you and now are all well from a medical point of view, as well as when discharging from a hospital. And after a successful operation, you will postpone the crutches in a few weeks and forget about the pain while walking. After all, it is for this that you came to us and came! Yes, to save all the muscles and tendons in your physiological case, the doctor had to make a larger incision than usual, and if you could stay on the recommended rehabilitation after the removal of the sutures - it could be leveled with the skin by a medical laser.

We are very sorry that you were left with discontent with coordination, and we could not fulfill your expectations about a personal assistant 24 hours a day. According to the rules of the clinic, concierge-interpreters visit every patient for 1-2 hours a day to translate into Russian the doctor's visit and individual physiotherapy, as indicated in the operating programs. Once again, you are sent a postoperative reminder in Russian with instructions for postoperative measures and remind you to MUST register with an orthopedist for physical control at your place of residence up to 3 days after your discharge.

The translation of the statement will be sent to you by e-mail, and we apologize for the confusion caused by the introduction of a new European standard on the protection of patients' personal data. "

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The patient underwent hip replacement inMalvazinky Hospital

Thanks to the great coordinator Maxim Privalov for organizing my trip to Prague for the operation, his professional advice greatly influenced my choice of the clinic for the operation of hip replacement. And now about the clinic of Malvazinka, I would like to express my gratitude to all the professional and benevolent staff of the clinic, especially Vladislav Goveraru, who operated me, the head of the department, Sergey Ryzhov, Dushan Bartosh, physiotherapist Market Trdlickova, doctors of the rehabilitation department. And also thanks for the support in the clinic for the coordinators of Vamed Irina and Olga, the translators Elena and Tatiana, thanks to their care, there were no problems during their stay. It was almost 3 months after the operation (October 20, 2017) and 2 months after discharge from the rehabilitation department of Malvazinka. I am very pleased with the results of the operation, the course of professional rehabilitation in the clinic (28 days), I continue rehabilitation at home every day for 1-1.5 hours doing exercises. Everyone who plans such operations, I recommend the clinic Malvazinki. P.S. If there is an opportunity to undergo a one-month rehabilitation course in the clinic, this really helps a faster recovery.

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The patient underwent therapeutic arthroscopy of the knee inMalvazinky Hospital

I will not give any recommendations to anyone. Everything is almost okay before I paid it off. Then nobody has anything to do with you!

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The patient underwent gastroenterological check-up inMotol University Hospital

Services were provided only for 30% of the agreement. The refund was partially and only after proceedings. Without trial, the agency side of the incident was silent. The doctor did not look conscientiously and very short. He did not appoint any examinations. The only advice I received from Dr. Urbanek: "is that I can and do not eat what I can not, (given the fact that I have been sitting on a baby's diet for a year)," Excellent, advice! Thank you! For this it was worth to fly to the Czech Republic and pay money. I saw the disdainful attitude of the doctors and the enormous pressure from the administrative staff who served me. The trip was extremely dissatisfied and disappointed. I got the worst result that I could only imagine. As for the coordinator of Svetlana Kalishnichenko, she performs the work at the highest level. Very intelligent, professional person. It's very pleasant to work with her.

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I was impressed by the futuristic technologies and that the procedure was painless. Each member of my treating team was kind and did their best to make me feel comfortable. Thank you a lot!

The patient was treated of prostate cancer in St. Zdislava Hospital

Dear friends! If you are sick and do not know whom to turn to, if you have bypassed all the clinics and you are thrown from the doctor to the doctor - then do not waste time and contact the firm. The firm is called Bukmed. Real experts work there - they are Alena Dybenko, Irina Korchminskaya ... I've been looking for a company that could help me for a long time. Within two months - a lot of calls and Internet views. In the end, I went to Bukimed, which is in Kiev. And we with Alena Dybenko advised, in the end she found me a clinic, which is in the Czech Republic. The clinic is called the Hospital of St. Zdislav. My diagnosis is oncology of the prostate. I was offered to do chemistry, radiotherapy, but I was determined to do the operation - to remove the prostate gland. And only thanks to Bukimed and this hospital - today is already 7 day, the operation was successful. The clinic and experts of the highest class, the staff is trained, the purity is perfect, the nature is around. I want to thank the guys from Bukimed and all those who took part in my recovery for what they did for me that they could not do in Ukraine. If you want to find an excellent clinic, a doctor and a service - contact Bukimed.

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