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The best hospitals for the gastric band abroad are presented in the list below. People with obesity and related problems (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.) choose the stomach banding for the treatment.

The ranking is formed according to patients' reviews and Bookimed Medical Doctors’ expert opinion.

How much does lap band surgery cost? The price for the gastric band varies in different countries and cities. The lap band surgery cost without insurance includes consultation with a doctor and the procedure itself. The cost depends on surgeon’s fee.

  • The effectiveness of the gastric band abroad
  • Advantages of the gastric band abroad
  • Top countries for the gastric band abroad
  • How to choose the best hospital for the gastric band abroad?
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    India, Mumbai

    Global Hospital Mumbai

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    Global Hospital Mumbai is a private multidisciplinary clinic in India. The hospital is a part of Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group
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    Top choice The hospital is in high demand among our patients
    Top choice The hospital is in high demand among our patients

    What is the gastric band?

    The gastric banding is a method of weight loss to reduce the amount of food taken by a patient. It is one of the most effective methods of treatment pathological excess weight.

    Stomach band process

    During the procedure, a surgeon puts the upper part of the stomach on a silicone cuff or gastric band. It narrows the stomach cavity and regulates the speed of food movement through it.

    Part of the stomach above the band stretches, causing a feeling of satiety. The band size can be further regulated. The size of the band is determined individually for a particular patient.

    The effectiveness of gastric band abroad

    Obese patients lose less excess weight after banding than after stomach bypass or sleeve resection. 20-30% of patients need re-operation in 10 years due to bandage wearing out or insufficient weight loss.

    Patients with body mass index (BMI) under 40 kg/m2 can undergo the stomach banding. Features of the procedure are the following:

    • the success rate of the surgery: 100%
    • operation time: 1 hour
    • in-hospital stay: 2-4 days
    • loss of excess weight: 40-50%
    • reversibility: possible.

    Advantages of the gastric band abroad

    • Simplicity

    The operation is performed laparoscopically. It means that surgeons do not cut the abdomen during the procedure. They make 5 punctures in 0.5-1 cm of size.

    The gastric band is a low traumatic operation. The risk of postoperative complications is low.

    Among the possible complications are:

    1. gallstones
    2. sagging of the skin
    3. constipation
    4. diarrhea
    5. heartburn.

    There is no need for rehabilitation and prolonged postoperative observation of a patient. Laparoscopic gastric banding is performed under general anesthesia.

    • Reversibility

    100% is reversibility of the operation. Unlike many serious interventions, the bandage can be easily removed at any time.

    • Duration

    Stomach band surgery lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Contraindications of weight loss band surgery

    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    • alcoholism, drug addiction
    • age of a patient is under 18 years
    • frequent or continuous intake of NSAIDs by a patient (including aspirin)
    • unwillingness or inability to follow the diet
    • allergic reactions to the bandage material
    • emotional instability or any psychological impairment of a patient.

    Top countries for the gastric band abroad


    Germany is one of the best countries for gastric band abroad. 90% of obese patients lose 50-65% of excess fat after the procedure here. On average, people lose 5-7 kg within a month. The procedure in German hospitals performed laparoscopically (by lap method). Stomach band is minimally invasive and reduces the risks of complications.

    How much does lap band surgery cost? The price for the procedure in Germany is 2-4 times higher than in India, Thailand, or Turkey. The high level of healthcare development and the average price policy explain the lap band surgery cost without insurance in the country.

    German specialists are among the world’s leaders in high-quality management and patients’ safety. Doctors’ reputation also influences the stomach band surgery cost.


    India is the 3rd most obese country in the world. Due to this fact, surgeons here have vast experience and high level of qualification. Indian doctors are among the best ones specialized in gastric band abroad. They undergo international training and cooperate with their foreign colleagues.

    How much does lap band surgery cost in Indian hospitals? India is one of the most affordable countries for bariatric procedures. The stomach band surgery cost in India is 3-4 times cheaper than in European and Middle East countries. The quality of the procedure is on the same level. The low costs rely on the state’s economic development and common price policy within the nation.


    Thai medical centers are among the best ones for gastric band abroad. High-quality of services, reasonable prices, and vacation are combined in Thailand. Clinics here look like the luxury resorts. That’s why over 1 million international patients choose the country for treatment.

    How much does lap band surgery cost in Thai hospitals? The prices here are 35-75% lower than in Germany, Australia, Israel, the USA, etc. Doctors offer weight loss packages and programs. It helps patients to save up to 70% of their money. That’s why the stomach band surgery cost in Thai clinics is lower than in the other ones.

    How to choose the best hospital for the gastric band abroad?

    Submit a request on Bookimed website. Our Medical Doctor will contact you. S/he will answer all your questions regarding stomach band surgery cost, top bariatric doctors, and clinics.

    Bookimed is an independent medical service for searching the best treatment options. The service is free for patients.

    How much does gastric band cost ?

    Doctors calculate the cost of the gastric band individually for each patient. The price may depend on the hospital's reputation and doctor's experience. You may get the final gastric band cost only after the consultation with a doctor.

    47 clinics are represented in the ranking. According to their data, the approximate gastric band cost is:

    • The average cost is $6750. The lowest price is $2500 and the highest — $14400.
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    Oleg Apr 22, 2019
    The patient was treated of coxarthrosis

    Клиника на ул. Малвазинки была выбрана потому что: 1. Клиника специализируется именно на операциях по замене тазобедренных и коленных суставов; 2. Здесь предлагалось провести операцию малоинвазивным способом, т.е. разрез не более 10-12 см. Небольшой разрез – гарантировал максимальное сохранение тканей мышц и быстрое восстановление после операции; 3. Клиника предоставляет услуги не только по операции, но и по последующей реабилитации; 4. Предложение по стоимости было наиболее оптимальным по сравнению с предложениями других клиник. После принятия решения, началась переписка с организаторами медицинского тура. Надо отдать должное сотрудниками по связи с иностранными клиентами, они профессионально и оперативно отвечали на все вопросы, подготовили приглашение, встретили и проводили, организовали: трансфер из аэропорта и в аэропорт из клиники, сопровождение переводчиками на протяжении всего срока пребывания в клинике. Всё было сделано на высшем уровне, за что я им очень признателен! Операцию проводил доктор В. Господар. Всё прошло штатно, как и было запланировано. Разрез в районе 12 см. Однако на следующий день после операции появилась сильная боль в продольной мышце вдоль позвоночника под лопаткой с левой стороны. Она меня мучила даже больше, чем должен был беспокоить разрез. Позднее мне несколько ослабили эту боль с помощью массажа и электро-процедур, но боль всё равно давала о себе знать. Реабилитация проводилась под руководством физиотерапевтов, я посещал групповые занятия и старался больше ходить, однако после снятия швов обнаружилась гематома и, как результат, пришлось выдержать ещё одно оперативное вмешательство по её удалению. После второй операции прекратились боли под лопаткой. Правда, восстанавливаться пришлось заново, и продлить реабилитацию на одну дополнительную неделю. Медицинский персонал клиники был очень приветлив и внимателен, что позволило мне чувствовать себя не как в клинике, а просто как в гостях у добрых, давно знакомых людей. Хочу ещё раз выразить свою благодарность: - медицинскому персоналу (сестричкам и мед. братьям, всем); - физиотерапевтам, особенно Martin Kazemir – он заново научил меня двигать ногой в тазобедренном суставе, а не всем тазом; - переводчикам (Айгерим (Айя), Марии и ещё Марии); - ортопеду Сергею Рыжову; - докторам В. Господару и Томашу Виммеру; - организаторам, без которых я так бы и продолжал хромать, Ольге Скатковой и Ирине Корчминской.

    Hamzat Apr 22, 2019
    The patient was treated of azoospermia

    Very good Clinic, especially Professor Dr. Birol Virol and coordinator doctor in the Russian region Gulshat Ataeva. Very clear explanation for the diagnosis. Good kind approach to the patient. The professor is very experienced. Inspires confidence.

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    Helen Apr 20, 2019
    The patient was treated of osteoarthritis

    I had tests and a consultation at the clinic but was unable to have the treatment I wanted at this time. I will be returning to the clinic in a few weeks. The people I met were really helpful, spoke perfect English and looked after me very well.

    Alena Apr 20, 2019
    The patient was treated of epilepsy

    Many thanks to the company bookimed for the opportunity to get expert advice from Dr. Russi. We received a lot of answers to our questions, and by the very beginning - we have hope !!! We are going to fly to the clinic for examination. It would seem that someone else's camp and how to get there? But the well-coordinated team bookimed supports in everything !!! Separate boagolar Daria for helping to buy tickets and hotel reservations, Katerina for advice and support, Alena for being in touch and for answering numerous questions !!! Thanks to you you feel not alone in your problem !! Health to you all !!!

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    Sergei Apr 19, 2019
    The patient underwent hair transplant

    First of all, thanks to my coordinating doctor Maxim. Thanks to him, I came to this clinic. Everything went at the highest level. We met at the Airport, settled into the Hotel (excellent room), which is located 20 meters from the Clinic itself + everything was included tomorrow with a buffet that is located in the restaurant of the Hotel. The operation was easy and painless. The staff at the clinic is very attentive and caring. Upon completion, they were taken to the airport. I want to express my gratitude:  Doctor Cagatay Cebeci - was in touch with me 24/7 as well as in addition to the clinic, both on professional issues and on personal help.  Madame Safiye - conducted an inspection and came to check how the operation was going.  Secil and Sibel are professionals in their field, it was they who performed the hair transplant surgery, everything went quickly and easily. Two charismatic girls.  Thanks to all the staff, everyone was interested in how I was doing and whether everything looked fine with my hair. The driver made sure that I carefully sat down and got out of the car.

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